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TalkTalk starts another voucher offer week
Thursday 22 August 2013 09:12:31 by Andrew Ferguson

TalkTalk only seven days ago started a new range of offers, but today sees a £25 Love2Shop voucher added as an extra incentive on their budget level unlimited Essentials service, which is already half price for 12 months.

The Plus TV service that includes a YouView box gets a £50 voucher to go along with the half price for 6 months headline offer. In both cases the vouchers are only available to those switching onto the service and are only available on orders placed before 29th August 2013.


Posted by zyborg47 over 4 years ago
Not even if they was offering the service for free for 12 months would I consider Talk Talk, so a voucher for something I would not use would certainly not change my mind.

Posted by fibrebunny over 4 years ago
Cashback would have been better than downmarket vouchers. I suppose you could dump them on someone you don't like as a gift or something.
Posted by professor973 over 4 years ago
I wonder if they have ever considered 12 months free decent customer service as an incentive.
Posted by baby_frogmella over 4 years ago
I've had excellent customer service via the online forums for 36 months now :P
Posted by djfunkdup over 4 years ago
@ the frog: 36 mnths of customer service....gawd you were busy...was that 36 mnths of issues to need 36 mnths of customer services lolol :)
Posted by baby_frogmella over 4 years ago
I meant on the couple of occasions i've had to get in touch with TT online support, they did what i requested...lower my SNR and switch off DLM.
Posted by peterscott9881 over 4 years ago
As they were so cheap I decided to give TT a trial for broadband. They cancelled two installation appointments at the last moment. I got texts and emails that contained conflicting or out of date information. When I did get to talk to a honcho, he didn't want to listen to my constructive comments about assessing their IT system from the users point of view. I cancelled and got a refund, which was the only bit that was quick and efficient. They must be used to it.
Posted by doffroadrunner over 4 years ago
Get constant calls from TT and decide to have a bit of fun I asked for the special offer in writing. The poor s*d went into meltdown. Told me that it was a today only offer, they didn't have email, then that it wasn't policy, then he said they were in South Africa, finally said that he'd have to talk to his manager. Surely it must be illegal to try to force you to sign up to something verbally and refuse to put it in writing?
Posted by nrflux over 4 years ago
I hear lots of negatives about TT but cannot find fault after 6 months of faultless broadband service, every bit as good as BT and much less expensive. Sorry.
Posted by baby_frogmella over 4 years ago
On my last 2 over-the-phone renewals with TT retentions, i got the deal in writing as well. In any case ALL calls you make to TT are recorded so they must honour what was said verbally. In 2010 their sales team insisted that i could have a free static ip address on their residential service (which i knew was a load of porkies) so obviously i was given a dynamic ip address after going live. When i queried this on the TT forums, an OCE went over my initial call to TT sales and bingo! i was given a free static ip address :D
Posted by baby_frogmella over 4 years ago
That's because those who usually slate TT aren't customers of TT themselves. Its quite often their neighbour's daughter's boyfriend's mum's ex-husband who's having problems with TT.
Posted by rainman100 over 4 years ago
Does the voucher pay for you to see a shrink, cos you'll need one if you sign up with these plonkers !
Posted by huwwatkins over 4 years ago
I am a talktalk FTTC customer and yes their phone CS is bad. Normally I end up phoning cancellations who are UK based and can help most of the time. Their forums staff are good but obviously not for anything urgent.

When the service is working it is fine. I get full speed almost day and night.
Posted by blue4u2 over 4 years ago
very much an ex customer of tt and staying that way,
Posted by maxwild over 4 years ago
I have been with TT since their takeover of Tiscali. We now have the Plus TV service and cannot fault it for both consistency of speed and uptime. I never cease to be amazed by the reports that I read of sub standard service - nothing could be further from our experience and at such a competitive price!!
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