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Cambridgeshire gains new broadband maps from council
Friday 20 September 2013 09:21:22 by Andrew Ferguson

The Connecting Cambridgeshire project has published a set of web pages that include a map and list of areas that the project will cover giving residents and businesses a rough idea for when improvements will be coming to their area.

The explanations are useful, as being defined as black, grey or white for NGA broadband means nothing to the general public. It also sets out the caveats about line lengths and while there is no further definition of the proportions that will get specific speeds in an area, at least forewarning might help in the expectation management camp.


Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
Seems most say Sept-Dev 2015 :-) Below is an example of a superfast notspot - 70 dB attenuations on ADSL with small cab in village but no FTTC, exchange FTTC enabled. Hmm.

Water Newton
Your area is covered by existing commercial roll-out plans so you can either already get superfast broadband* or there are plans to roll it out commercially by 2015.
Posted by nooneatall over 4 years ago
it appears many areas that get 2Mb or less are last while others that almost entirely have cable coverage, with those that don't having an estimated speed of around 15Mb on ADSL2+, have a forecast date in 2014
Posted by Somerset over 4 years ago
Devon & Somerset have a new map.
Posted by Ultraman1966 over 4 years ago
It feels like a joke with how long this has taken to plan. Now we wait as they don't bother to upgrade village lines and instead give FTTC to folks already covered by VM fibre... oh it's coming.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Council should not be spending money on cabs where the majority can get Virgin Media. Got an example area?
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago includes VM and commercial FTTC with some cabs not done.

"For those premises within the Connecting Cambridgeshire programme" suggests they're going to identify their targets carefully.
Posted by Ultraman1966 over 4 years ago
I don't know precisely the coverage but all I know is that in our nearby town (2.6 miles away) there is both VM coverage and FTTC available.

We live in Coates just outside the VM area and to make matters worse, our exchange is a village one (so no ADSL2 even) which is more than 4 miles away as opposed to Whittlesey but that's a whole other issue.
Posted by Ultraman1966 over 4 years ago
Actually, I do apologies for my previous comments, those exchanges mentioned earlier are about the same distance if you follow the road (which is how most lines follow, right?) but the point being that the village exchange is far inferior as it will never get market 3 status).
Posted by nstrudwick over 4 years ago
It's a joke. In particular they are doing the easy bits first just to try and make the numbers look good. Anything difficult is being left to the end, or more likely won't be done. They only care about profit... This project should be concentrating on the harder areas where public money is the only solution! I live in one of those villages in SW Cambs, only 4km from the exchange but we're directly connected and BT are too scared to look at the infrastructure for fear of what they'll find!
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