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The Superfast Cymru projects starts to deliver
Tuesday 06 August 2013 09:03:49 by Andrew Ferguson

The Superfast Wales project has passed a milestone and this one has no smiling politician kissing a cute baby picture attached to it, just the boring news that the project is on course to pass some 100,000 homes and businesses by the end of the year.

So far as part of the project 57 towns and rural communities are benefiting from a service and by spring 2014 a further 63 communities are expected to be live increasing the homes passed to 230,000.

"Abergynolwyn, Aberystwyth, Bala, Beaumaris, Beddgelert, Bishopston, Bodorgan, Bonvilston, Botwnnog, Caergwrle, Corris, Cowbridge, Dinas Powys, Ffestiniog, Flint, Gower, Gowerton, Haverfordwest, Holyhead, Johnston, Llanbedr, Llanerchymedd, Llanfaethlu, Llangoed, Llanuwchllyn, Llithfaen, Llanwern, Machynlleth, Maesteg, Mayals, Merthyr Tydfil, Milford Haven, Moelfre, Mold West, Monmouth, Mostyn, Newborough, Neyland, Northop. Pembroke, Penclawdd, Penhow, Penmaen, Peterstone-super-Ely, Pontybodkin, Rhiw, Rhoose, Rhosneigr, Rhydymain, Southerndown, St Athan, Sully, Tonyrefail, Trawsfynydd, Trearddur Bay, Treforest, Treharris,Treorchy, Tyn-y-Gongl, Valley, Wick, Ynysowen, Ynysbwl."

Communities scheduled to be enabled by end of spring 2014

The Superfast Cymru project is working to a deadline of 96% having the option of high speed fibre broadband by 2016. The scale of the project being such that 3,000 new fibre cabinets will be installed and 17,500 kilometres of fibre blown through ducting or overhead fibre tubing.


Posted by Prycop over 4 years ago
Some of these are really small exchanges in rural NW Wales (Rhiw less than 160 lines) - exchanges among the last to get adsl.

Several local roads have temporary lights with contractors seemingly installing cables in BT ducts :-)

Many dwellings have copper lines running straight from the exchange in some listed above; anyone know if the plan is to install a cabinet, for relatively few lines, or install fibre to individual homes?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Other areas are doing work to add FTTC to Exchange Only lines, so no reason to doubt the same for Wales.

If there is a specific area people want me to chase for more information on, then let us know.
Posted by Prycop over 4 years ago
Thanks for the reply. Can you try to check out the Botwnnog exchange (WNBOT)?

Think there may be cabinets in surrounding villages 2/3 miles away that use the exchange. Homes around the exchange however, and on to more rural homes/farms, mostly have direct overhead lines.

Will they install a cabinet just outside the exchange for these or use FTTH?

If there isn't a decison yet, which would be the most economical: new cabinet for say 50 residential lines or run direct overhead up to 2 mile runs?
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
FTTC from outside the exchange door isn't going to work over 2 mile runs, at least not much better than ADSL2+ from inside the exchange.
Posted by Prycop over 4 years ago
Is that good news or bad herdwick?

Must be good news in a way.

What are the extra costs in FTTH apart from the obvious fibre run?
- how many homes minimum would FTTH need before it's cheaper to install a cabinet - or the other way around!
Posted by JammaN over 4 years ago
I wonder when they will start getting round to doing Carmarthenshire/Ceredigion. Specifically the Llanybydder exchange. Would love some information on this.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
Even more annoying when your in a place where BT wont update your cab and this project wont either! their argument is there are not enough houses. there are 271! an NGA only takes 288 anyway! they have put 1 NGA in caerwent which has 249 houses - so again their logic is mystifying!
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
And I have BT cabs all around me now - just not mine! if 249 is enough to get a PCP enabled why is 271 not!? I've e-mailed them again with this very example to ask them why
Posted by fibrebunny over 4 years ago
I thought the whole point was for them to enable cabs that were not commercially viable. So now they have to be non-commercially viable too xD
Posted by csimon over 4 years ago
I'm on the Llanberis exchange, slated for going live next month, however the cabinet for my village (Nant Peris) is actually 3 miles away. There've been rumours that we'll get our own cabinet, but what happens here? If our current cabinet location goes live with FTTC next month before our own cabinet arrives, will we in the village not be allowed to order until our own cabinet arrives? Or order first and get connected 3 miles way and not be able to move??
Posted by Dixinormous over 4 years ago
I must admit the purpose of the sarcasm in this news story completely eludes me.

pcov - there is logic there. Firstly they don't expect every home passed to take FTTC, not even half of them in fact, next costs are an 'issue'. The 249 premises cabinet may have been significantly cheaper to enable than your 271. Cabinets enabled around here are generally in the 350+ premises range.

Also the cabinets come in 96, 128, 256 and 288 line flavours depending on needs.
Posted by Dixinormous over 4 years ago
Forgot to mention - I write as a guy who went to absurd lengths to get a cabinet FAR larger than yours enabled. Well over 400 premises and over 550 when building is completed next year.

271 is not a very large cabinet by any stretch. It's no surprise at all it didn't make the grade, cabinets of that size near main roads in London were spurned.

I understood you had Virgin cable at 120Mb available and were absolutely ecstatic with it?

Surely better that this programme's money goes to areas with no SFBB available at all?
Posted by lagalesa over 4 years ago
Can you help with our connection....I live 4 miles from the Aberporth exchange and there is no sign of it being updated....we need a reliable connection in this rural area. I work some of the time online and streaming is impossible at the moment.
Posted by jmh2000 over 4 years ago
Anyone know what is happening at Rhydymain? I am in Brithdir which is served from this exchange. Is FTTC planned for Brithdir? Any idea on timescales ?
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
@jmh Having the exchange enables does not mean you will get it. Mine is enabled and I can't get it but I am hoping that we are both part of the 3000 yet to go in

@Dixi I did - and I was until it got really bad quality wise and then I got out of my contract. My cab was put in about 6 months after all the others to fill a gap so I am told. I hope therefore we get filled again - all areas of Newport that I know of that can get fibre can also get VM so that's no real excuse
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