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Entanet adds BT based unlimited usage packages to its portfolio
Tuesday 07 May 2013 16:52:21 by Andrew Ferguson

Entanet who already offer BT Wholesale WBC and LLU based connectivity via other operators to its partners has announced a new wholesale product that will give its partners the increased choice of BT based unlimited broadband package in addition to the range of usage allowance based services.

Final pricing will of course depend on what added-value the various partners add to the package, but the baseline prices range from £19.99 per month through to £41.49 per month (prices based on 12 month contract) and cover the products WBC ADSL2+ through to the FTTC based services.

"Demand for unlimited services, where customers don’t have to worry about the amount of bandwidth they are consuming, has surged in recent months.

Whether customers are companies running business applications over the web, connecting regional offices and remote users together or simply using the Internet to transfer large amounts of voice and data traffic nationally and internationally; or consumers using a connection for gaming, streaming catch-up TV and films or sharing pictures and files through social media, these new options meet those requirements head-on and give our partners the power both to retain existing customers and to compete for new business."

Paul Heritage-Redpath, Product Manager at Entanet


Posted by legume over 4 years ago
Beware home users - I have just left Entanet due to them preventing me from from properly using my connection 0800-2000.
Their P2P blocking spoofs TCP RSTs and I couldn't use git svn or text only nntp during the day.
Posted by adslmax over 4 years ago
I used to be with entanet, worse service ever! avoid it. Their billing is awful.
Posted by otester over 4 years ago
Agree with above, not only that but...

Entanet sold IP's to ACS:Law, evidence of this was released when ACS:Law got hacked.

(ACS:Law were copyright trolls.)
Posted by Vivaciti over 4 years ago
@otester I think you need to re-check yur facts, no one sold IP's at all, there was a court order demanding ISPs to release the details of IP users that had been suspected of sharing copy write material .
Posted by b4dger over 4 years ago
Not available for people like be left on a knackered 20CN line :¬(

Posted by b4dger over 4 years ago

be = me

Posted by otester over 4 years ago

Anyone who doesn't believe me can go and get the ACS:Law leaked files and see for themselves and make their own mind up.

ACS:Law only went for court orders for ISP's that would go along with it, note the absence of TalkTalk and others.
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