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When is a Splitter not a Splitter?
Thursday 09 May 2002 20:29:00 by Andrew Ferguson

When it's one sold by Dabs generally have some of the cheapest ADSL hardware around and have sold lots of PCI and Amigo Ethernet modems. But it seems they've got caught out with the micro-filters they sell.

Externally they are identical to the ones sold by Solwise but internally they are very different. These differences are resulting in faults such as telephones plugged not ringing, a fairly basic requirement for a telephone network device. The question is - are all Dabs filters like this or is it a small subset of the batchs?

Steve from Solwise has posted some comments about the Dabs filters in the forums here. His comments detail the various changes that had to be made to the original filters they purchased and now resell to meet the SIN346 specification - it appears that perhaps Dabs have purchased the filters in good faith and done very little testing/inspection of them.


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