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Broadband map published for Bucks and Herts
Monday 16 September 2013 19:23:00 by Andrew Ferguson

One of the biggest questions of recent months has been when will I get faster broadband and it is a difficult question to answer given the amount of work needed to get the infrastructure rolled out in the various parts of the UK. The project for Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire is trying to throw some more information out there for those desperate to know where and when.

The big caveat is that the maps are still based on modelling, rather than precise visits to each site and obtaining quotes for power and elements that would affect the roll-out, so while the maps give phases for 2014/2015 there is always the possibility that an area may slip behind or even be enabled ahead of schedule.

For those in the orange and red areas, i.e. will only get the basic USC level service through the project or can get 2 Mbps now but no improvements planned the message is clear and that is to go down the DIY route, the Connected Counties site does list some of the alternatives, including wireless providers such as VillageNetWorks and Gigaclear who can provide a full fibre (FTTH/P) connection if an area shows sufficient demand.


Posted by leightc over 4 years ago
Just 2Mbps seems to be the target in quite a few areas. What happened to superfast > 24Mbps?
Posted by zhango over 4 years ago
2Mbps min in ALL areas - even blue, pink and purple. Nobody can actually expect to get Superfast.
The survey must have cost a lot of money but doesn't really say anything apart from the fact that some people might be lucky.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 4 years ago
I just looked at the 'maps'. It isn't fibre broadband they are providing. Why oh why do they call it that? Its copper broadband. Through phone lines. Just because the toothless regulator let Virgin get away with it... Its time somebody started telling people the truth. Millions are being conned by this marketing hype. Dial up is fibre fed from exchange. Adsl is fibre fed from exchange. FTTC is just a bit closer to a few near fibre fed cabs. It all comes to customer through PHONELINES.
Posted by Somerset over 4 years ago
@cyberdoyle - where do you get the 'few near fibre fed cabs'. How many is a 'few'?
Posted by victoriaonline over 4 years ago
I live in one of the orange areas in the Hertfordshire map... Thank you Connected Counties for ignoring the villages and the interest sign ups...
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