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Superfast broadband shocker with it arriving early in Spalding
Tuesday 26 November 2013 14:39:33 by Andrew Ferguson

While parts of Spalding have had access to superfast (FTTC) broadband via Openreach for a while, there was parts of the town that missed out on the commercial roll-out, and the Onlincolnshire project has solved that problem by turning on a cabinet (or maybe a couple of cabs) two months ahead of schedule.

This main areas to benefit are: Westlode Street/New Road, Pennygate/Monks house Lane Market Place/Sheepmarket, High Street, Horse Fayre Fields/Broadway, Camel Gate, Riverside Park/Clay Lake, Low Road and Hoekman Way which look to be on the southern side of the town and accounts for some 1,400 properties.

The key now is for people to learn the service is available to order and upgrade to the new faster services, with self installs about to be officially available the pain of having to take a day or morning off to wait for the engineer will be a thing of the past.


Posted by gribz over 3 years ago
Wow, market town of circa 28k residents get's better FTTC rollout than Sheffield exchange, which on it's own services circa 28k residents.

Something is not quite right in South Yorkshire.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
South Yorkshire will be a mess because Digital Region which is no more was meant to handle non-commercial improvements.
Posted by gribz over 3 years ago
oh yes, don't I know it !
Posted by dodgy4 over 3 years ago
Seem to be having problem convincing BT broadband of this though! Checked my cabinet has been enabled by the BT ADSL checker, states I can get 62.7 via FTTC, go to BT Broadband to buy, again says I can get it, then a phone call from them saying I can't, whats up?!?
Posted by OnLincolnshire over 3 years ago
If you go to and summarise the problems you have had I will be more than happy to chase this up for you.
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