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First cabinet goes live in Digital Derbyshire project
Wednesday 09 April 2014 17:51:36 by Andrew Ferguson

A common complaint about the commercial roll-out was that Openreach skipped the industrial estates that are all over the UK and the Digital Derbyshire project may have addressed that for at least one park. The first cabinet to go live as part of the Digital Derbyshire project services the Markham Vale Enterprise Zone, though it is unclear exactly which cabinet is live as the park is split into North and South sections by the M1.

The usual trick of identifying the background in the publicity picture does not appear possible using Google Maps as the imagery is from 2008 when the business park was just a flat building plot. We have identified three cabinets on the Bolsover exchange with service dates of the end of June 2014 (cabs 5, 7 and 17), it is possible the fourth cabinet mentioned as coming soon to Bolsover may be another serving the area but no service date has been released yet.

Other areas that can look forward to having the option to order fibre based services are Alfreton, Tibshelf and Holmewood.

The reality check is that while Derbyshire is aiming at a coverage figure of 95% of the county with access to a fibre based service (this includes the commercial footprint) the coverage at superfast speeds will be a more complicated thing to calculate. Our conservative estimate is around 84% of premises will manage speeds in excess of 24 Mbps, and this is making allowances for cabinets where no visible plans are in place and the properties in the centre of Bolsover with Exchange Only lines. Adding the other cabinets, fixing EO and/or deploying even a small amount of FTTP should push the figure to 90% or higher.


Posted by idmanager over 3 years ago
Alfreton exchange cab 19 is in middle of ind estate and gets poor speeds. 1meg up and 5 down. If your lucky, would be nice if this cab gets fibre
Posted by Unknown101 over 3 years ago
@idmanager - BT wouldn't upgrade that PCP then nor would I if I ran BT, would offer them leased lines for a better return. They'll eventually upgrade it to FTTC but would to make as much off leased lines until a competitor offers a service.
Posted by fastman over 3 years ago
unknown if that cab is not viable commerciailly it will not be ugraded to FTTC (there is no eventually)
Posted by fastman over 3 years ago
unless there is intervention funding either BDUK or private
Posted by Firewall over 3 years ago
Eckington's got live cabs. I get mine on Thursday! :D
Posted by Collarbone over 3 years ago
Alfreton and Leabrooks exchanges are fibre connected with live cabinets.
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