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Sky adds 110,000 broadband customers in the last quarter
Thursday 30 January 2014 15:44:00 by Andrew Ferguson

There was no real prospect of Sky losing its position as the second largest broadband retailer in the UK, its performance for the quarter ending 31st December 2013 sees the provider adding 110,000 broadband customers showing either that the provider is attracting customers from other providers or convincing more people to sign up for the first time.

Sky now has some 5,127,000 broadband customers, with 96% of these using a LLU based connection. Sky is skilfully ensuring that customers are well aware of the catch-up TV functionality of the Sky+HD box and with offers of new boxes, wireless adaptors and boosters it has managed to see another one million boxes connected to the Internet, so that 4.4 million Sky TV customers can now access the on-demand features over their broadband connection.

Alas there are no figures for the growth in FTTC based subscriptions at Sky and the LLU network only grew by a single exchange in the quarter to a total of 2,355 exchanges.


Posted by Joppy over 3 years ago
Sky's fibre broadband has got a good reputation compared to other providers but the package deals for those already with Sky TV is more likely a reason for the increase.

That and customers fed up with Virgin broadband issues.
Posted by undecidedadrian over 3 years ago
Or is it the absorption of the O2 broadband customer base and being counted as Sky now.

My parents were moved over to Sky before Xmas from O2 and so would be included in these figures.
Posted by otester over 3 years ago
VM needs to get local congestion under control, especially in cities from what I've learned.

In sub-urban areas is generally pretty good.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
O2 was in the overall figures many months ago. So that is not the growth
Posted by CaptainW over 3 years ago
They have been bringing in roughly 100k broadband subscribers a quarter for many quarters. This next quarter is usually the push as people's budgets are squeezed after Xmas.
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