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Rightmove adds Point Topic broadband speed data to property listings
Wednesday 26 February 2014 11:36:38 by Andrew Ferguson

Rightmove has been experimenting with listing broadband speeds for properties for sometime and has now added a 'Check Broadband Speed' button to everyone of its property listings.

"We're always considering new developments to our website and mobile platforms, to make sure we provide Rightmove users with the best property search experience and because we understand the benefits these have for our customers. The trial exceeded our expectations so it's become a permanent addition that further enhances our listings. We already offer a number of tools to help consumers make informed decisions about a property including local schools and transport links, and we're pleased to be the first to add data on broadband, something that has become ingrained in people's lives and an important factor when choosing a home."

Bernard Phillips, Head of Consumer Platforms at Rightmove

More information for the public to help inform decision making on what for many is their most expensive commitment i.e. buying a property is welcomed, but we must highlight the caveats to the data, namely that while the Point Topic data is generally good by using a snapshot from June 2013 the rapid commercial and BDUK funded roll-out of superfast broadband will be washing over areas and thus sellers may feel hard done by, when their listing suggests a speed of only 2.9 Mbps is available when they are actually using a real speed connection of 65 Mbps. One solution may be for Estate Agents in addition to the usual wide-angle photos of rooms and floor plans is to add a screen shot from an actual speed test result in the property. Our own broadband map shows speed test results from the previous day to as far back as four months ago, letting people see if the estimated speed has been surpassed by improvements in an area.

Update 2nd March 2014 We understand via Point Topic that an agreement has been reached to ensure regular updates of the speed data are now provided to RightMove.


Posted by UKNetizen over 3 years ago
Adding a speed test screenshot would be the ideal thing to do, but that would depend on the estate agent having the technical know how. Also, it assumes there's a fully functioning broadband connection still active and without faults, or the current tenant's equipment isn't affecting the result. It's a trivial thing for any of us here, but there would be some pitfalls.
Posted by zhango over 3 years ago
BB speed is useful info for prospective purchasers of my home but I've just put my post code into the Rightmove speedchecker to be told:
"There's no plan to bring superfast broadband to properties in this area yet"
.....which is not true - my village is included in the Northants plan.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
In Northhants have not released a postcode spreadsheet then impossible for Rightmove to give any more information.
Posted by zhango over 3 years ago
Ok, so a bit premature to launch the service then as no info would be better than wrong info? I am hoping to sell this year so this is more than curiosity and think BB speed could be an important factor in selling my property.
I have emailed them - waiting for comment.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Given that the projects are building now till 2017 and beyond they would never have the checker system.
Posted by StevenageNeil over 3 years ago
Surely prospective buyers are interested in current speeds, not future, possible, maybe sometime speeds.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
@StevenageNeil and that is the issue, since at present the data used is from June 2013, so for example my area now has FTTC, but this is not reflected by the property searches.
Posted by StevenageNeil over 3 years ago
Well then surely Rightmove should request the current speeds the seller is getting before resorting to June 2013 data. (If the current seller does not have broadband)
Posted by jelv over 3 years ago
Next doors house is up for sale. It says "Average speed is: 8.16Mbps". That's pretty good on a 20CN exchange with no LLU or cable!
Posted by Towerman over 3 years ago
Same here. Apparently properties with the postcode ML12 6DA can get 13.02Mbps on the WSBIG exchange which is Market 1, 20CN and with no LLU or cable! - Marketing gimick.
Posted by ian72 over 3 years ago
The problem with doing a speedtest (apart from the issues of home wiring etc) is that it only tests what the person currently gets. So, if the person is on a standard ADSL package it does not show the property could get FTTC. Ideally you would show the results from the phone checker (but hide the number) and some speedtests.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Oh and don't forget the line stats, so you can see if the checker and actual speeds are both wrong.
Posted by ian72 over 3 years ago
Of course. And the pages of information to help your average punter understand what it all actually means - it will become about as useful as the "energy efficiency" data that is so high level it is meaningless.
Posted by michaels_perry over 3 years ago
It will show up rural properties have far worse speeds than urban/suburban ones. So that will make selling a rural property harder despite the several other advantages. Is that meant to be a benefit? Not a good move since any interested potential buyer can look up the speeds already, despite the fact that Sky require you to have a login and give an exact address just to enquire if there is fibre in the road!
Posted by Somerset over 3 years ago
8 properties in my postcode, RM says 1.9M, I get 5M.
Posted by NetGuy over 3 years ago
Sorry, ian72, but if the 'average punter' isn't able to comprehend the energy efficiency data, or the results from the phone checker and some speed tests, then broadband speed won't likely be much of an issue.

When I look at the pathetic attempts by some estate agents to market a property (even those in the 500K up price range) with no floorplans, I feel for the poor fools who are selling the properties, that they're definitely not getting value for money.

Posted by NetGuy over 3 years ago
Many agents put a PDF glossy online, so any homeowner planning to sell could A) provide a decent floorplan and B) provide speed tests and if extra speed is "future", do their best to pass on and update info.

I'm in my fifties, and feel sure many in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, will be looking at speed, for personal or business needs.

A friend installs AV systems for well off families, who want a location with acres round farmhouse, barn, stables, etc, but have never considered the slow speeds they may get. In 10 years time, any with < 5 Mbps via landline may be almost unsaleable.
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