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BT increases Sainsbury gift card deals to £50 and £100
Friday 12 July 2013 11:27:14 by Andrew Ferguson

Buying broadband is not just about picking the best looking package, but the constant changing of the offers and the rise of the free voucher means that buying a service one week could see you save an extra £50 or more so ordering at the right time is crucial to getting the best deal.

BT is the latest operator to run a special one week only increased value gift card deal, with new customers ordering an ADSL2+ service eligible for a £50 Sainsbury's gift card and those ordering an Infinity service can qualify for a £100 gift card. As with all the other provides these deals are short lived with one deal expiring on the 18th July 2013.


Posted by 21again over 4 years ago
Not much use when the nearest Sainsbury Store is nearly 90 miles away :p

Why don't BT reduce the relevant price by the stated amounts?
Probably coz it would cost them more directly, BT possibly get the S gift cards free or for next to nothing???
Posted by lockyatlrg over 4 years ago
They need too with the prices Sainsbury's charge.
Posted by jsp21c over 4 years ago
BT could attract more users particularly in rural areas by upgrading their rural network. Currently 3 mobile is giving me ten times download the speed BT used to give. I cancelled ADSL the land line over two years ago and won't be returning to BT land lines in the foreseeable future.
Pay over £15/month line rental for a wretched old line which is riddled with holes and faults which meant that ADSL dropped to dialup speeds when it was windy or wet..... I wouldn't go back to BT if it was free.
Posted by tommy45 over 4 years ago
I rarely will shop at sainsbury's, and then it's only to take advantage of products that usually buy being on offer, But BT could offer a £200 card i still wouldn't take their broadband,
I also notice that the gift card offer doesn't apply if you only want telephony services (line rental + calling plans)no they like to shaft us for those instead, so they can give away free sports channels to those who pay for BT vision
Posted by JNeuhoff over 4 years ago
What a joke! How about BT would focus on actually providing proper telecvom services instaed of wasting itys resources on Sainsbury gift cards, BT sports, or whatever other adventure they embark on?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
@tommy45 you dont need bt vision to view bt sport content once launched
Posted by oliver341 over 4 years ago
@JNeuhoff BT are losing a lot of landline customers to Talktalk and Sky so offers like these are needed to entice customers back in.
Posted by zhango over 4 years ago
BT could easily increase their number of customers by dropping the complicated Sainsbury gift card idea and move the call centre from India to UK - it's as simple as that.
PlusNet moved it's call centre from S.Africa to Sheffield and I guess they got new customers because they did.
Posted by gt94sss2 over 4 years ago
@zhango - Most of BT's call centres have always been in the UK. They did try and move some others back to the UK from India a few years ago but got complaints from the UK trade unions and had difficulty recruiting people so not sure what happened in the end.
Posted by zhango over 4 years ago
Ok but I do know 3 BT customers who have been with BT for a long time and who always speak to an Indian call centre when they need help. They are not impressed with the lack of technical knowledge and have problems understanding what is being said. I was tempted to migrate to BT myself recently when they introduced the 'Unlimited' offer but after several phone conversations with BT Sales I told them I would move to them when they stop using Indian call centres. The sales guy did say he understood my concern but didn't say what you have though?
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
BT are very profit driven, that means sales and account call centres in uk, tech support in india. Its clear the cash goes on vouchers instead of call centres because its about customer acquisition.
Posted by zhango over 4 years ago
I've used the phrase 'call centre' when I did mean tech support. I don't understand anyone tempted by a voucher rather than the thought there was decent tech support if they needed it. There have been too many cases on here of new customers having trouble migrating and getting what they ordered that I am reluctant to risk moving to BT.
Posted by gt94sss2 over 4 years ago
That's simple - as has been proved again and again most people only care about the price they pay so anything which lowers the cost like a voucher works and gains them customers . In addition, most people don't use tech support. BT are likely to have more cases here as there customers are likely to be less technical and as they are such a large ISP. As a % of its customer base its probably similar to many other ISPs. No reason why sales ppl would know about BT strategy re: call centres or anything else!
Posted by zhango over 4 years ago
Has it been proved though? - I've been with my ISP for over six years and have phoned tech support once but it's nice to know there is someone who knows what they are talking about if I need a bit of help.
I also like buying from decent shops like John Lewis who are not necessarily the cheapest but after-sales support is great if something goes wrong.
In my opinion buying anything is not just about the initial purchase price.
Posted by professor973 over 4 years ago
If you freebies to sell a product, it's not worth buying.
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
<X> months free etc is a freebie, most ISP's do that?
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