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Connecting Cumbria announces initial exchange roll-out plan
Friday 14 June 2013 08:54:52 by Andrew Ferguson

Plans are always subject to change, but hopefully this first version of the roll-out plan for the BDUK/ERDF broadband project in Cumbria will not wander too far from the first version that has just been published.

The project aims to build on the commercial coverage of superfast broadband in Cumbria and push it to a final figure of 93% and the roll-out plan carries the promise that as exchange areas are enabled the website will update with percentage coverage information.

Tranche 1 - by 31st December 2013

Carlisle, Dalton-in-Furness, Maryport, Penrith, Ulverston and Workington

Tranche 2 - coming soon

Allonby, Bardsea, Barrow-in-Furness, Brampton, Cockermouth, Harrington, Hayton, Lazonby, Millom, Rockcliffe, Southwaite, Walney and Wetheral

Tranche 3 - Future Exchange

This third set will have the dates confirmed later on, the desk based evaluation has not completed and is yet to move into the detailed survey and design stage that is Tranche 2. For the list of exchanges see the full Connecting Cumbria roll-out document.

Tranche 4 - Under evaluation

This is the largest subset at this time and the exchanges are still being evaluated as to whether they are part of the Connecting Cumbria funded programme. It includes well known place names like Windermere, Keswick, Borrowdale, Kirkby Stephen.

Version 1 Connecting Cumbria Anticipated Exchange Roll-out plan

New versions of the plan should appear every quarter, so those living or working in Cumbria should keep an eye on the Connecting Cumbria website. While the plan concentrates on exchange areas, there will be situations where some cabinets go live on an exchange some months before others, and with a final goal of 93% the most expensive to upgrade or least used cabinets, or some people with Exchange Only lines may miss out, or be left until late on in the programme.

While the roll-out plan is not written in stone, it does bring a degree of certainty so that those in the worst served areas can see if for example a satellite broadband service on a 12 month contract now makes sense until such time as a lower latency, faster land based service appears.

The original contract announcement included mention of some native FTTP (in addition to the rarer beast that is FTTP on Demand) hopefully there will a small fanfare when that area (or areas) is announced.

Carlisle and Penrith already offers FTTC in some areas, and this is confirmed as live as we have people with speed test results that fit the FTTC service profile and as is happening with the FTTC roll-out in Wales which started in Bangor hopefully we will be able to track the actual roll-out as opposed to the announcements.


Posted by djay over 4 years ago
So Gretna is now in Cumbria then ? Last time I looked its in Scotland. Very odd to see it now being made part of the English Cumbrian exchange plans. Then again this list was supposed to be released nearly 4 weeks ago but it shows how inept Cumbria county council really are
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
One assumes Gretna as being a border town (just in Scotland) there may be properties or redevelopment areas that CCC want to ensure have superfast option.

BDUK rules allow for this situation where projects borders are fuzzy i.e. exchange in one project, but properties to cover in another.
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
Workington and Kendal have FTTC already ?
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
Some exchanges appear in two groups, and there are commercial rollout exchange sin there too. All very confusing.
Posted by ccxo over 4 years ago
Well enabled exchanges will have to have a certain amount of cabinet infill to reach the total coverage.

As for multiple entry's could just be a mistake by the project team.
Posted by ChrisBase over 4 years ago
Kendal has been part enabled but unfortunately not my street yet. After being pushed back a year already, im still waiting. This is what BT told me ....
Posted by ChrisBase over 4 years ago
I can confirm that your telephone service is supplied from Kendal cabinet (PCP)6.

Work to erect and connect the fibre cabinet (DSLAM) has been put back due to the highway authority requesting weekend working.

We must ensure that the DSLAM is located within 100m of its associated telephony connection cabinet and that there is adequate access to power and existing telephony infrastructure.
Posted by ChrisBase over 4 years ago
Also, ensuring that the cabinet does not obstruct pedestrians, or provide a danger to road-users. To further enable the location of the DSLAM, we must accurately survey for other utility underground structure and obstacles.
Please be aware that the engineering required to commission a Fibre Broadband cabinet is often complex and should conditions on the ground change, there is a risk that the delivery date may be effected.
Posted by ChrisBase over 4 years ago
52 weekends in a year, surely it could of been done on one of them?!?
Posted by gazter over 4 years ago
As carlisle shares quite a significant border with scotland, and the city covers over 400 square miles, many residents close to the border are served by exchanges based in Scotland, such as Gretna and Liddersdale.
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
" the city covers over 400 square miles " - really ? 20 miles by 20 miles.
Posted by pehaw over 4 years ago
402 square miles. The largest city in England by area.
Posted by gazter over 4 years ago
Yes, much of it covered with sheep and cows though.
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