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Know someone who is an Internet Hero or Internet Villain?
Friday 02 May 2014 17:17:03 by Andrew Ferguson

The work to determine the award winners in the 2014 ISPA Awards continues, the Customer Choice Award that has been open for a few weeks is closed and the Internet Services Providers' Association is looking for people to nominate people or organisations who are worthy as recognition as an Internet Hero or have done something to draw the ire of the Internet community and deserve to be embarrassed by winning the Internet Villain category.

The two categories are open for public nomination until the end of May 2014 so if you know someone or an organisation you think who should be considered by the ISPA Council then let ISPA know using the hashtags #InternetHero or #InternetVillain on twitter. For those who avoid twitter more traditional email is also available to submit nominations.

"The Internet Hero and Villain awards are the longest running categories at the ISPA Awards and are a good way to recognise those who have impacted the industry, as well as reflect on the serious issues we have faced. We call on the public to have a think and let us know their ideas on who should be crowned the 2014 Internet Hero and Villain."

ISPA Secretary General Nicholas Lansman


Posted by mdar5 over 3 years ago
Using the email to submit a suggestion gives a Delivery failed reply

Posted by Joppy over 3 years ago
Does anyone take the ISPA awards seriously? Juliet Huppert MP won the hero award last year, beating Edward Snowden. Nick Clegg was a runner up with Snowden.

Even William Hague has got the award before. It's like someone drops some LSD in a hat and waits for the weird results.
Posted by highlander317 over 3 years ago
Wonder how well Coms ( formally ADSL24) will do?
Posted by tommy45 over 3 years ago
I can think of plenty of villains, all work for the present government and the previous one, From the DEB through to this latest attempt by camerloon to censor the web, all are enemies of a free and open internet, an internet hero would be someone who helped stop what the villains have or are trying to & has campaigned against those things,
Posted by g3rft over 3 years ago
Plusnet as heroes and TalkTalk as villains.Mainly because of the better, in every respect, standard of Customer Service. I am so glad I switched to them two years ago.
Posted by VoodooFrag over 3 years ago
FYI the Twitter user @ISPA has nothing to do with this. The correct one is @ISPAUK.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 3 years ago
Gotta be Ed Vaizey for villain, a likeable one but still hopeless with the laws of physics. Gotta be gigaclear for hero. Or maybe coltswolds broadband? or Adrian Wooster, or Mike Keily, or Richard Brown? we have many many heroes out there. For villains it's a shame to nominate the feckless councils, so won't name the people. Maybe the main rogue has to be broadband bill, who has tirelessly worked to protect the clapped out copper and sweethearted every council in the land?
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