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Another million pounds to help rural parts of Worcestershire
Monday 07 April 2014 16:22:10 by Andrew Ferguson

It looks as if any another RCBF grant has been awarded, this time to Worcestershire to the tune of £1,147,032 with the aim to benefit over 1,400 homes and businesses.

The press coverage quotes a councillor as the money being to help reach additional rural areas with fibre. Though as ever there is a lack of detail on whether this is FTTC or FTTP, given that the previous allocation of £3.35 million was to benefit some 55,000 properties we would hope that the higher levels of public subsidy will mean FTTP is used. This figures represent central funding, match funding and funding from tender winner should boost the amount available e.g. the main BDUK project has £8.5m from council, £3.35m from BDUK and £8.9m from BT.

The areas involved are Ombersley, Honeybourne, Pebworth, Castlemorton, Birtsmorton and Welland, Doverdale, Holt, Abberley, Defford and Besford. This same list has previously being mentioned as part of a RCBF bid. The areas do not seem to form a contiguous footprint but rather several distinct areas, e.g. Pebworth and Welland are 25 miles apart.

While there will be complaints of this being more money going to BT, there seems to be no absolute confirmation of that yet, and a fixed wireless provider Airband has benefited from funding to provide speeds of 20 Mbps and faster for some across 14 parishes already in the county.


Posted by flipdee over 3 years ago
Details details, Never forthcoming with details? argh!
Posted by flipdee over 3 years ago
If only BTo did Buy One Get One Free, is there a BDUK/all other sources of public money totaliser kicking about? We're bound to be near the £1bn mark by now.
Posted by Michael_Chare over 3 years ago
£1,000 per possible connection is quite generous. If the take up rate is 20% the cost per connection is £5,000, the sort of cost you might have to pay for FTTP on demand.
Posted by flipdee over 3 years ago
I am a Moan when it comes to all this, but Michael_Chare, it does make me wonder has anyone in the relevant council considered value for money???
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