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David Cameron announces his plan to keep children safe
Monday 22 July 2013 12:43:22 by Andrew Ferguson

After all the rhetoric we now have the full text of the Primer Minister's speed on protecting our children online, which is available on the UK Government website.

"And today I can announce that from next year, we will also link up existing fragmented databases across all the police forces to produce a single secure database of illegal images of children which will help police in different parts of the country work together more effectively to close the net on paedophiles.
It will also enable the industry to use the digital hash tags from the database to pro-actively scan for, block and take down these images wherever they occur.
And that’s exactly what the industry has agreed to do.
Because this isn’t just a job for government.
The internet service providers and the search engine companies have a vital role to play and we have already reached a number of important agreements with them. ."

The Prime Minister on child abuse reduction

Another suggestion has been made that search engine providers should hold hackathons to help develop solutions on how search terms can identified and blocked, though of course given that the material is illegal testing the solutions effectiveness may difficult in a hackathon situation.

"So on mobile phones, it is great to report that all of the operators have now agreed to put adult content filters onto phones automatically.
To deactivate them you will need to prove you are over 18 and the operators will continue to refine and improve those filters.
On public wi-fi – of which more than 90 per cent is provided by six companies – O2, Virgin Media, Sky, Nomad, BT and Arqiva - I’m pleased to say we have now reached an agreement with all of them that family-friendly filters are to be applied across the public wi-fi network wherever children are likely to be present.
This will be done by the end of next month.
And we are keen to introduce a “Family Friendly Wi-Fi” symbol which retailers, hotels and transport companies can use to show their customers that their public Wi-Fi is filtered.
That is how we’re protecting children outside of the home.
Inside the home, on the private family network, it is a more complicated issue.
There has been a big debate about whether internet filters should be set to a default ‘on’ position in other words, with adult content filters applied by default – or not.
Let’s be clear.
This has never been a debate about companies or government censoring the internet but about filters to protect children at the home network level.
Those who wanted default ‘on’ said – it’s a no-brainer just have the filters set to ‘on’ - then adults can turn them off if they want to and that way we can protect all children, whether their parents are engaged in internet safety or not. "

David Cameron on child safe filters for Internet connections

The speech has not fully resolved what is meant by adult content filters, as in does it mean anything with a 15 or 18 certificate or equivalent, or just pornography? Here in lies the problem for responsible parents, as they may find that while turning on the system is very easy refining it to match their moral compass proves much harder. The wider the filtering the more likely that over blocking will occur and the sites that are blocked will not know about this until their visitor numbers drop.

The filters will be part of the sign-up process for new connections by the end of the year and by the end of 2014 all the many millions of other households who already have connections will have been asked whether they want to enable or disable the filters. The key thing is that those who simply skip next or press enter will be given the providers default on filtering level.

The Internet has generally existed on an end to end principle in its first couple of decades of life, and the introduction of widespread network level filtering carries the risk of breaking services unintentionally.

"And we are doing something else to make sure that the same rules apply online as they do offline.

There are some examples of extreme pornography that are so bad that you can’t even buy this material in a licensed sex shop.

And today I can announce we will be legislating so that videos streamed online in the UK are subject to the same rules as those sold in shops.

Put simply – what you can’t get in a shop, you will no longer be able to get online. ."

David Cameron on changes to online streaming rules

The above extract from the speech is not clear whether it applies to just pornographic videos online, streamed as opposed to downloaded or live streams. We presume that this means the BBFC is going to be very busy as they approve the ratings for films sold in shops in the UK.


Posted by Joppy over 4 years ago
The media corporations are not happy that streaming pirated media is not illegal so the part of this about streaming is no doubt for their benefit. We know mission creep will occur but Camerons psychology department would have told him this way will cause less uproar.
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

It's got nothing to do with copyright or porn, they are side issues to distract and confuse the dumb majority.

This is about control over the internet.
Posted by ryant704 over 4 years ago
To them I say good luck.
Posted by Spud2003 over 4 years ago
From 10.30 at night Freeview broadcasts pornography, unencrypted, across the nation. What are you going to do to stop that Dave? Oh, that's right - nothing.
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
Don't give them ideas about a watershed time for the internet spud :-)
Posted by Kushan over 4 years ago
As long as this is merely a DNS block, then I don't particularly mind. If it goes beyond that, I'll be extremely upset.
Posted by MikePiff over 4 years ago
How would this stop kids coming across this sort of thing?

or this

Totally block Amazon?
Posted by jroadley over 4 years ago
You just have to opt in if you want it. I had to do the same when I signed up to Three as my mobile phone provider.

One thing you can't do is shut off access to that information no matter how hard you try.

I do feel, in the home it's the parents responsibility to monitor. But what happens when your kids are using their BB or 3G dongle to access the internet from school/bedroom etc?
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
Hopefully the school internet is filtered already ?
Posted by undecidedadrian over 4 years ago
It's bread and circuses all over again.

90% of the people don't care what is happening, be it human rights, sleep walking into a police state, draconian laws to "protect us" just as long as they get their next paycheck and that the X-Factor is on.

Nothing much has changed in 2000 years.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
3g dongles should have the same default controls as mobile phones already do.
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
@Andrew "Primer Minister's speed" - "Prime Minister's speech"
Posted by Koppo over 4 years ago
Who asked them to do this is what I want to know? I don't recall any massive public outcry over online porn and demands that the government do something about it. Another Eton posh-boy Cameron soundbite smokescreen, so they can hide the fact they're incompetent and clueless and making no progress in sorting out the economy.
Posted by Pigmaster over 4 years ago
This will put the UK at the beck and call of multi national organisations who will want to use the filtering system for copyright issues and other stuff to control what we want.

Very little has to do with protecting children, if they REALLY wanted to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm then they should look at making smoking, drinking and cars illegal as these are 3 main big killers in the UK of children and adults. Thousands die every year but the Gov make taxes from these killers though!!
Posted by mervl over 4 years ago
Porn: the new drugs. If you don't have a real war you have to make one up - it fulfils some human need.
Posted by Joppy over 4 years ago
When they brought in the IWF watchlist and cleanfeed it was to block nasty child stuff we were told. Then the same technology was stretched to block newzbin and other so called copyright infringing sites. We knew it would happen but the majority was made silent due to the CP talk.

@otester, so far it is only the wealthy the media organisations and their lawyers who have got sites blocked. Their ultimate goal would be to control the internet, with help with their government friends who will also benefit from being able to censor and control what they want.
Posted by nooneatall over 4 years ago
Completely retarded, no paedophiles are going to be googling "show me kiddie porn". They will use TOR and VPN's etc. This should be opt-in, not opt out.. they are just going to have a list of people who view porn (millions of us). I don't usually vote, but I want this clown out. This is nothing more than a Government trying to control our Internet and what we see, hear, read and consume. Leave us alone. What a child is exposed to should be the decision of the parents.
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
"Who asked them to do this is what I want to know?"

Women. Try mumsnet.
Posted by AndyS over 4 years ago
"I say: we need both we need good filters that are pre-selected to be on unless an adult turns them off and we need parents aware and engaged in the setting of those filters."


"One click to protect your whole home and keep your children safe."

So Cameron's idea of "engaged parents" is one click and you can forget it; now I see why he left his daughter in the pub!
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
this puts an interesting light on giffgaff, it seems mr cameron and co have been making agreements with the mobile operators without ofcom's agreement, as ofcom still tell me that giffgaff claiming they are required by law to need a passport to unlock adult content is wrong. yet here we have cameron babbling on about some agreement made.
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
the problem with default on as I disccvered with giffgaff is it can be unreasonably hard to turn it off as the requirement for proof of age may not be possible.
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

How are TOR/VPN/Proxy's going to help when sites are censored in every country?
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
@chrysalis just get your act together and get adult ID like most participating members of society.
Posted by undecidedadrian over 4 years ago

really you honestly think that EVERY single country would sign up for this?

No matter how important or how much it is needed if the UK,US, EU etc come in and start demanding stuff there will be countries who will oppose any request due to the fact that they don't like being told what to do.

Even if the UN was involved I could see at least 20 countries dig their heels in just to be awkward or to get consessions.
Posted by AndyS over 4 years ago

The Internet is a network built from a number of smaller networks working in cooperation. If there is sufficient interference/censorship I'd imagine that like-minded people will group together and join their VPNs (and other tech) to build the Inter-Internet.
Posted by ryant704 over 4 years ago

If anyone doesn't want this to happen.
Posted by shaunhw over 4 years ago

under 10,000 last night, now over 13,200 and running at 500 signings per hour. Will this run and run I wonder ?

It seems people aren't to happy with Dave's policies on this.
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
herdwick even when my passport arrives I wont be typing the number in over the internet. This child protection rubbish has had no thinking of the consequences, there should have been a clear easy way to prove age identified. Requiring a travel document over the internet is not that. £1 payment on credit card is better. Or self certify on a form.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
The passport seems to a unique GiffGaff situation. For fixed line broadband the control will likely to be tied into your accounts web portal. Certainly that is how the TalkTalk system operates with an email or text announcing the change to the account holder.
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
it is 'currently' unique, but obviously there is no way to be sure it will stay that way, campaigners for child smothering seem to want it to be very hard to get adult content uncensored. Believe it or not there is some who think giffgaff didnt go far enough.
Posted by searcher100 over 4 years ago
If David Cameron really was interested in protecting the children with this speech why did he reduce the funding for the police department that hunts down on-line UK pedophiles by 10%. This is just cheap rhetoric to try and win another term of woeful government.
Posted by searcher100 over 4 years ago
Next time they get in he will have his mandate to give us Chinese style(N. KOREA) censorship.
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

They will all fall via the end, people in government who resist won't be there forever to resist.


Onion sites are an option for now.
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
brillian adiran bean on tv to try and talk sense to people. and aaisp is also blocking ucstomers who choose a censored internet telling them to go elsewhere. A big problem with default filtering as he revealed is false positive's with no recourse to get it fixed. that also this is likely to lead to all 'unliked' sites been filtered at some point. eg. gang rape porn is already a grey area, as thats consenting adults taking part. why is it cameron's business what peopel are into.
Posted by davet966 over 4 years ago
I've found OpenDNS to be very effective at blocking unsavoury sites from my household. The router dishes out DHCP leases to all devices in my home and sets the DNS server addresses to those of OpenDNS. If there's something that gets false positives I simply allow it by whitelisting. Of course I do pay for the service, but I think that's just part of being a responsible parent.
Posted by BTfanboy over 4 years ago
They tried this with Pirate bay. and look how well that turned out. guess what's on the other tab on my browser? not porn btw.
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