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EE ramps up fibre broadband price competition
Tuesday 11 June 2013 11:31:52 by Andrew Ferguson

EE (Everything Everywhere) has rejigged its broadband products and looks to be trying to win a larger share of the fibre (FTTC) market share, which is currently dominated by BT Retail.

The old up to 38 Mbps fibre service with a 40GB usage allowance has been upgraded to offer unlimited usage while remaining at £15 per month for new customers. This is an interesting price point as the standard unlimited price from the other large providers is BT (£23/month), Sky (£20/month) and TalkTalk (£16.50/month - £10 boost on top of £6.50 Essentials). Update: EE price includes £5 discount for EE/T-Mobile/Orange mobile customers.

The increase in price of line rental from £14 per month to £14.75 has been mentioned in their listings for sometime so should be no surprise to people, and the reduction of the basic calls package to only cover weekend calls is following the trend of the other bundle providers.

The fibre products have a three months free broadband promotion running currently and for those on a budget or outside the FTTC footprint there is a reduced price of £2.50 per month for six months on the ADSL2+ product.

The cheaper unlimited fibre product will be welcomed by those who live further from their green street cabinet as they do not have to pay a premium price to get an unlimited option. Our estimate is that 40% of homes can get FTTC at speeds above 38 Mbps, an unlucky 2% might see under 15 Mbps.


Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
I'm confused, is the £15 only to their mobile customers who are new broadband customers ? "*Includes £5.00 a month discount for EE, T-Mobile and Orange mobile customers in our network area." at
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago

This offer is available to current EE, T-Mobile and Orange mobile customers only.

Offer begins 1 May 2013 and ends 30 June 2013 (inclusive). Consumer plans only. Offer available to new home broadband customers only.

We’ll waive the £50 Fibre installation charge and waive your monthly Fibre plan charge for three months when you join any EE Fibre Broadband plan and sign up to an 18 month minimum term before June 30th 2013. You will be required to pay monthly line rental for the entire duration of the 18 months, including the first three months."
Posted by otester over 4 years ago
EE sucks, high latency, low speeds during peak times.
Posted by otester over 4 years ago
They also sell data to the cops/any company that can pay.
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