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Progress on improvements to tackle online child abuse
Wednesday 19 June 2013 10:19:27 by Andrew Ferguson

In the world of online child safety there are two main areas hitting the press recently, reducing the amount of child abuse material that is online, something the IWF has successfully being tackling for some years and the separate issue of restricting access of legal pornographic materal such that only adults can access it.

The high level online safety summit chaired by Culture Secretary Maria Miller MP in Whitehall with Claire Perry MP and a raft of other Internet industry people present has now taken place and the result appears to be that the four largest broadband providers in the UK, BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media are committing to providing additional funding of £1m over four years to help crack down on the creation and distribution of child abuse material.

At the end of last week there had been talk that default content filters would be agreed at the meeting with this coming into effect for 2014, but this appears to be based on some quotes from Claire Perry on and nothing official has been announced.

Extra funding to help reduce the amount of child abuse material online is welcome, but we have to question whether this is really just a case of the Government looking towards private funding for an area that should be part of its core values in a world where everything is increasingly done online. Back in February 2012, the Police Federation was expressing concern over the effect that budget cuts in CEOP may have on the operation of this small but important unit. Putting on our cynics hat for a moment this latest summit has simply balanced the books, while giving the impression that the Government and industry is doing more than it has in the past.


Posted by Going_Digital over 4 years ago
Greater commitment to tackling the problem of child abuse is welcome hopefully resulting in more convictions of those involved. However legal adult material is an entirely different matter, what consenting adults get up to is up to them not something the government should try to police.
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
American spending on porn annually exceeds 3rd world debt. Think of the economic implications !
Posted by undecidedadrian over 4 years ago
The IWF have already stated that they KNOW of over 60,000 people that are distributing this material in the UK alone via p2p networks.

If any headway is to be made there needs to be an huge overhaul in how this is policed and offenders punished.

It would be very unlikely that they could even tackle all the people they know about as the criminal justice system would come to a standstill and there is nowhere to put anybody if they were handed prison sentences.

But C4 news last night did point out the mammoth task still facing the government over p2p, dark net etc.
Posted by fibrebunny over 4 years ago
Tragic news for those souls needing adult guidance from an omnipotent nanny. On the plus side virtual lamp posts remain cotton wool free for now. I'm sure the she-tards will soon be denouncing the inhumanity of having to think or worse yet, actually type. Like a whole code consisting of various characters dagnabbit. How is anyone to cope with such a task. Mmhmm... Doomed! xD
Posted by comnut over 4 years ago
IF the KNOW, why have they not already arrested or impounded computers etc???

Or are they stuck behind the law... many criminals are known for robbery, etc, but they have to be actually caught doing it...
Posted by comnut over 4 years ago
no real figures of the money being given for this??? I heard a million, for the WHOLE county, and how many ways will it be split?? chickenfeed...
Posted by AndrueC over 4 years ago
> many criminals are known for robbery, etc, but they have to be actually caught doing it...

Either caught doing it or solid evidence available for presentation in a court of law. I hope you're not suggesting that people should be convicted just because someone 'knows' they are guilty.
Posted by camieabz over 4 years ago
Legit porn should go to .xxx suffixes.

It would permit easy blocking for orgs and parents and would governments more ammo against non .xxx porn

Then there's the issues of people using .xxx getting monitored, .xxx users being paranoid of being discovered, and .xxx domains being targeted for tax.

Maybe we should look for security software that defaults to blocking images and videos. Where does it end?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
The idea of .xxx is noble but flawed, as nothing to stop people going direct via IP address
Posted by comnut over 4 years ago
AndrueC: please don't do this 'stupid poster' thing.. READ THE WHOLE POST before carefully taking time with a good answer please.. :)

your reply just repeats wht my **whole post** said..
Posted by comnut over 4 years ago
Andrew: the point of .xxx is that it is an insurable measure.. If someone WANTS to do something, there is nothing legal that will stop them!!
IP address?? only if you know it, and then that even changes!!

EG I had a lodger in my house, who was working on valuable computer soft/hardware.. I was worried that the storeroom door would be safe enough in case of robbery.. he said not to worry, he has used a heavy clasp and padlock, so anyone forcing it would be covered by insurance.. most people would not even know how to start the software!!
Posted by Going_Digital over 4 years ago
I'm surprised there isn't a widely promoted standard for tagging a domain and/or pages as having adult content by the publisher. I'm sure most adult sites would be as keen as anyone to prevent adult material being accessed by children.
Posted by comnut over 4 years ago
there is a .xxx domain... there were complaints when it came out, and last may a lawsuit was filed about the ICM taking advantage, by charging high prices...
Posted by otester over 4 years ago
The government doesn't care about kids, you have pedo rings in Downing St. & the BBC that they have still yet to do anything about, they just want to censor the internet.
Posted by Going_Digital over 4 years ago
I was thinking more along the lines of on on-line version of a lads magazine that would be able to put a meta tag identifying pages that contained nude pictures so that a browser could be configured not to load that page. A self identification system. I'm sure all sensible publishers would be willing to identify adult material themselves.
Posted by dilkumar over 4 years ago
in nepal also there is more problem on this topic . in our country there are many organization which are looking after the child abuse but they are not working properly,so my i want to learn some thing from these type of information
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