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Relish launches fixed wireless service for Central London
Wednesday 04 June 2014 13:02:58 by Andrew Ferguson

PCCW has been on the UK wireless broadband scene for some years and its latest venture has now launched and can be talked about now the news embargo has been lifted.

Relish is the name of the new venture and it will provide a fixed wireless broadband service to homes and businesses in central London. Pricing starts at £20 per month for an unlimited residential service and £25 per month for business use.

The service requires no engineer visits to install and offers speeds up to 65 Mbps, utilising a Huawei router to connect you to the wireless network and allow you to connect devices via local Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. Their site claims next working day delivery of the service if you order before 4pm Monday to Friday.

"Central London is home to some of the world’s most talented and busy people, who have to suffer long delays in getting their broadband service set up and pay a ‘landline tax’ for a service they often don’t need. Relish wants to give Londoners the broadband they deserve – and will shake up the market with a fair and transparent service that meets the digital demands of modern Londoners."

Nicholas James, CEO UK Broadband

UK Broadband are the operators of the Relish brand and they are clearly capitalising on the simplicity of the service, i.e. just plug in the router once you receive it and off you go. Two contract options exist for consumers, a 1 month rolling contract where you pay £50 for the router, or a 12 month contract where the router is free. For those living in central London outside the cable or openreach fibre based footprint this new service is likely to be well received and we suspect a large number of the people buying it will be those who live in rented accommodation and are moving every six or nine months and traditional fixed line contracts do no work very well.

Through a deal with one of the mobile networks, people can also add a mobile broadband hub to give them Internet access when away from home, the home service with 5GB of mobile usage works out at £35 per month and £15 up front cost, i.e. £15 extra per month for the mobile data.

It seems a little strange after the previous retail efforts from UK Broadband to see the service launch in central London first, the older network in Swindon promised lots but never seemed to really deliver. We hope that this new service will carve a niche and allow UK Broadband to revisit its older networks to re-invigorate them.


Posted by MCM999 over 3 years ago
Is there a map showing their coverage? The postcodes I tried in SW1, W1, WC1, EC2 were all "out of range" but did get a hit with a WC2 postcode. Coverage needs to expand for this to be useful including south of the river where there are many EO lines with no access to cable.
Posted by locutus over 3 years ago
For me in E14, it says "30 - 50 Mbps". Not bad. Might be worth a look once I'm out of contract. Be interesting to see how well it works though.
Posted by timmay over 3 years ago
What happened to NOW Wireless? This was also PCCW company.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
NOW Wireless seems to be a holding page for existing customers.
Posted by Desmond over 3 years ago
30mbps estimate for my corner of Borough. That's tempting if it means I can scrub the landline that hasn't had a phone connected to it in two years. No mention of upload speeds, though.
Posted by Mitchy_mitch over 3 years ago
I've been using a service by a reseller since October with no problems at all. No outages and i have been quite a heavy user on a limited service, now they are offering unlimited data, it seems like a no brainier to me. Voip phones work perfectly. I'm paying £25 a month and paying a voip provider 0.4ppm to call landlines & 1.5ppm to call mobiles.

Speedtests fluctuate, but its better than any fixed line provider i can get where i live.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 3 years ago
SO it's basically a 4G service which is sure to have a FUP limit (unless they use 3 I suppose) and you can power the dingle by plugging it into the mains? Good idea as long as it lasts.
Posted by JNeuhoff over 3 years ago
@Mitchy_mitch :
"I'm paying £25 a month and paying a voip provider 0.4ppm to call landlines & 1.5ppm to call mobiles."

Curious, who is your VOIP provider? We are currently looking for a good VOIP service.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
There is the option of mobile but main service is limited by length of mains lead to the Huawei lte router

Different set of frequencies to the mobile services too
Posted by cick4internet over 3 years ago
They have their own licensed 3.5g frequencies and are using 4g equipment but it's not using any existing mobile providers network. It's a new network just for broadband.
Posted by Mitchy_mitch over 3 years ago
I can honestly say they have been perfect.
Posted by JNeuhoff over 3 years ago
@Mitchy_mitch: ""

Thanks, I'll take a look at it. With a symmetric broadband connection only it probably makes sense to use VOIP and ditch the POTS.
Posted by 69bertie over 3 years ago
Is this any different to what Quickline have been using in Lincolnshire for a couple of years? They use 4G, unlimited downloads with pricing on a par with BT. If I could get it it would be goodbye BT.
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