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Don't forget to vote in the 2014 ISPA Customer Choice Award category
Friday 25 April 2014 18:32:54 by Andrew Ferguson

The 2014 ISPA Awards are getting closer and the shortlists for most categories will be published soon and voting in the Customer Choice category continues where you can vote for your provider or service in a quick survey at

This is the third year that the Customer Choice category has been run and there are fifteen entrants for customers to provide feedback on and the best overall (not just the one with the most votes) will win the category.

In return for your time filling in the survey there is the chance to win two tickets to the awards ceremony which is on Thursday 10th July at the Park Lane Sheraton, London.

The technical testing for the broadband and hosting categories has now finished but the web based speed test that works on PC, tablets and phones will continue to be available web based test that should run on almost any device with a modern web browser. We hope to find the time to publish some analysis of the speeds of various devices in the near future.


Posted by XRaySpeX over 3 years ago
What is this? It's not a survey!

The list of candidate ISPs are restrictive. You cannot choose BT, EE, PO, TT to name but a few. Yet the have Tesco.

You can't vote for YOUR provider; you have to vote for somebody elses.

It's a carve up!
Posted by shinerweb over 3 years ago
Perhaps those companies decided not to enter our didn't make the shortlist.
Posted by XRaySpeX over 3 years ago
Pardon? Don't swear!

"the shortlists for most categories WILL BE published soon"
Posted by MCM999 over 3 years ago
@XraySpecs. Read the article again. "... there are fifteen entrants for customers to provide feedback on and the best overall (not just the one with the most votes) will win the category." The FULL list of entries in this category is available now to enable voting.
Posted by napolibill over 3 years ago
10 of the 15 candidates I've never even heard of! The Thinkbroadband Broadband Service Provider list has over 50 providers so the 2014 ISPA Awards don't seem very representative. I'll abstain!
Posted by searcher100 over 3 years ago
This is fraud when you can't vote for your provider who has delivered an outstanding service I can download at 76 Mbps and upload at 18.8 Mbps when I had a problem they quickly corrected it they charge cheaper than most and they are called Talk Talk. Can I vote for them? Fix
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Only those providers who chose to enter the category are listed, so for any provider who did not enter they category it is down to the ISP not asking to be listed.

The Customer Choice Award is the easiest one for them to enter, as no long written entry required.
Posted by napolibill over 3 years ago
Sounds a pretty meaningless award if providers aren't interested in entering :-(
Posted by madkingsoup over 3 years ago
Not to mention the fact that if you don't like any of them, you can't enter the competition. I'd personally like to vote for a ISP that has ceased to exist in the past year: O2.
Posted by E7er over 3 years ago
What a laugh! At the end of the voting you can make a comment, I stated...

PlusNet get my vote, my ISP EE is not listed. PlusNet would be my choice if I was not with EE. EE is the ISP who give best value for my money.
Posted by DaveCheltenham over 3 years ago
As XRaySpeX said, you cannot vote for the ISPA you want as so many are excluded. I am surprised that ThinkBroadband has anything to do with the poll as it looks like it has been fixed by interested parties.
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