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Next wave of better broadband for South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire announced
Monday 23 September 2013 18:39:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The BDUK projects are progressing and while the figure of 100,000 premises passed was quietly made in August 2013, as counties announce more roll-out progress things should ramp up to hopefully the same sort of speeds as the commercial roll-outs.

South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire that are working together on a joint project with the eventual goal of 94% of premises in South Gloucestershire and 91% in Wiltshire getting super fast broadband and the remaining getting 2 Mbps or faster, have announced the next areas to benefit from the £35.6 million of spending.

New areas of Wiltshire to have access to fibre based broadband by summer 2014: Kington Langley, Castle Combe, Broad Town, Broad Hinton and Whiteparish. Salisbury will see some infill work to cover the areas not previously considered commercially viable.

Next nine areas of South Gloucestershire to see benefits from BDUK project: Bradley Stoke, Barrs Court, Lower Almondsbury, Olveston, Rudgeway, Thornbury town centre, Tockington, Tormarton and Warmley with the first premises being able to order by summer 2014.


Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
Do they not talk to BT? Or do BT not talk to themselves? Bradley Stoke (well main shopping centre and surrounds) and Thornbury already have FTTC. Thornbury town centre is 1 street and that's also got FTTC. The radio station is there we've just had it installed!

Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Follow the links and infill nature of some of these areas is apparent
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
fair enough. But they have no need to fill in Thornbury Town Centre I've just watched them install fibre down the entire section of it.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
So all the cabinets in Thornbury are offering FTTC and council/bt have it wrong ?
Posted by SimonWindsor over 4 years ago
Thornbury is well covered by Virgin, and the exchange has already been commercially upgraded, so there cannot be much left to do there.

pcoventry76 - there is NO FTTc/p provision in Bradley Stoke. Parts of North and South have Virgin, and a few streets in the south will receive FTTC from the Filton/Winterbourne Exchanges soon.

The statement hints that the Almondsbury exchange area will be upgraded and infill missed out areas of the Thornbury exchange.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
Well unless there is a part of Thornbury town centre we don't know about then I don't see where they could be filling in.

And yes sometimes BT and the council are wrong. I accept some people refuse to believe it but that's their perogative
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Has anyone local actually asked the council/BT?

Posted by jumpmum over 4 years ago
pc:- It does say "The majority of premises in Barrs Court, Thornbury and Warmley already have access to the technology through BT’s commercial roll out and this project helps to fill in the gaps" so I suspect there are some EO lines that may be covered.
Posted by godsell4 over 4 years ago
Kington Langley is very close to Chippenham, so Yes in fill, or enabling some cabinets which BT could not be bothered to do looks like what is happening. It also allows BT and the Council to make claims like "upgrades started within 5 weeks of awarding contract to BT ..".
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Cabinet 3 in Thornbury, Park Road area is not FTTC, so a likely candidate. Exchange serves a wide area from Oldbury on Severn in west to Tytherington in the east.

With no local knowledge of cabinet locations it is not easy.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
Ah right so it's filling in the ones that werent; enabled in the first round. Like mine wasent.

Makes sense now - sorry I got that wrong.

I know where some of the cabs are I drive through most of Thornbury a few times a week.

But as you go out towards Oldbury it does thin out. I believe the last one I saw was just before the roundabout where you go left for oldbury or right to join the A38 and it was on the right.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
Be nice if they did more fill ins before they start talking about 2.5billion for faster speeds.

But there you go - can't win them all!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Urm you have the wrong end of the stick again.

The £2.5 billion is money that BT has been spending since 2009, and is coming to an end, thus a good chunk of the work is now infill in the commercial project.

The BDUK projects are starting with infill for some sensible reasons, but are also adding exchanges.
Posted by dmcclymont1975 over 4 years ago

We are in Wilts and I am really struggling to get a proper answer as to EO lines, are we going to be covered somehow, or is a large part of the village to be left out?

Any information gratefully received.


Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Which village in Wiltshire?

EO lines are not a problem technically, it is the cost, the larger and more compact the cluster generally the more likely a new cabinet will added and FTTC offered.

It may be too early in the planning to get a precise answer.
Posted by dmcclymont1975 over 4 years ago
Netheravon, likely a few streets on EO. Unscientific estimate 100+ properties..
Just concerned as I could not get an answer out of the local Council!
Posted by michaels_perry over 3 years ago
I live in a rural hamlet on the Hilmarton exchange. There is no date set for it to have any fibre service nor even an update to 21CN! It is just 2.5 miles from Calne and 7 from Chippenham, both of which already have FTTC being rolled out. I doubt many truly rural locations will ever get fibre until it becomes the de facto delivery medium for telephone, internet and TV services.
Posted by dsmsystems over 3 years ago
A town with the demographic profile , high housing density and a population of 30K is getting tax payer funding allocated for rural broadband must be a clear abuse of the BDUK scheme and I would have thought would also fall foul on the governments submission on the BDUK submissions to the EU.
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