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Primus offer unlimited broadband from £2 per month
Friday 08 November 2013 12:42:20 by Andrew Ferguson

Primus Saver may not be the same size as the major broadband providers but it offers a variety of cheap broadband services for those operating on a tighter budget and do not need all the bells and whistles that can inflate the price with some other providers.

Primus has a promotion running on its unlimited broadband and phone service, where the broadband element is £2 per month for the first six months, then reverting to their standard price of £4 per month. Voice line rental is a pre-requisite to get the low price and that costs £14.50 per month (line rental saver option reduces it to £10), evening and weekend calls to UK landlines are free.

For those who are only lite broadband users, they have a 20GB per month usage allowance product that is £1.20 per month and £13.99 for the voice line rental with inclusive evening and weekend calls.


Posted by Michael_Chare over 3 years ago
Plusnet have a comparable offer where their unlimited ADSL broadband with phone is cheaper than the 10GB limit version. The offer lasts for 4 more days,
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
You mean
Posted by Michael_Chare over 3 years ago
No, I mean which is for 12 months.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
That is the same deal, £2.99 per month for 12 months. then £9.99.
Posted by MCM999 over 3 years ago
Michael_Chare £2.99 is for the first 12 months of an 18 month contract. There is no 12 month £7/pm discount if one chooses instead a 12 month contact.
Posted by Michael_Chare over 3 years ago
MCM999 Where does it mention 18 months on the Plusnet web site?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 3 years ago
If you start an order journey it becomes clear, or reading the legal bit at the bottom of the page

"Available until 12th November 2013 to new customers signing up from online or by quoting '12month299' promotional code for Plusnet Home Phone Weekend or Anytime packages and Plusnet Unlimited Broadband for 18 months minimum term."
Posted by Michael_Chare over 3 years ago
OK Thank you. I would expect them to display the 18 months, and new customers only aspects on the first web page. I've already got the ASA to uphold a complaint about a Plusnet TV advert. - Not that it did me much practical good.
Posted by MCM999 over 3 years ago
It is on the first page but hidden until you click to expand the section headed "Legal stuff". I agree that it should be more prominently displayed but it is at least there on the first page even if somewhat obscured.
Posted by zhango over 3 years ago
Another great offer not available to Market 1 areas.
Posted by fibrebunny over 3 years ago
There have been many complaints over on mse with regards to primus billing and faults. Not that plusnet are much better with their woeful customer service.

Of course outwith a problem, you might never need customer service. Which is probably just as well as you wont get it anyway.
Posted by 21again over 3 years ago
Is the BB part of the bundle only available from certain exchanges (LLU provision?)as it's not available from my 20CN exchange according to the Primus checker on their web site.

> "Unfortunately we cannot provide broadband in your area. You can still have one of our great home phone offers. To sign up for a different package please return to the main page and select a home phone deal."
Posted by NetGuy over 3 years ago
Think you'd find it is based on TalkTalk LLU, 21again.

@fibrebunny - what makes you suggest 'woeful customer service' ? Been with PN over 10 years. OK, they're not perfect, but in this sector (value for money, rather than the Zen/AAISP cost end) the service and staff are far from problematic, with infrequent exceptions no doubt (else I'd never have recommended them to others, or those others would have left them, and they haven't!)
Posted by NetGuy over 3 years ago
(cont) As for Primus... OK, so they have had some complaints earlier this year, but so have many other firms, and as a customer of 2 years, I've found them good to deal with, and happy to speak to someone in Bolton when I last rang them.

Primus even rang me (as an existing customer) to see if I was interested in reducing my line rental to 5.99/month. Nice touch, they could have left me on the shelf, paying more, and said it was only for new customers, but not so.
Posted by fibrebunny over 3 years ago
A quick look around would show that the exceptions are neither infrequent nor exceptional. Plusnet by their own admission have customer service/support issues. As your 50p's seem to be rolling in nicely I guess you have limited experience of that. The only real advantage with plusnet is that you can queue jump by complaining online. Other than that as said, you might never have a problem but if you do then hopefully you have plenty of time on your hands.

Posted by fibrebunny over 3 years ago
If you think the problems with primus are limited to a few complaints earlier in the year then you are seriously misinformed. But hey, they were nice to you so all the complaints don't matter huh. Seems you have limited experience here too.
Posted by PeterProxy over 3 years ago
I'm happy to use them for my phone line..but as an ISP? Not for me.
Posted by Teefenn1 over 3 years ago were unfortunately taken over by Plusnet from October. I signed up for Primus Phone Saver in September. Over a month later Primus emailed me citing a problem with the transfer and they required me to urgently telephone them. On calling I was informed that I was number 32 in the queue so I emailed telling them to telephone me but have never heard from them again. Naturally I deleted the direct debit Primus had set up and emailed telling them I had no intention of joining anyway now that I was aware of their appalling customer service.
Posted by ChrisAO over 3 years ago
With Plusnet, you should ALWAYS read the "Legal Stuff" to get the full details on the Ts&Cs - as you should with any company come to that. I've also had little problem with their UK based customer service.
Similarly I've found no issue with Primus customer service (also UK based) on the rare occasion I've needed to phone them. Similar experience by a friend of mine.
Problems usually arise (with any provider) when you have an intermittent line problem affecting the broadband - then you are at the mercy of Openreach.
Posted by NetGuy over 3 years ago
@fibrebunny - hmmm, a quick look around shows me nothing of the sort. I see both positive and negative comments, but in truth, there are several times more people who make no comments, because the service is working well for them (probably the same for all ISPs) and they don't come to a site like this (or newsgroups etc) asking for suggestions of alternative ISPs.

Whether they reduce my bill or not doesn't influence whether I am critical of Plus.Net, which I have been, from time to time.
Posted by NetGuy over 3 years ago
With regard to Primus, it was only earlier this year that MSE added a note saying that some people had complained about billing problems, and my guess is that there are just as many ready to complain about a service on MSE as here on TBB, so I stick with my views re Primus.

My experience may appear "limited" but that's your opinion, and not one I share.
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