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Zen Internet reduce price of fibre installations
Saturday 13 July 2013 10:38:46 by Andrew Ferguson

The five fibre products from Zen Internet have had their installation fee reduced from £96 to £48.

There is potential for further reductions and wider hardware options later in 2013, as once Openreach launches its PCP-only installation, there will be scope for even cheaper installs and the Openreach modem and a separate router can be replaced by an all in one vdsl2 modem/router box.


Posted by MrTAToad2 over 4 years ago
Can the Openreach modem & seperate router be replaced with one item already ?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Officially no.
Posted by MrTAToad2 over 4 years ago
Ah, that's a shame. Thanks for the info.
Posted by mobilebb over 4 years ago
I thought zen has had half price installs since 20th june? What's new.
Posted by JNeuhoff over 4 years ago
We'd be interested in their fibre-optic broadband service, but I have the suspicion that it is only a BT-based copper VDSL and not a genuine fibre broadband.
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
Obviously it is, but then you knew that and it was just another chance to have a dig :)
Posted by MCM999 over 4 years ago
@JNeuhoff Clearly BDUK funded FTTC is insufficient for some in which case be prepared to dig deep and pay for a leased line. No didn't think so. There are many here, especially those on EO lines in areas with no access to BDUK funding, who are unlikely to see any form of NG broadband for several years.
Posted by JNeuhoff over 4 years ago
@GMAN99: surely by now almost the whole of the UK has fibre-based broadband: FTTE :)

( E stands for exchange )
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

Leased line isnt really necessary, you can pay ~£1500 to get FTTP (330Mbps), soon there will br business packages with installation included for ~£50 p/m on a 36 month contract.
Posted by JNeuhoff over 4 years ago
@otester: Only in your dreams. Most parts of the UK will never be served by available FTTP from BT. Even the FTTPoD won't be there for a long time to come, if ever. BT is still doing "trials" on the latter one!
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