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First premises in Worcestershire benefit from BDUK roll-out
Friday 30 May 2014 13:43:06 by Andrew Ferguson

Fifty businesses in Malvern are the first to benefit from the gap funded project to improve the availability of superfast broadband services across Worcestershire.

The contract was signed with BT back in August 2013 with the goal of building on existing superfast services in the county to reach a coverage level of 90% with the option of a 24 Mbps or faster connection.

The first cabinet to go live is in Spring Lane, Malvern benefiting 56 businesses and another cabinet in Leigh Sinton Road went live on 30th May bringing faster downloads and uploads to 79 homes.

"We recognise how important high-speed fibre broadband is for our businesses and Worcestershire's future economy.

We have, therefore, focused on making high-speed broadband available to business premises as well as to Worcestershire's homes. To this end, we have worked to ensure that the first cabinets to go live from the partnership will serve not only residents but also a key business location, Enigma Business Park, where we know the availability of high-speed broadband will help successful businesses to continue to compete and grow. It is yet another reason for businesses to locate here. This is great news and a taste of what is to come around the County."

Councillor Simon Geraghty, Worcestershire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy, Skills and Infrastructure

The goal of 90% with access to superfast speeds (even if just 24 Mbps) looks to be a difficult one for Worcestershire since our estimate is that 80% would get 30 Mbps or faster, with an additional 3.5% getting something in the 24 to 30 Mbps region. These figures will climb if the project addresses some of the 4.3% of premises in the county that are exchange only based lines, another way other counties are hitting the target is to deploy some native FTTP. We have asked BT whether some FTTP or EO work is planned in Worcestershire and have also done some of our own checking but as yet have not find out anything.


Posted by ValueforMoney over 3 years ago
Thanks for asking about native FTTP.

That Enigma Business park with duct should have been a candidate for native FTTP rather than a subsidised cabinet carrying premiums for take up risk and a premium for USC. If the roll out plans were published, the question could have been asked.
Posted by JNeuhoff over 3 years ago
"We recognise how important high-speed fibre broadband is for our businesses and Worcestershire's future economy."

Just to be clear: This looks like it's quite misleading, because BT has NOT provided fibre broadband to that business park, nor to the 79 homes in Leigh.

It has ONLY installed a different flavour of DSL (probably VDSL) over the same existing twisted-pair copper wires going into the premises, with street cabinets.
Posted by shinerweb over 3 years ago
@JNeuhoff: I think the majority of all superfast rollouts are VDSL (otherwise known as FTTC). That's always been the case.
It's just that your last line suggests VDSL is something they are installing as a get out, whereby it happens to be the main installation method. You can probably get FTTP if you have FTTC available in your area, but you'll pay for it.
Posted by JNeuhoff over 3 years ago
"majority of all superfast rollouts are VDSL"

Agreed, that's why Worcestershire County Council’s statement of providing fibre broadband is highly misleading, because it isn't!

As regards Fibre on Demand: This is a dead product, and no, we don't use BT, BT doesn't even offer normal business telecom services in our area.
Posted by Gadget over 3 years ago
@JNeuhoff - surely it most offer exchange lines, ISDN30 and private circuits in your area?
Posted by JNeuhoff over 3 years ago
@Gadget: We keep asking BT Business almost every year for leased lines services, they have never replied to this. BT doesn't even do simple things like IPv6 or ADSL2+ Annex-M, let alone VDSL or fibre broadband. I am glad there are other telecom companies providing business services.

Coming back to the subject of the Worcestershire rollout: Their statement "We recognise how important high-speed fibre broadband is for our businesses" is highly misleading, because they don't roll out fibre broadband, they should be more honest on what they tell the public.
Posted by Unknown101 over 3 years ago
@JNeuhood - they are rolling out fibre broadband, FTToD will be available as soon as the DSLAM is live. Also most people are happy with FTTC which is fibre based and cheap compared to a FTTP rollout (which not everyone needs...or wants). I'm sure if the government were to tell the public taxes are going up this year and for the next couple of years for everything just to subsidise a national FTTP rollout to the price of about 20-25 billion pound when not everyone requires it. I'm happy with my 70mb/s downstream and majority people are happy with FTTC.
Posted by Unknown101 over 3 years ago
@JNeuhood ....Not happy and want something faster then pay for FTToD, not happy with those prices go see if another provider will be happy to give you FTTP cheaper and if that's not feasible then find an alternative.
Posted by JNeuhoff over 3 years ago
@Unknown101: You haven't read my post which said there is no BT office telecom services, nor VDSL, nor fibre broadband avaivalable in our town. And BT isn't able to do leased line either. Anybody under such circumstances would go with another telecom company, we did!

As regards the Worcestershire council: They are dishonest, there are NOT doing a fibre broadband rollout, contrary to what they are bragging about in their news media statements. ....
Posted by JNeuhoff over 3 years ago
....FoD is a dead product, virutally nobody in their right mind uses it. Even the cheaper VDSL (provided you are on the right side of the BT postcode lottery) has a low take-up rate, in fact, the majority does not use it. These BDUK council rollouts are a farce.
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