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Bundling arrives in the OTT TV market with Amazon Prime
Friday 21 February 2014 09:45:39 by Andrew Ferguson

Amazon has offered Prime Instant Video in the United States for sometime, but as millions were happy and safe with the LoveFilm name they have only slowly being encouraging people to link their Amazon and LoveFilm accounts. Today sees that all change, with the announcement that Prime Instant Video will be coming to the UK and while content will be no different to LoveFilm those who subscribe to the Prime (free one-day delivery option) on will get free access.

A special offer is running until February 26th, where you can sign up for a one month free trial of Prime with a £49 cost at the end of the free month, which also includes access to the Kindle Owners Lending Library and Prime Instant Video. After 26th February the annual fee for prime will increase to £79 per year.

For current subscribers to LoveFilm at £5.99 if happy to pay for a years service in advance the £49 deal makes sense, particularly if you also order the odd thing from Amazon. For those Prime customers who have no interest in film streaming, when they next renew their Prime service the price will rise from £49 to £79. Prime Instant Video as well as offering a library of films to stream, will also be offering more recent films to rent.


Posted by jroadley over 3 years ago
Existing Amazon Prime only user, slightly annoyed its now £79 - however unlimited streaming for a extra £2.50 a month. Will see how it goes, never really been impressed with LoveFilm content. Would be nice to stream TV stuff after airing like in the US.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Until the OTT suppliers break the old school region systems of the studios we will see country based variations in content.
Posted by JttB over 3 years ago
I wish they would give an option for "Without streaming" I have no interest in Lovefilm (had it free for a year from TalkTalk, and I used it a handful of timeS)

Posted by astateoftrance over 3 years ago
It is a tempting deal but I don't think I will go for it as already subscribe to Netflix and NOW TV, which has more content than I can watch. Also the free delivery on Amazon usually suits me fine.
Posted by BREWERDAVE over 3 years ago
I nearly always use Super Saver on Amazon -and invariably the item arrives well ahead of schedule,so why pay for Prime??
Posted by Teasy1000 over 3 years ago
Just signed up for Amazon Prime trial at Christmas so I could get all my gifts next day (also I buy a lot from Amazon throughout the year). Let it continue for £49 so it'll cover me right up till next Christmas. Now I also get free LoveFilm for a year, nice :)
Posted by Teasy1000 over 3 years ago
"I nearly always use Super Saver on Amazon -and invariably the item arrives well ahead of schedule,so why pay for Prime??

Because arriving ahead of a 3-5 day schedule and next day aren't the same thing. It depends how much you order from Amazon really. The 13 months my £49 has covered will see me get around 60 items next day (covers two Christmas's). That's 81p per item, and I also get LoveFilm free for a year now. Granted I probably won't renew for £79, but for £49 with a free one month trial and now LoveFilm included its ended up as a very good deal.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Supersaver usually has no tracking, but having fun tracking my first Prime package and watching DPD map update with drivers progress.
Posted by FTTH over 3 years ago
It appears that Amazon are making a Play for VoD content beyond just films. They want their own and have agreed a dual funding agreement with the BBC to resurrect ripper Street.

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