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iOS 7 update rush causes Internet peak but does not break it
Thursday 19 September 2013 13:56:34 by Andrew Ferguson

Large download events can induce nightmares both before and during peak times for infrastructure managers and while the LONAP (London Access Point) statistics show Wednesday at its peak was almost twice as busy as other nights the Internet appears to have survived. For some iPhone users it is not clear if their sanity survived from reading the moans and groans on twitter.

We have taken a look at a good number of our Broadband Quality Monitor graphs and the story is very variable, in some cases there is no evidence of a major event and on some connections people are seeing significant changes in latency. Now this may actually be the effect of someone on an individual connection downloading the iOS 7 update (which weighs in around 750 MB), or just doing what they normally do with their connection, or a common pattern of congestion on part of a providers network. Those who saw no effect at all in terms of latency may just be blessed with a provider with lots of spare capacity, or traffic management to cope with these peaks, or the diverse routing of the Internet simply means that some routes out of a provider may have not been impacted all.

thinkbroadband Ping Tool for period of peak iOS7 traffic
A high resolution image (1920x1080) is available here

We have not identified the providers in this collage, but there are graphs from all the top 5 providers in the collection. The strength of the BQM tool is really the monitoring of a connection over time, and understanding your individual normal pattern or for remote monitoring of a connection, e.g. detecting downtime and re-syncs which show as a top to bottom section of red.


Posted by Chrismb over 4 years ago
Ah... I was wondering what the slight bulge on my graphs were at 9pm-10pm last night, and now I know!
(Didn't download iOS 7 on either of them, don't trust launch day software!)
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
I've just downloaded it - what's all the hype about? it looks like a 4yr designed it
Posted by CaptainW over 4 years ago
@pcoventry - funny that, a colleague today said that it looked like a fisher price toy!

I reckon it looks very 'sherbit'

There's a reason why I prefer Android :)
Posted by acpsd775 over 4 years ago
to me looks like they've just mashed WP8 and Android together and called it ios lol
Posted by jrawle over 4 years ago
Could this be why my connection was noticeably slower than usual yesterday? The iOS update passed me by as I don't own any Apple devices.
Posted by RandomJointer over 4 years ago
An independent broadband news and information site should have no problem in publishing which providers were struggling on a big news day.

Why are TB withholding the information they have gathered on provider performance?
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
Okay so the apps auto update now woopydoo. Welcome to what Window's has been able to do since the 90s lol

It does look like one of the " my first computers" I got my daughter for her 4th birthday. I guess time will tell if it's any good. I've got 6.1.3 which is what I had before downloaded in case I want to restore.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Not with holding just takes a long time to track back check the pattern for each user and investigating issues like some areas affected and others not when with the same Isp.

If a provider had ground to a halt it would have been obvious, which was our point there was a peak but stuff kept running.

Posted by AndrueC over 4 years ago
Nice to see the apple devote responding to a call to prayer :-/
Posted by drgwright over 4 years ago
Well, I think IOS7 is brilliant!
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