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DCMS releases latest coverage figures for super fast using public money
Tuesday 28 January 2014 13:54:46 by Andrew Ferguson

Some positive news and that is the progress update for the various projects across the UK that are using a mixture of central, local and gap funding from BT. The DCMS has published the latest set of figures for the number of premises that can get super fast broadband from the projects and the coverage of 273,731 properties is based on the coverage from around 1,000 fibre cabinets and does not include properties at are expected to get speeds below 24 Mbps.

Cumulative to end of: Premises with superfast broadband service made available BDUK funding (£) Number of premises covered per £million of broadband delivery programme expenditure
December 2012 254 £434,735 584
March 2013 16,638 £6,767,185 2,459
June 2013 38,343 £6,767,185 5,666
September 2013 111,968 £10,347,568 10,821
December 2013 273,731 £14,182,547 19,301

Of course while this is positive news, if you are one of those still waiting for the projects to go live or even coverage plans for your area then you will be less than pleased as you are not in the super fast club yet. When combined with the super fast coverage of the commercial roll-outs apparently the UK has greater availability of the fast services than France, Germany and Italy and double the coverage of Spain.

Looking forward apparently we should find out the allocations to the various local authority areas from the 2015 to 2017 pot of money (£250m) very shortly.


Posted by WWWombat over 3 years ago
Good to see a very clear statement that the "number of premises" means those that can get superfast speeds, rather than those merely 'connected' to NGA technology.

Also that they don't include premises that improve their speeds, but are outside the intervention area.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
I think one we get another quarter of data we can plot to see whether its following the growth curve the NAO estimated.

Imagine the outcry if they did get the UK to 90% coverage before the end of 2015
Posted by gerarda over 3 years ago
@wwwombat It is a very clear statement but whether its a fact or just based on, for example, the assumption that 90% connected to a cabinet can get it remains to be seen. Bill Broadband who ought to know these things says its premises passed
Posted by gerarda over 3 years ago
correction "seems to say its premised passed"
Posted by ValueforMoney over 3 years ago
OK is that £51 per premise passed from BDUK? If LA funding makes this £100 in total then it is good deal lower than the >£200 budgetted in BDUK contracts and press releases.
Great if it holds. Like elsewhere they can and will go further.

Posted by 21again over 3 years ago
I wonder why the UK location of the premises with superfast broadband service made available aren't mentioned i.e. how many in England, Wales,NI and Scotland?
Posted by themanstan over 3 years ago

These will most likely be the cheaper to support properties being passed first. As the project grows the higher hanging fruit will be served and this will make the per property passed costs climb.
Posted by WWWombat over 3 years ago
I think this is just a picture of money spent. And a separate picture of premises with SFBB available.

There doesn't appear to be any correlation between the money having been spent, and what it has been spent on.

That means expenditure could be preceding availability, or lagging it, or unrelated to it.

The amounts do not include LA money, EU money, or BT money. Just central government's.
Posted by ValueforMoney over 3 years ago
@themanstan @WWWWombat

Understood, but if the delivery of cabs is steady growing from 1 to 10 a week per county it should average eventually.
Posted by WWWombat over 3 years ago
Yeah, it should settle down, eventually.

Looking forward to hearing the BDUK-2 allocations soon too.
Posted by ValueforMoney over 3 years ago
@themanstan @wwwombat
Monday at PAC Sean Williams BT stated that rates will be NI+12%, so public subsidy for FTTC will be c£14k +12% = average £15.6k, although NI outside greater Belfast was a little less and included BET, bonded adsl etc.
So any extras will need will be dependent on not attempting to charge more.
Posted by Dixinormous over 3 years ago
It would be great if they could give figures showing the full public / taxpayer based funding, not just the BDUK/DCMS part.

Taxpayers would probably quite like to know exactly how this is going.

@themanstan - you'd expect them to do the lower hanging fruit first but, in West Yorkshire at least, that appears to not be the case and indeed I do note that the initial 'celebrations' are all around rural cabinets rather than urban infill.
Posted by themanstan over 3 years ago
Low hanging fruit can often be deceptive.

Even a rural location can be low hanging if all the conditions are favourable; fibre to exchange, ducts are clear to cab locations and power is readily available. These would be established in the surveys and prioritised as cost effective.

This could give rise to local dissatisfaction where certain villages get cabs first as they have the low hanging fruit criteria and neighbours don't simply due to power or duct issues.
Posted by michaels_perry over 3 years ago
Where I live there are details given up to 2018 - we're not mentioned at all! So nothing until at least then, probably much longer. So we're stuck on ADSL Max and not chance of even ADSL2x anytime!
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