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High speed broadband for all in Chapelford - maybe!
Friday 11 April 2014 13:40:06 by Andrew Ferguson

Chapelford is termed an urban village and is actually part of Warrington, and is largely connected to the Penketh exchange and it looks like a local councillor has taken onboard complaints about broadband roll-out to put pressure on BT and the council to get the last two remaining cabinets enabled.

The Penketh exchange had all but two of its cabinets enabled via the commercial roll-out by BT, with cab 19 serving what looks likely to be around 80 homes and cab 20 that serves fewer premises on a business park being left out of the roll-out. The business park will be no surprise to some, but looking at the size of the cabinet in terms of postcodes it looks too small for the commercial roll-out.

Amazingly just a few hundred metres to the north you cross into the Westwood exchange area which was bypassed by the commercial roll-out, though via the Cheshire BDUK roll-out we can already see that at least cabinets 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 10 are taking orders already and more will be on the way. There is some overlap with Virgin Media in the Westwood area, but lots of holes in the cable providers coverage.

In terms of the high speed broadband for all claim, on the Penketh exchange superfast (faster than 24 Mbps) is estimated to be 90%, with maybe 2% getting speeds between 2 Mbps and 24 Mbps, the remainder is made of Exchange Only lines and 100 or so on the two non-enabled cabinets. Westwood appears to be slightly different with an estimate of 73%, and 10% in the range 10 to 24 Mbps, again several hundred eo lines. It is likely that the actual figures will be higher, because we have not factored in the Virgin Media coverage, and our speed estimates are to the low end of what BT would normally estimate in their checker.


Posted by figgles over 3 years ago
Chapelford is actually connected across the Westwood exchange (serving about 60% of the residents) and the Warrington exchange serving the others, map at .
Several residents have been trying to update the community with info, the biggest complaint is that Connecting Cheshire and BT give out nothing useful. The info days were pointless with great advice such as look for a sticker on the cabinet to say fibre is available (non in the area have stickers yet, despite fibre being available now).
The MP’s are helping, but the residents are doing all the hard work.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Will add some analysis of Warrington over the weekend. Chapelford was a hard area to define
Posted by Orford over 3 years ago
Westwood or Westbrook? Living in Warrington I know Burtonwood and Westbrook but no Westwood.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago!lat=53.3927000139493&lng=-2.631029891967711&zoom=14&type=terrain&exchanges

Westwood is the exchange name, should be dot near the hospital on that map
Posted by Orford over 3 years ago
Ok thanks, that looks to be named after one of the old woods that used to be in this area. Thanks for the information.
Posted by figgles over 3 years ago
The exchange is actually incorrectly located on the maps, it's near Whittle Avenue and has been updated on the Where and When maps now ( so if you use the postcode WA5 it will appear.
Chapelford is the "village" name given to the housing development built on an old US Airbase, all the street names are American related.
Posted by figgles over 3 years ago
I've updated the cabinet map to roughly outline Chapelford
Posted by Orford over 3 years ago
I was wondering why the would be using a exchange near Bewsey for Chapleford. Although I live near the M62 and my exchange is in the town centre. So I didn't want to comment on that.
Posted by figgles over 3 years ago
It's been marked in the wrong location for years, BT engineers were apparently fed up about being asked about it so they were the ones who have got it moved on the maps. Samknows still shows the old location but hopefully that will change soon too.
Posted by kingbiscit over 3 years ago

I live in Winwick. Im trying to locate cabinets 120 & 88 don't suppose you can shed any light on how to do this?
Posted by figgles over 3 years ago
I went for a walk around the area and found some of them, some locations were given to me by people on local FB groups, others I got from when work was planned. I've not been able to find a list of cabs / locations anywhere unfortunately.
Posted by kingbiscit over 3 years ago
Thanks for that. I have done the same and mapped WInwick Park. But we have some weird setup.

Basically have 3 grey cabinets:


Connecting Cheshire don't know about these and say are just upgrading 120 and 88.
Posted by figgles over 3 years ago
Quick update, it seems that just over 2 weeks after the first BDUK funded cabs went live, one is already full leaving quite a few people annoyed. Not commercially viable eh BT?! :)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Full or just waiting on another line card?

Commercial viability is really just an accounting exercise and not demand driven, hence lack of centralised campaign system.
Posted by figgles over 3 years ago
Good point, could be waiting for another line card although uptake has been very swift I do find it difficult to believe it's actually full (given there are a lot of cab's in such a small area). One resident said their ISP had told them it was full and unable to accept more orders and anyone without a fibre connection can't see FTTC on the dsl checker anymore.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Which actual cabinet is this?

Will ask for details.
Posted by figgles over 3 years ago
Cab 18, LVWTW
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Checker is showing a date of 14th May with a capacity warning. This is using the BT Wholesale checker at

What individual providers say is down to how they interpret the XML feed of course.
Posted by figgles over 3 years ago
Some OpenReach engineers were there yesterday apparently and orders are open again. Thanks for looking into it.
Posted by Dandg2 over 3 years ago
Thought Chapelford was Warrington and Westwood exchanges? We are in centre of Chapelford, using cab 106 from Warrington - seems it's not allocated in some way, and so feels like we've just been missed! Lots of Openreach vans in area today connecting Westwood cabinets - lucky for everyone else!
Posted by synergy247 over 3 years ago
CAB16 is showing as Fibre available for majority of homes, but several streets aren't showing on "BT Wholesale Availability Checker"... Is this just something that needs updating or is there more work that needs doing? Don't want to miss out on ordering Fibre, as neighboring streets can order and I can't on same cab :(
Posted by newmattie over 3 years ago
This may help you locate some of the cabs. Don't take too much notice of the activation dates, though - they seem to be out.

Search by postcode.

Posted by snowey99 over 3 years ago
Could anyone possibly shed any light on what is happening with Cabinet 8. The cabinet status has constantly changed every month to available next month and has been doing so since early 2013 I think. Cabinets 7,9 and 10 are all live and accepting orders. Just the little island of WA1 3RY is still waiting. Thanks
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