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Unlimited fibre broadband packages launched by Zen
Thursday 19 September 2013 18:36:47 by Andrew Ferguson

Zen Internet appears to be rattling the cage amongst the medium sized broadband providers with the launch of three new fibre broadband bundles. The new bundles require you to move your voice line rental to Zen, but in return you can get cheaper FTTC based broadband than previously and two of the three packages offer unlimited usage with no traffic management.

  • Fibre 1 and Phone Package. £19.50 per month, plus voice line rental at £15.44. £30 activation fee applies. 50 GB monthly usage allowance and a static IP address with up to 38 Mbps downloads and up to 9.5 Mbps upload.
  • Fibre 1 Unlimited and Phone Package. £27 per month, plus voice line rental at £15.44. £30 activation fee applies. Unlimited broadband usage and a static IP address with up to 38 Mbps downloads and up to 9.5 Mbps upload.
  • Fibre 2 Unlimited and Phone Package. £30 per month, plus voice line rental at £15.44. Free activation and unlimited broadband usage and a static IP address with up to 76 Mbps downloads and up to 19 Mbps upload.

All three products feature a 12 month contract, the current minimum provided by Openreach. The basic line rental does not include any calls, but you can add a Home Call Package to give inclusive calls to 01, 02, 03, 0845 & 0870 for £6.61 per month.

The telephone line rental will remain a WLR based service and the new pricing we believe is the result of previous investment in a new network to deliver business grade services around the UK, which means that Zen can significantly reduce its backhaul costs.

Update 25th September The products have now fully launched on the Zen website and thus are available to new and existing customers. The previous fibre packages have now being removed, existing customers on the old packages will not see any changes unless they choose to regrade. If you are unable to move your voice line rental to Zen we recommend calling them direct rather than trying an online order.

The business range of fibre services has also been moved over to the new three package format. The broadband package is the same price, but line rental is more expensive at £17, the increase accounted for by the inclusion of a 48 hour fault fix window. The anytime calls package is also different for business users at £6.50 for 5,000 minutes.

Alas for those in ADSL/ADSL2+ areas the MPLS network is not likely to bring an unlimited service via Zen, as the new data network only brings Zen savings for the GEA-FTTC and also the GEA-FTTP product once it fully launches. If you are a Zen customer in an area where only FTTP is available, we recommend you call Zen if wanting to upgrade from ADSL2+.


Posted by huntyz over 4 years ago
My next move will probably be zen as they have provided excellent service in the past but the low usage cap put me off.
Posted by oliver341 over 4 years ago
Surprisingly competitive pricing from Zen, especially for the 76 meg service. Add in the static IP address and it looks like a winner.
Posted by professor973 over 4 years ago
£11.22 to £15.44 is a hell of a jump for line rental on these packages. If another £4.22 had been hung on these packages they would not seem quite so good.
Posted by adslmax over 4 years ago
My next move will be zen internet (glad it now unlimited)
Posted by adslmax over 4 years ago
I mean when my FTTC is available
Posted by adslmax over 4 years ago
I can't find it on zen site, it didn't metion any of Fibre 2 Unlimited and Phone Package?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Follow links in the article
Posted by FlappySocks over 4 years ago
All they need now is IPV6 support, and thats my ticket away from AAISP.
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
Good prices another piece of good competition.
Posted by vicdupreez over 4 years ago
I will not get exited until it is actually fibre and no voice line rental is required. It is just another way to extract an additional £15.44 per month. Why not just sell the product for £45 a month and you can take a free voice line if you want to... I hate the stuff marketing types sometimes come up with... no offence intended if you are a marketing type...
Posted by Kebabselector over 4 years ago
It might be nice if they could offer a similar service to us non fibre Zen customers as I'm getting close to my 100gb cap - and there's no chance of me getting fibre as it's not economically viable to upgrade my cab.
Posted by craig1410 over 4 years ago
I've just swapped from Fibre Pro (200GB) with line rental to this new uncapped bundle. Previous cost was £45.60 + £12.12 but is now £45.44 in total (all inc VAT). Still not cheap but if the service continues at the same performance/reliability/customer services levels as before then I'll be very happy. They should uncap non-fibre customers as well though as I know of at least two ex-customers who would return to Zen if they did.
Posted by adslmax over 4 years ago
Zen should have broadband stand alone fibre unlimited as well.
Posted by David_W over 4 years ago
As Andrew explains in his article, Zen are relying on their new MPLS network to keep the backhaul costs of these FTTx products down. As I explain in , Zen cannot use this network for ADSL backhaul without additional and likely unjustifiable investment on a per-exchange basis (especially as the exchanges they'd then serve using their own backhaul already have FTTx available on some lines). This likely explains the lack of unlimited ADSL products from Zen.
Posted by David_W over 4 years ago
I'm not thrilled about the mandatory Zen phone line requirement, as Zen's voice charges are uncompetitive for my two-line setup (see for more details). Unfortunately, phone and broadband bundles seem to be the way ahead now.

Nevertheless, this is clearly an aggressive move from Zen. I will have to think seriously about from my existing Zen Fibre Active to Zen Fibre Unlimited 2 over the next few months, as I'm getting close to exceeding my existing 100GB cap.
Posted by David_W over 4 years ago
As mentioned in and in follow-ups, Fibre Unlimited 2 is available an a 'broadband only' product, at least for existing Zen FTTC customers.

I should be on the Fibre Unlimited 2 tariff from tomorrow, at £35.40 per month including VAT.
Posted by lelboy over 4 years ago
Have I misunderstood something?
You pay for the line rental THEN pay more money to make calls - £20+?
If I've read this correctly, then ZEN aren't competitive at all! Think I'll say with my 80/20 Infinity, with the line rental @ £140+ per year.
Posted by LeJimster over 4 years ago
Glad to see more ISP's moving back to uncapped models. Broadband caps was the most rediculous idea to begin with and it's even more pointless with Fibre.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
If you want an anytime calls package then yes ~6gbp extra a month, but zen customers probably use voip and value static ip, custom reverse dns

There was a time before inclusive call packages and internet access was 4.5p per minute
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
this is in effect a LLU network (if you in one of the areas where they have a POP) so it skips using BT wholesale's network, but they have decided to pass on the saving to those in BTw areas as well. So not only is this a good price but its also a way to get off the BTw network on a business isp.
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