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Some good news in the rural broadband arena for once
Monday 29 July 2013 10:04:01 by Andrew Ferguson

Mole ploughing as a way to install pipework with a minimum of disturbance is not new, but for installing fibre ducting by BT it appears to be something that has not been tried before. Fell End Broadband who have the job of delivering superfast broadband to 58 properties spread over a 11 kilometre area has been chosen as the place to try the solution and then once the ducting is in place the fibre optic cable is blown through as normal.

Fell End Broadband is part of the Eden community in Cumbria and is at the very leading edge of the RCBF projects that along with the larger BDUK project have come in for much criticism of late.

This news snippet may only represent the first kilometre of digging on the project, but after raising £34,000 locally and further funding from Prince’s Countryside Fund, The Holehird Trust, TalkTalk Digital Heroes and BT the project will hopefully speed up.


Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
I wonder if using GPON helps here - smaller bore duct. Having said that they can trench in 100mm gas and water pipes in one go with a machine.
Posted by vicdupreez over 4 years ago
This, like every other cost saving measure will be brushed under the carpet with a "nah... did not work"... I do not think BT will install fibre (of any description) in my area, ever... If they do (while I still own that house) I will eat my hat...
Posted by cyberdoyle over 4 years ago
We advised the contractors for this project and put them in touch with Emtelle who supply our ducts. Its great to be able to share the knowledge we have gained. Good luck to fell end broadband. We use a mixture of mole plough and digging, and have laid many kilometres with great success. There's a film of it on our website, and any community can do it if they really want to enough.
Posted by macbits2000 over 4 years ago
Our village has just been supplied with gas for the first time, and they plowed in a 0INCH gas main, I cannot see what is new about plowing.. I used to live in a Farmhouse that had no phone in 1976, and BT plowed in a 1.5km phone line, NOTE-1976!!
Posted by macbits2000 over 4 years ago
Tat should read "6 INCH gas main", sorry.
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