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Virgin Media increases prices ready for next round of speed boosts
Monday 25 November 2013 16:10:54 by Andrew Ferguson

New customers on Virgin Media will from today be finding prices are a little higher. All their packages have seen a price rise. The cheapest standalone broadband service is a 30 Mbps product at £25 per month, alternatively you can take a telephone and broadband bundle for £15.99 + £15.50 (£31.49) per month.

Voice line rental has increased by £1 from £14.99 to £15.99 and while this can be reduced by paying a years rental in advance this has increased to the monthly equivalent of £10.66).

These more price rises are the expected 6.7% recently announced for February 2014 and are linked to various speed boosts and the launch of the BT killer product at 152 Mbps. The reason that these apply to new customers already is that new customers are billed two months in advance.

Virgin Media may be pushing the speed boundaries, but at a time when many people are still trying to reduce their monthly bills there will be many looking at the free or almost free broadband offerings, and thinking about whether to lose some speed and sign-up for example with TalkTalk whose SimplyBroadband service works out at £17.90 per month including line rental.

Correction: Virgin Media has been in touch to point out the price rises on their website are the ones linked to the February price rise. They are so early due to the advance billing that applies to new customers.


Posted by pingtest2 over 3 years ago
I can barely afford 30mb with no other services, I don't need 30mb and I would gladly take a lower package if they offered one.

I think it might be time to call it a day with home broadband and go back to the free 1 hour a day at the local library.
Posted by finaldest over 3 years ago
Well Well Well, VM do it AGAIN. Nothing ever changes with this bunch of pirates.

Have a free speed boost on us, BUT WAIT!! Prices are now going up.

VM need a good talking too. So glad I left them earlier this year.
Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
Ofcom ruling in 2014 any rise during contract can leave without any penalty charge! Disgusting as BT, Sky, Virgin Media are copycat on all big six energy providers to rise above 6.7%.
Posted by Dixinormous over 3 years ago
Be interesting to see how many people actually leave because of their upset at these changes.

End of the day, folks, VM couldn't care less how upset you are with them so long as you keep paying them.

That said this is VM, and threatening to leave will soon erase the price rises. Full price is for those who don't know to phone up.
Posted by BlackAle over 3 years ago
I'm stuck with VM at the moment, currently on their 120mb broadband, with no other services. I think I'll be switching down to a lower speed when the price increases.
Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
^^ you can leave without fee with ofcom ruling come into force in 2014
Posted by AdamGz0r over 3 years ago
Guess I'm one of the lucky ones I got 120mb of VM for £26/month (locked for 18 months), only signed up a month ago, complained about false advertisement with the upload speeds not being what they claimed and was offered a faster service for less than I was paying for a slower service, would of been stupid to turn it down.

I must say I'm very happy with the service and what I have now, no complaints from me :)

As ruthless as it may seem price rises are just business, they have to please share holders and raise funds for improving the network some how.
Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
^^ mine is locked £25 a month for (24 months) with £12.50 discount loyalty) and that for stand alone broadband with £9 plus a further £3.50 discount loyalty on my account for 24 months until August 2015.
Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
^^ forget to add as mine is 120Meg too.
Posted by Joppy over 3 years ago
These days most customers already have a broadband service that is fast enough, so the so called 'free' speed upgrade bonus that comes along with a price increase is wearing thin as it is not needed.

On top of that extra speed, Virgin is the only main provider to then impose traffic management and shaping on top. It's all smoke and mirrors.
Posted by joe_pineapples over 3 years ago
Puts me in mind of the 'free' new channels Sky keep adding to their EPG that nobody wants, and the price goes up (probably would anyway though).
Posted by scootie over 3 years ago
currently on LM 30/2, dropped down from 60/3 free weekends package so kids an misses could enjoy TiVo. Didn't reliase at time of fighting with csc over the upgrade that upload was lower as before the doubling the 30mb had 3mb up, so I assumed it would be same.

Spend my sub increase on overhauling the upstream paths. which for vm docsis tech would mean true fttp upgrade, why chuck money at docsis when the upstream tech is its achilles' heel
Posted by scootie over 3 years ago
also VM why on my price increase letter I got few days ago does it say after the bad one sentence bit that I all ready enjoy a 80£ plus saving due to taking advantage of D/D an E billing. insult as the system that produces these letters does not check against your account as I have never opted for D/D or e billing only from day dot of this vm account.

can deal with the news of price increase but reading that makes my blood boil as you seem to just be sending default letter to all
Posted by JulianHirst over 3 years ago
That's me gone. Cancelled my contract with them for Tv, phone and BBAND yesterday. Only use it for reading the papers...don't download or upload hardly anything. Plusnet may get a look in too. Freeview will have to do too. Gas, Electric, water all going up big style. Something has to give.
Posted by bartman007 over 3 years ago
I suppose they have to cover the cost of traffic shaping*/throttling*/capping* some where.

*Use you own personal dictionary for definition.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 3 years ago
Well STM is not working for me today - which is awesome - STM is dead?.. Long stay dead STM!
Posted by BlackAle over 3 years ago
@adslmax. I mean I'm stuck with them as there is no other viable option. ADSL is the only other option, though considering line length I'd probably only got 6-10mbps.
Posted by JonasT over 3 years ago
Vm are a terrible ISP when it comes to fixing issues. I have been having severe line instability and low speeds for more than 15 months, my fix date was supposed to be today after being push back for months and months, i called this morning to be told it has been put back another 3 months, after being assure that all the things were in place and ready for my repairs to go ahead. Yet they still send 2 junk mail adds through my door a week and are still get more subscribers in the area, 2 across the street from me this last month. Pathetic business practice
Posted by JonasT over 3 years ago
^^ forgot to add, there is no other viable option in my area, BT fiber runs past my street, does not come into it. So my choice is overcrowded ADSL(why i left for VMs claims) or what i have now. 6Mbits and 100ms+ jitter on ADSL line is not doable, but neither is the VM connection right now, 120Mbits and between 6pm and 1am the speed varies from 1.2 Mbits to 30Mbits, by 3-4am the line is capable of 126Mbits. It is disgusting that they are allow to continue these practices.
Posted by roughbeast over 3 years ago
All ISPs increase their prices. They have to make a profit.

Over the years I have had many free upgrades from Virgin including me being made a VIP TV member as a loyalty thing, a free upgrade from 20Mb to 50Mb a free upgrade from 100Mb to 120Mb (actually 126Mb) and now an upgrade to 152Mb. Recently we started to get BT Sport and the Netflix app in TIVO. The latter gives excellent super HD with no buffering problems. Bandwidth for this is taken from the TV channel and so does not take up any internet bandwidth.

I don't resent the price rises. All ISPs will do the same in due course.
Posted by latetrain over 3 years ago
After 4 years of poor service I decided to dump Virgin and went to Plusnet which so far has been the best decision I could have made although my son did mention the great service he receives from Plusnet and at a much lower price and they don't charge for 0845 number unlike Virgin .....
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