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BT Retail 300 Mbps fibre for £50 per month anyone?
Wednesday 10 July 2013 10:12:49 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Retail announces it is to finally offer a 300 Mbps Infinity FTTP based product with 20 Mbps uploads. This comes along with the news of a Home Hub 5 which will feature 802.11ac Wi-Fi, four GigE LAN ports and a VDSL2 modem for use in FTTC areas.

BT Retail is not the first to market as Claranet SOHO have a 300 Mbps download, 19 Mbps upload unlimited FTTP based service available along with other small providers, though at a higher price of £95.99+VAT a month. These speeds are available to around 100,000 premises in some 50 parts of the UK where Openreach has rolled its FTTP products over the last couple of years, with a good number of those down in Cornwall. In areas where FTTP is the only fibre service available the other speed points of 40, 80 to match the FTTC products are available for the standard price.

The prices seem high, but if you time travel to ten years or more years ago, we were all paying £40 to £50 per month for a 0.5 Mbps ADSL based service and thought that was a bargain compared to the cost of dial-up access and it felt mega-fast at the time.

There is a hint about what BT Retail is doing with the Fibre on Demand service, and the suggestion is that they plan to sell it initially to business based customers, which is likely to be a side effect of the 36 month contract the service requires and the train of thought that only businesses can afford the high upfront costs. Though when you consider the price that people pay to add a conservatory or spend on a massive BBQ pit for their home, there will be a small but keen group of early adopters who want the best connection for their home or where the line between business and consumer is very blurry.


Posted by otester over 4 years ago
Don't care so much about the price just as long as it's an option.

Those worrying about price shouldn't even be looking at fibre in the first place.
Posted by smsm1 over 4 years ago
Give it a few years and fibre/fibre to the cabinet will be standard and ADSL will be no more.
Posted by MCM999 over 4 years ago
So what are you suggesting that those on EO lines are to do? Putting cabs outside exchanges isn't going to help those with longish EO lines.
Posted by zyborg47 over 4 years ago
How many few years do you think it will be and how is that going to work where this is no fibre Cabinet?

20, 30 years maybe?

also there are still people who can get fibre but don't want it due to cost.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
@mcm999 on eo that is why where eo have had an upgrade to c or p the cab or ag node is placed closer to the eo cluster
Posted by MCM999 over 4 years ago
Thanks Andrew. Whilst I'm aware of what might be done for EO lines I wasn't so sure that smsm1 understood the problems that could result from the withdrawal of ADSL. The problem as I see it isn't so much the possibilities but rather how such solutions are to be funded especially for the significant number of EO lines in areas without BDUK funding such as London. I'm currently waiting for a reply from Boris but don't expect anything more than a few well-sugared words.
Posted by amphion over 4 years ago
20Mb/s upload is far too low, I get that now with FTTC. Isn't FTTP symmetric by design? Up it to 100Mb/s and I might be interested.
Posted by amphion over 4 years ago
Oh, and a three year contract is completely ridiculous.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
GPON FTTP is not symmetric but can do a lot more than 20 Mbps
Posted by pkaulf over 4 years ago
Pretty sure most ISPs were taking about £25 a month for 0.5mbps ADSL 10 years ago, not £40-£50
Posted by WWWombat over 4 years ago
See the timeline in the TBB "broadband factsheet" released in a news article a few days before this one...

That timeline starts August 2000 with a £50pm product.

I started trialling a 2Mbps prouct 3 months before this; it was due to cost more, while the 0.5Mbps product was definitely of the order of £50.

Looking forward to hear Boris' words.
Posted by JNeuhoff over 4 years ago
This is just an publicity stunt by BT, because by far the vast majority of the UK can't even get a genuine fibre broadband. The same was true with BT's so-called fibre-on-demand announcement some months ago, we have quite a few towns with VDSL in our area, but no fibre-on-demands can be ordered for them as of this time!
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
FTTPoD isn't fully released yet, its in early market deployment so.............
Posted by JNeuhoff over 4 years ago
@GMAN99: It was supposed to be released in the spring time. Accoording to Thinkbroadband, BT still has to trial its 'ordering system' for its fibre-on-demand.

As I said, it's more of a publicity stunt than a real product, and won't be available for a long time to come.
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