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Goodbye O2 Home Broadband and Be Un Limited
Wednesday 01 May 2013 14:37:21 by Andrew Ferguson

The acquisition of O2 Home Broadband customers which was announced two months ago is moving on, and while any existing customers probably still have many months before any changes take place. In the meantime O2 Home Broadband after a series of increasingly attractive deals for new and existing customers they have now closed the shop doors and are directing potential customers to Sky Broadband.

The Be website also reveals that Be Un Limited is changing its name to Sky Home Communications Limited as a result of the acquisition. BE Value, BE Unlimited and Be Pro are still listed on the BE website, complete with a 12 month half price offer on broadband that runs until May 31st.

On our extensive broadband provider listings, we have reduced the O2 listing to three basic packages and highlighted that they are not available any more. Also so long as O2/Be customers are also on the original O2/Be IP blocks our speed tester will identify you as an O2/Be customer and assign things like ISP ratings accordingly. For those with more questions, we would recommend posting on our Be Un Limited or O2 Home Broadband user forum.


Posted by timmay over 4 years ago
I just hope I can move to FTTC before it changes to Sky. Doesn't look likely with FTTC date some time between September 2013 and March 2014 :-(
Posted by ididnt over 4 years ago
Anyone know the likely hood of getting internet through BE over Easynet/Sky LLU after Autumn?
Posted by greenglide over 4 years ago
@ididnt - why? Surely worst of all worlds.

A sad day but could see it coming
Posted by ididnt over 4 years ago
BE transit & line profiles over Easynet/Sky LLU doesn't sound so bad to me, 1/3rd the price of Easynet Connect also!
Posted by AndrueC over 4 years ago
A shame. But - they never were a roaring success. They remained a niche provider. Like most niche providers there service levels and customer service were excellent. Unfortunately it seems that the broadband market just didn't really want what Be were selling. Not at that price point.

A sad day. Hopefully they retain their staff and their staff can influence Sky to improve.
Posted by tommy45 over 4 years ago
@ididnt,Sky wont provide that for ex retail customers, It will where it can migrate those retail customers onto it's own LLU equipment SVBN in particular those who currently pay o2/be line rental,There no doubt will be some customers who will get migrated onto legacy easynet LLU kit which is (SMPF) same as O2/BE,
@exchanges where there is no SVBN llu installed, But my guess is that the wholesale customers will be migrated onto the easynet kit, they may also make changes such as the withdrawal of Annex M As im sure that they had a technical upstream cap of 1216kbps
Posted by tommy45 over 4 years ago
Cont'd.. So unless they where to use the O2 LLU kit (connect that to their LLU core network)they couldn't offer annex M , As for profiles SNR changes and option of Fast path, although it's technically possible to implement on sky's equipment,they have so far chosen not to allow true manual line configs, and run their own DLM
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
With the name change of Be Un Limited to Sky Home Communications Ltd, it is possible that some sort of Be operation may survive.

It is a game open to guesswork, so until Sky start the change overs who knows.
Posted by tommy45 over 4 years ago
Well BE/Sky have stopped taking new orders for line bonding to date
Posted by Hawq over 4 years ago
Time to hunt for a new isp, rather doubt Sky will support a customer on a BT line getting a fttc (or any other for that matter) service from them so it may be off to BT for me unless someone resells that with better terms
Posted by AndrueC over 4 years ago
> rather doubt Sky will support a customer on a BT line getting a fttc (or any other for that matter) service from them

Eh? Sky offer FTTC over a BT line already why wouldn't they support that configuration? There's no other way to get FTTC at the moment nor for the foreseeable future. There's no such thing as 'LLU FTTC'.
Posted by AndrueC over 4 years ago
(cont'd) well - it'll be Sky backhaul from the exchange but the concept of 'LLU' in its traditional form doesn't exist for FTTC and probably never will.
Posted by driz over 4 years ago
Perhaps he means BT line rental and doesn't want to move his line rental to Sky?
Posted by MrTAToad2 over 4 years ago
It's a shame to see them go (and leave them too), but unfortunately they just didn't keep up with the latest trends. After all, if you can get up to 80Mb for the same price as Be's up to 16Mb service, you would be silly not to leave.

Customer service was okay - it wasn't always easy to hear (or understand) what they were saying sometimes, but ticket service was pretty good.

Posted by uniquename over 4 years ago
@Hawq - Decently priced FTTC:-

BT, requires BT line rental;
Sky, requires Sky line rental in nearly all cases;
TalkTalk, requires TT line rental
Plusnet, best deals are with PN line rental but not compulsory.
Posted by AndrueC over 4 years ago
Ah, yes. I see what you mean about the line rental.
Posted by shaunhw over 4 years ago
They shouldn't be able to take over customers connections, unless they can offer like for like. IE exactly the same connection. Otherwise it's like renting a Jaguar car, and then the car rental firm gets taken over, and they give you a Ford... No knowledge at all about what happens to business customers like us. It's completey disgraceful really.
Posted by jroadley over 4 years ago
I have no problem with SKY LLU service - its cheap and fast.

Those that are on o2/BE and in a contract - are you allowed to leave early?
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
I dont know what features will be kept for BE, but none were kept for ukonline at all, they were simply offered discounted migration or a MAC code. I would be surprised if eg. the lines stay DLM free, although I think there is a small chance they may provide fast path profiles.
Posted by shaunhw over 4 years ago
"I have no problem with SKY LLU service - its cheap and fast. "

With no multi I/P or configurable threshold settings or annexe M etc. etc.

Then we never had DLM to bother about either..

Because of a fault in my dad's phone wiring
his Sky broadband went down to 250kBytes/Sec... It was the devils own getting it put right after the fault was fixed.

It's a Ford. We had a BMW.
Posted by otester over 4 years ago

Try Xilo on one of their C&W/TT packages if you don't want DLM/High ping.
Posted by doowles over 4 years ago
I moved to BT infinity from BE this week. Couldn't be happier with the speed. Shame really as BE used to be innovators in the market.
Posted by brucie245 over 4 years ago
Moved from be* to BT fibre a few months ago, always hoped I'd return when they offered fibre but now it won't happen. Very sad day for be* they offered a truly unlimited bb and their customer service was excellent. Hope those that are still with them manage to escape Murdochs clutches. Good Luck
Posted by colinbarrett over 4 years ago
I refuse to give any of my hard-earned cash to The Murdoch Mafia so I jumped ship from O2 as soon as the sell-out was confirmed. When I asked for my MAC key and explained why, the nice friendly O2 guy expressed no surprise whatever and intimated that I wasn't the only one to make such a request. I was on BT Infinity 2 within a week and so far I'm very pleased (even though I dread the day I need BT's customer service).
Posted by linkyyork over 4 years ago
After my problems with Sky with their TV service I manage to escape and am not looking forward to getting in their grips again.
I am very happy with o2 and at present only pay £21 per month inc line rental.
I only pay for the calls I make which is ideal as I use my o2 mobile mostly as a £10 top up every three months ensures the reduction to £21.
Where else can I get a similar deal as these evening/ weekend calls plans are no good to me
Posted by pixelart over 4 years ago
Couldn't agree more. There was no way I was giving the Murdoch empire any of my money. I was a Sky TV customer up until 3 years ago and since dropping them I haven't missed their overpriced services at all.
O2 gave me a great service and it was sad they sold out to Sky.
Fortunately I found a great new Fibre Optic service provider in South Yorkshire called Origin Broadband and also have my phone with them and they are a few pounds cheaper than Sky with an excellent locally based support centre.
Posted by annashaun over 4 years ago
I moved to BT infinity from o2 four weeks ago Couldn't be happier with the speed 36 + no way was I going to Sky
Posted by Mr_Fluffy over 4 years ago
Ho hum, it's been a good run for us with BE -- time to sample the delights of Infinity I guess, since our local cabinet is fully fibred up now.

We're certainly getting out of the bed now Murdoch has moved in to it -- a shame he can't be more like his mother, she must be extremely disappointed that her boy went to the bad.

I hope the Bulgarian support team don't suffer as a result of this, my experience of them has been all good
Posted by gadgetmadman over 4 years ago
I jumped ship even before the demise of BE was announced. It was the free years broadband that did the trick especially as the contract is only for a year, - I can then change before I have to pay. There are a couple of drawbacks - SKY do not have fixed IP addresses and they do not support using your own router. The upshot is that I now have about 11MB when I got 14MB with BE using my Draytek router.
Posted by Anairb over 4 years ago
I left Be nearly two years ago after the service went all flaky - couldn't get more than 6-7Mbps download - when I signed up the rep told me I would get 'up to 14mbps'; the moment I signed up and connected all I could get was 'up to' 8Mbps... When I phoned the tech denied any possibility of my ever being able to get 14) to say I was unhappy about their customer service (which I had heard was very good)is a serious understatement. Went to BT Infinity and immediately got MORE than I was told - the sales rep said I would probably get about 29-30mbps - I got 39!
Posted by Anairb over 4 years ago
(cont) When I moved from the edge of Epping Forest to Hackney I was stunned to find that I could no longer get Infinity. This lasted for nearly a year. Three months ago it became available in my area and I signed up for the Unlimited option. Now I get a regular average of 68-70 Mbps and, even better (I am a photographer and need to upload large files regularly) an Upload of 17-19Mbps. Am I happy? Guess
Posted by Anairb over 4 years ago
(cont) Have had two short outages. Both times had no prob with customer services, who were very helpful. Here's my Speed rating:
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