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Northamptonshire project starts to deliver
Monday 03 February 2014 10:08:19 by Andrew Ferguson

Northamptonshire who signed their contract with BT back in 2013 now has the first cabinets going live as part of the multi-million pound project. The first fourteen cabinets are now live and ready to take orders, the cabinets are located in Towcester (10 cabs) and Weedon and Paulerspury (4 cabs) and cover some 4,175 premises, with more cabinets going live in the coming weeks.

The Northamptonshire website does not follow the normal county website template and if it continues to update looks to actually be useful. The planning process and what is involved in the surveying is explained in detail.

Northampton is different to many parts of the UK as the stated aim is to have 100% coverage of superfast broadband by 2017, where as the national target was 90% by 2015 and 95% for 2017.


Posted by jumpmum over 3 years ago
I LIKE the map, that is spectactular compared to other sites.
Gives so much detail down to the individual postcode.
Posted by WWWombat over 3 years ago
Interesting to see that the Northampton website confirms that the coverage (from the original OMR and consultation( will "be re-consulted-on in 2014").

Makes sense to do this after the commercial rollout comes to an end - well, Openreach's rollout, anyway.
Posted by zhango over 3 years ago
Northants aims to have 100% coverage but is reliant on community projects to fill in the gaps - surely all counties could say that?
Posted by AndrueC over 3 years ago
Towcester finally gets FTTC! Congratulations. About time though since Brackley has had it come on for two years now.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago

Loans to help the community projects working in the gaps. For a decade they have said all they need is some help - and for once it is there.
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