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BT Sport coming to Chromecast streaming device
Monday 07 April 2014 11:58:50 by Andrew Ferguson

For the millions of BT Retail consumers who have access to BT Sport as an inclusive part of their subscription, viewing on a tablet, phone or PC is often less than ideal and there will be many not wanting to pay for it to be added to the satellite TV subscription or embrace the YouView hardware platform.

Step into the breach the £30 Google Chromecast which plugs into a spare HDMI port on your TV and you can cast supported content for playback on your big screen.

BT Sport as of 7th April will update its Android and iOS apps to add a cast button allowing people to off-load the video stream to the Chromecast and then carry on using their tablet or phone for tweeting their reaction to action that unfolds on their TV.

The BBC iPlayer supports Chromecast too and a blog item provides a description of how the Chromecast works in terms taking over the video streaming from your mobile device.


Posted by jtthedevil over 3 years ago
Is there a magical device somewhere that fits these requirements. Steam video wirelessly from a hub or main computer, USB port for videos from dongles/HDD, sky go and netflix?
I've seen some that come close but no cigars handed out yet.
Posted by jtthedevil over 3 years ago
Should have said too, at a reasonable price to do several tellys or easily portable.
Posted by Teasy1000 over 3 years ago
You want an Android Mini PC such as the CX-919 (many other models available though the CX-919 seems like one of the better options at a reasonable price). Available on Amazon for about £40. They're basically an Android phone chipset inside a flash drive size case that plugs direct into a TV's HDMI. WIFI and Bluetooth for connecting internet and keyboard/mouse and micro USB will allow a HDD to be connected as well. They'll run any App that an Android phone runs, such as Netflix, SkyGo, Live Streaming, Youtube ect ect. They basically make the TV a super Smart TV.
Posted by MacMuser over 3 years ago
How about a smart telly? Our ancient LG, new Sony and my ol' ma's new Samsung telly do just about everything you need.
Posted by Teasy1000 over 3 years ago
Why buy a TV when a £40 stick/box can turn your TV into something better than a smart TV? Plus its portable, or you can buy multiple boxes for all your TV's still for much less than one new TV. Just got a CS918 today for £45. Quad core 1.6Ghz with 2GB RAM and 8GB storage. Supports 128GB SDcard, two USB ports for HDD ect, HDMI for 1080p. LAN, WiFi, 2.4Ghz remote control. Runs any Android App like Netflix, SkyGo, XMBC (media center). Browser has full flash support for streaming video. Plus you can connect a Xbox 360 pad and play Android games and emulators.
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