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TalkTalk reveals its price changes
Thursday 01 August 2013 15:56:07 by Andrew Ferguson

This time it is TalkTalk with a raft of price changes, again they apply from October 1st. The TalkTalk website pricing notification page carries details of the latest changes and a history of previous price rises.

  • Voice line rental to increase to £15.40 a month, currently £14.95 a month, this last increased in January 2013.
  • We have asked about any price changes to the line rental saver product
  • Broadband Essentials will increase in price to £7.50 per month, from its current standard price of £6.50 a month, and we presume as this charge is levied on fibre customers too they will feel the effect of the £1 rise.
  • A bunch of old legacy broadband packages will see a £1/month price rise. The packages affected are: Talk Global Anytime, Talk Global Evening & Weekend, Talk UK Weekend BB, Talk International Anytime, Talk International Evening & Weekend, Talk Total Anytime Evening & Weekend Talk Total Anytime, Talk 3 BB, Talk International Evening & Weekend IPS and Talk International Anytime IPS.
  • Anytime calls boost increase to £5.50 per month.
  • Details of call price changes covered in full on the TalkTalk website.

We will endeavour to add a note to our TalkTalk package listings, so that people are aware of the forthcoming changes and can therefore make informed decisions. Generally though we have found this pattern of price rises affects all the providers, so while you can chase the odd special offer the rises are not inescapable in the long term.


Posted by shaunhw over 4 years ago
Well they've got to pay for the parental control filter somehow. That's the trouble with these big firms. Once they have you, and there's little competition around the price will go up, and up.
Posted by scotiaman over 4 years ago
I'd hardly call Talk Talk a "big" firm
Posted by Futaura over 4 years ago
To be fair though, I think this is the first increase on the Essentials fee for years, if ever. A couple of years ago it was reduced from £6.99 to £6.50 even. Line rental has been £15.45 at BT since January.

Notably, Plus TV pricing has not increased though. It is perhaps more a ploy to push more people onto that tariff.
Posted by baby_frogmella over 4 years ago
TT has the largest ADSL2+ network in the country with > 4 million customers. They LLU exchanges which BT or Sky won't touch with a bargepole. I would say they're big.
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
With a Market Capitalsiation of 2.21bn I wouldn't call them an SME either
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
even if I could spell it > hic <
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

And if you're on one of those exchanges you can get TT resellers to avoid TT's awful service.
Posted by scotiaman over 4 years ago
@baby_frogmella - Talk Talk are merely a reseller of BT products as are Sky. And the only reason their broadband products are cheaper than BT is down to the fact that they rent the lines from BT, they do NOT own a telecoms infrastructure.
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
"Talk Talk are merely a reseller of BT products as are Sky" - please get a clue, TT and Sky have their own separate infrastructure and equipment in many exchanges. they use BT's wire to the home from the exchange, but after that it's different.
Posted by baby_frogmella over 4 years ago
Nothing wrong with going direct with TalkTalk as long as you're happy to use their excellent support forums. Their "awful" service gives me line speeds 24/7, not a single outage in 3 years, a static ip and downloads of ~ 1TB per month for 575 pennies a month.
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

From the TT connections I've seen they're awful, speed fluctates constantly along with the ping. Guess you got lucky.
Posted by rainman100 over 4 years ago
How come every phone provider seems to put their line prices up by about 8% year on year, about time Offcom looked into it.I pay mine up front yearly to save money ( not to Talk Talk I hasten to add )packed that team up and went with Plusnet.
Posted by Ronat over 4 years ago
Maybe I'm one of the few, but I've been with TalkTalk from the start, and have been extremely happy with their package. I pay my line rental annually, and recently, on doing a speed check, was informed on the site that they detected that I was using an older reuter, and, if I wished, they would send me a new one foc. In this day and age, I think their charges are very reasonable.
Posted by dragon1945 over 4 years ago
Maximum BB speed on TT Speed Test = 1.8MB. 3 months ago it was 2.1MB. Still slow but better than it is now. My PC cleans and optimises on shutdown so the fault must be TT's. Agree forum better than hopeless tech "help" from TT.
Posted by csimon over 4 years ago
@rainman100: "How come every phone provider seems to put their line prices up by about 8% year on year

Competition, free-market etc is fake, it's an illusion.Does TT really care it might lose customers because of this?Not really, it has enough.No benefit in moving anyway,all companies will put prices up to match.We're brainwashed into thinking we have so much choice,power is in our hands etc,we waste so much time researching & switching & moving,but still end up paying more to the company's directors & shareholders.
Posted by dragon1945 over 4 years ago
P.S. The filter on TT is ridiculous. I tried to get info on the sex of Barnvelder Chicks, and TT said I had to sign up for "adult content". I don't want adult content on this PC because my Grandchildren use it. I was asking about chickens. I had to download Google Chrome to get the info I wanted. 2 roosters and 1 hen chick.
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
"How come every phone provider seems to put their line prices up by about 8% year on year"

they don't, I'm paying the same as I was 18 months ago.
Posted by Stuartli over 4 years ago
A gentle nudge to scotiaman's groundless claim about TT and Sky being merely resellers of BT products:

The same site will provide Sky's (Easynet) figures.

Check facts before posting...:-)
Posted by Stuartli over 4 years ago

I've been with TalkTalk since April 2006 and have had less than a handful of minor problems, two of these being a noisy line and quickly sorted out by OpenRead/BT on TT's behalf.
Posted by usesearch1 over 4 years ago
Value Line Rental is increasing too, quote from email
Renew your Value Line Rental to save up to £65.40

Last year you paid for your line rental in one upfront payment and saved up to £60. You are now coming to the end of that year so we want to give you the opportunity to make these savings again by renewing Value Line Rental for a further 12 months.

Please make sure you renew before 29th September as the Value Line Rental price will be increasing from £114 to £126 a year
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