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First properties connected to FTTP in Newton St Loe
Wednesday 12 February 2014 10:26:11 by Andrew Ferguson

We covered the news that a corner of North East Somerset was set to see FTTP via Wansdyke Telecom just a couple of weeks ago and it seems that things are progressing quickly as the first two demonstration properties have been connected to the FTTP network by Wansdyke Telecom.

"Newton Farm shop, here in Newton St Loe, is now clearly the fastest farm shop in the west! Customers can now access ultrafast broadband speeds whilst they sip their coffee or buy local produce. We’re demonstrating what a rural business can achieve with a truly high quality, really fast broadband connection. We will be hosting further events for both businesses and residential customers, as well as potential investors.

David Bland of Wansdyke Telecom

The network build involves getting FTTP linked to properties and Newton St Loe is set to be the base node with the network build radiating out from there to some of the most rural communities in North East Somerset. We are expecting details on pricing and what product options will be available next month.


Posted by hypertony over 3 years ago
Actually surprised they've managed to do this, with all of the amount of flooding in Somerset!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
Somerset levels is a different part of the county.
Posted by Chrismb over 3 years ago
Drove past there today, might have gone in if I'd read this earlier!

For those that don't know, Newton St Loe isn't really somerset... the outskirts of Bath is a more accurate description.
Posted by spinneybel over 3 years ago

Well Wansdyke probably had dinghies. I imagine the bandwidth is probably flooded as well by now, what with the slew of complaints being aimed at the government who did nothing about the dredging issue.
Posted by lmschuffer over 3 years ago
I wonder how much damage, and how long it will take to fix, what must be quite a few FTTC cabinets that are currently underwater ?.
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