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Broadband offers are not just for Black Friday
Friday 29 November 2013 12:01:43 by Andrew Ferguson

It is offer round-up time, and BT Retail is back with its £100 Sainsbury Gift Cards on the Infinity products, and a lesser £50 voucher for the ADSL2+ based products. Virgin Media has had a sale running for some time, but has increased the appeal by adding a £25 credit for broadband-only services, £50 for double play and £100 for the triple play collections.

Sky has the option of a free NOW TV box or a £25 M&S voucher, with their main offer being 6 months half price TV and a £25 M&S voucher. TalkTalk has brought back its shopping voucher for a limited time again on its Plus TV product where a £30 voucher is available. PlusNet does not have any vouchers, but is offering unlimited ADSL2+ for £2.75 per month for the first 12 months, £9.99 thereafter (usual caveat of voice line rental to pay on top).

Update 12:15pm, Virgin Media has updated the speeds of its fastest product now that the existing speed upgrade programme is nearing completion. The 100 Mbps service is now listed as a 120 Mbps service, with the expectation that 96% of the Virgin Media cable network will be offering that speed by January 2014. The upgrades for existing 100 Mbps customers should be automatic.


Posted by pjmarsh over 3 years ago
Isn't the Plusnet offer £2.75, not £2.99?
Posted by davethink over 3 years ago
And expires on December 3rd according to Plusnet web site!
Posted by zyborg47 over 3 years ago
I got an email from Bt yesterday, trying to tempt me with their infinity and a leaflet in a envelope from Talk Talk also trying to tempt, I have not opened the envelope and to be honest, I have not looked at the email only the title.

Even if I was out of contract with my ISP, they don't tempt me at all, nor Sky for that matter.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
The expires just means stopping taking signups at that price, those who signup still get the 12 months at the price.

yes it is £2.75- too many listings to change on Friday
Posted by chrysalis over 3 years ago
be aware these gift cards dont work online, for this reason I still have one unused.
Posted by michaels_perry over 3 years ago
And nothing for those of us who can only get ADSL Max as the exchange has not been updated!
Posted by 21again over 3 years ago
PN are probably the only ISP with no LLU network who offer reduced charges to people in a "low cost area" which until it changes are market 2&3 classed exchanges, other ISP's with no LLU network or those with but have no equipment in an exchange don't appear to pass any savings on to anyone.
Broadband through Market 1 exchanges can now perhaps be seen by some as offering less for more.
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