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Worcestershire set to sign BDUK contract on 29th July
Thursday 04 July 2013 16:53:25 by Andrew Ferguson

The councils across the UK are falling into line with their BDUK projects, but while some look likely to hit the Government target, ones like Worcestershire that is likely to sign its contract on 29th July and not start delivery until April 2014.

What is interesting about Worcestershire is that the council announced its targets in 2011 and ran a survey in 2012, which by now has had 10,000 responses.

With Worcestershire apparently having around 70% of premises able to access a superfast service currently, there is obviously a lot of work to be done, and while it appears the size of the cash pot which is £3.3m from the BDUK and £8.5m from the council is known which parts of the county will benefit is not known yet. With a 90% superfast target, the odds are 1 in 3 that the project may not bring superfast speeds to you, if you are outside the commercial footprint.


Posted by johnankrett over 4 years ago
Thanks for your clarification of what 90% means... I am embarrased to say that I thought it would mean 90% of the people in the target population who can't get "superfast" broadband at present. Silly me.
I put in the inverted commas as I live in Worcestershire and I currently get 5mb down / 1mb up on my "Superfast" Zen FTTC connection because of the length of copper Openreach need to connect me to a cabinet 500 metres away...

Posted by johnankrett over 4 years ago
Bur 5mb is a world better than the 1mb I got before, even if it does cost more...

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