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Hyperoptic to give three more cities a hyper boost
Wednesday 28 May 2014 09:57:19 by Andrew Ferguson

Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds are the next three cities to receive the Hyperoptic treatment and ensure that future proof Gigabit broadband is available in more parts of the UK. These three cities are in addition to the roll-out announced to Reading, Bristol and Cardiff in February of this year, with the first connections already live as part of that roll-out.

"We are committed to providing UK consumers, left lagging in the slow-lane, with a real broadband alternative that is the best in the market today in both terms of speed and online experience. You get what you pay for. Anytime. All the time. Full stop.

We are building the consumers-choice broadband company, a trusted utility that our customers can and do depend upon.

Dana Tobak, Managing Director, Hyperoptic

As with the Hyperoptic roll-out elsewhere service availability will be concentrated on flats and business premises, this is the same approach that has lead to the widespread availability of fibre to the building across numerous European cities. For building owners interested in finding out more about how they can bring real fibre broadband to their building they should visit the Hyperoptic guide for landlords and tenants.


Posted by michaels_perry over 3 years ago
Once again a move to increase the 'digital divide' rather than closing it! We rural yokels use broadband as well, privately and for our businesses, so we need better broadband than we currently suffer.
Posted by JNeuhoff over 3 years ago
Actually, in some rural areas there is nextgen broadband providers available, too, from companies like Gigaclear, Redraw Internet and others.

It is mainly BT who is unable to serve rural areas or small towns because BT uses the wrong technology (VDSL) which doesn't work nor is cost-efficient for these areas.
Posted by doowles over 3 years ago
No Hyperoptic available in Reading yet that I can tell...
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