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Half price Gigabit broadband from Hyperoptic
Monday 23 June 2014 12:04:31 by Andrew Ferguson

Gigabit speed broadband just got a little bit cheaper plus the lower price point with slower speeds also have offers running over at Hyperoptic. The full fibre operator who specialise in FTTH to flats and apartments has a promotion that runs until 6th July 2014, where broadband prices on some packages are slashed in half for six months.

  • 20 Mbps broadband and phone (20 Meg down, 1 Meg up connection). Voice line rental at £12.50 applies, broadband is £6.25/month for six months, then £12.50 per month.
  • 20 Mbps Fibre Broadband (20 Meg down, 1 Meg up connection). A broadband only package £11.25/month for six months, then £22.50 per month.
  • 100 Mbps broadband + phone (100 Meg down and 100 Meg up). Voice line rental at £12.50 per month applies, broadband is £12.50 per month for six months then £25 per month.
  • Gigabit fibre broadband (1000 Meg down and 1000 Meg up). This broadband only package is priced at £30/month for the first six months, rising to £60/month thereafter.

Hyperoptic is still concentrated in London but has announced two waves of expansion to Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Reading breaking the London centric focus. The order process includes a check on whether it is available at your address and if it is not available and you live in a block of flats and apartments in one of the planned cities then it is time to start lobbying the building owner and Hyperoptic to investigate bringing the service to you.


Posted by Kper over 3 years ago
Why on Earth don't they provide a map of all the enabled properties?!

Finding out exactly where you can get FTTP/H/B services in the UK is like pulling teeth!

Actually, pulling teeth is easier and less painful.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago!lat=51.5238192297942&lng=-0.04669077343749217&zoom=10&type=terrain&hyperoptic

Shows the most recent set of postcodes we had (from 2013). Will be pestering for updated list soon.
Posted by mobilebb over 3 years ago
I suppose they might do it to make life more difficult for BT to offer a rival service.
Posted by Kper over 3 years ago
That map rather suggests that the vast, vast, majority of people tempted to enter their postcode into the Hyperoptic checker are going to be disappointed, even in London, so a quick glance at a small static map on their website would save a lot of time all round! :D

Is there any possibility of getting FTTP locations on the TBB map, Andrew?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
FTTP locations for which provider?
Posted by smsm1 over 3 years ago
Maybe it's so that they can get an idea of where there is demand to be able to plan future services?
Posted by whatever2 over 3 years ago
FTTP postcodes for CityFibre ro whatever they are called this week would be good...
Posted by Kper over 3 years ago
Sorry, I meant the (not so) UK-wide BT Wholesale / Openreach FTTP offering, rather than independent projects by smaller providers: so BT Internet, A&A, PlusNet, Zen... do any other national ISPs offer it?
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