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Virgin Media to launch 152 Mbps service in February 2014
Monday 11 November 2013 13:48:17 by Andrew Ferguson

In one short announcement an EU Digital Agenda 2020 goal is within grasping distance seven years ahead of the deadline. Virgin Media has announced that as of February 2014 it will be rolling out a 152 Mbps (double the speed of Openreach FTTC services) download service on its cable broadband network that passes some 12.5 million homes in the UK.

The slight dampener is that from February cable customers can expect bills to increase by 6.7% on average, we will follow up with full details once we have them, though the sweetener is that another network and speed upgrade programme will take place, to increase existing customers speeds by at least 20 Mbps. Once completed we believe that would mean that all of the four million or so fibre based broadband customers are on a super fast service.

Update 4:30pm The upload speeds will apparently remain static, and the 152 Mbps download service will have a 12 Mbps upload speed, i.e. match the current 120 Mbps service where it is available.

The press release is also now available on the Virgin Media website and while we are excited about extra speed for consumers we would disagree with the headline used in the press release "New Virgin Media broadband twice as fast as anyone else" since there are farmers in Lancashire with 1 Gbps, apartments in London via Hyperoptic with the same sorts of speeds, several villages in Oxfordshire and a good number of homes in the Beverley/Hull area where faster speeds via KC are available and not forgetting the small issue of the FTTP available in the areas Openreach has its native FTTP network (offers 160 Mbps and 330 Mbps tiers in addition to the slower ones). The sub-headline which adds the qualification of 'fastest widely available broadband' and with that proviso it may be fair to agree.


Posted by Kushan over 3 years ago
It requires people signing up for a new 12 month contract, though.
Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
I think the upload will be 15Meg but it didn't say about upload speed. I was hoping for 152/22 would be nice.
Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
I think Openreach eyeing up 160/30 next year if BT want it.
Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
Upload will be not including:
Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
Update 4:30pm The upload speeds will apparently remain static, and the 152 Mbps download service will have a 12 Mbps upload speed, i.e. match the current 120 Mbps service where it is available. - this -> not gonna bother to sign up 12 months contract. Pointless for me. No difference beteeen 126Meg and 145Meg
Posted by pcoventry76 over 3 years ago
I wonder if these people at VM write stuff with the sole intention of getting up the ASA's nose? As Andrew points out they are lying already! (again!)
Posted by daniel2000 over 3 years ago
well I get upgrade too on the 30mb was in my email cool :)

Even faster broadband - coming soon
Right now you have our up to 30Mb broadband. That's really fast, but between July and December 2014 you'll be able to upgrade to super speedy up to 50Mb broadband at no extra monthly cost. We'll email you when it's ready.
Posted by stator over 3 years ago
I wish they would stop putting up the prices. The prices for stand alone broadband have gone through the roof. It's now cheaper to get a phone line + broadband than it is to get just broadband from VM, if you are an existing customer.
Posted by Dixinormous over 3 years ago
Interesting Max in the forum you said Openreach were looking at 160/20.

I think we've established it's impossible for Openreach to deliver 160/20, they require some variances from Ofcom.

Regarding price rises - almost everything goes up in price. Line rental has a ton. For whatever reason slight increases in broadband raise people's ire.
Posted by CaptainW over 3 years ago
@stator - someones got to pay for the increase :/
Posted by adslmax over 3 years ago
They should have gone for 200/20 instead of 152/12. Pretty a letdown by VM. They don't care about the customers want.
Posted by stator over 3 years ago
@Dix<censored> They've put up the price of stand alone broadband over 10% this year alone. That's way above inflation. What really annoys me is that even after the special offer has run out, new customers pay less, much less. And they get a higher speed.
I would leave them right now, but I am moving within the next year and don't want to enter a new 12 month contract with anyone until I've moved.
Posted by brandscill over 3 years ago
Worst part is we still haven't had the promised upload speed doubling

30/3 60/6 and 120/12 still isn't fully rolled out (in fact I don't know of anyone with 30/3 and 60/6)
Posted by russianmonkey over 3 years ago
ASA might take issue with "ultrafast 152Mb speed that’s far beyond BT"

Here was me thinking that OpenReach FTTP was already 160, rising to 330?
Posted by farrina over 3 years ago
I am still waiting for promised increase in upload speed (should be on 6meg up still at 3meg) promised about 18 months ago.

I would be more impressed if they lifted throttling than trumpeting faster speeds that are turned down as soon as you have the temerity to utilise them
Posted by Kushan over 3 years ago
@russianmonkey I know for an ISP to be able to claim a certain speed, at least 10% of customers need to be able to get it. Can 10% of BT customers get 160Mbps? It likely works both ways.

Technically, Virgin has customers on 1.5Gbps.
Posted by herdwick over 3 years ago
the 10% is of customers on that product, so 10 people with FTTP and 9 get 160M and they're OK. As there's a 330M FTTP product 152 isn't the fastest by a factor of 2.

@adlsmax - true, VM's 10:1 down:up ambition didn't last long.
Posted by kozmyk over 3 years ago
Reasonable price rises I can deal with. Overselling is what annoys me.
Posted by roughbeast over 3 years ago
Being in a low contention area, I get 126Mb/11.6Mb 24/7. I have no idea how many other VM customers get at least 120Mb on their connection.
Posted by bigluap over 3 years ago
Posted by mcardwell over 3 years ago
Just received letter from VM saying package up £5-50. then goes on to say what we have added bt sport plus 3 in HD now included in your package.Then wait for it What this means: With VM you can get the full sports line up, including all of the sky sports channels - plus we have just added Premier Sports too.. What for my extra £5-50p Bet they don't give it me free on Feb 1st!!!! anybody else read it this way. no
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