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June confirmed for launch of 220 Mbps GEA-FTTP product
Friday 26 April 2013 10:53:48 by Andrew Ferguson

Full fibre optic broadband while still fairly rare in the UK was available to around 95,000 premises via Openreach at the end of 2012, and has been available for the same price as the FTTC services when buying the 40 Mbps and 80 Mbps variants, but with faster 110 Mbps and 330 Mbps also available those wanting to push their download speeds in the lucky locations around the UK had the option.

The big jump between the 110 Mbps and 330 Mbps has now been bridged with the final launch date and pricing announced for a 220 Mbps download, and 20 Mbps upload service on 1st June 2013. The service carries a 20 Mbps prioritised rate on the downstream, with the 220 Mbps described as a peak rate.

If you take the full fibre optic service as well as a copper line rental product, the cost from Openreach is £92+VAT to install the service and £15.61+VAT per month. For those who don't want to also have a copper line running the install fee is still £92+VAT, but the monthly rental rises to £24 per month.

Obviously there will be extra costs on top of this before the product appears on the retail scene, the best guide is the 160 Mbps service from BT Retail that currently uses a throttled 330 Mbps service, but is likely to switch to the cheaper 220 Mbps option, which currently retails for £35 (inc VAT) per month, plus the cost of telephone line rental at ~£10 to £15 per month.

To avoid any confusion, the Fibre on Demand product remains only available at the 330 Mbps speed and carries a much higher installation fee.

Some may have read about the headline "BT quietly drops 25% fibre-to-the-premises target" over on PC Pro, we are in the process of trying to get better information from Openreach on the reality of the roll-out, and clarification of whether this means any significant change for those who have had availability checker messages saying that FTTP is coming to their property.


Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
Nice. Leave alot of cabs out but push up the ones that have it already

Total pain in the arse!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Cab? This is FTTP which does not use cabs.
Posted by themanstan over 4 years ago
Andrew, PC pro link is broken (place holder html?)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
Link fixed, not sure what happened. New batteries in keyboard now.
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
Dosent matter what it is very much doubt BT will give it to places they arent bothering to upgrade cabs to.

Posted by vicdupreez over 4 years ago
BT does NOT install full fibre where they do not have cabs... At least not in Northern Ireland. We have also been waiting for well over a year for the answer to the question of what is happening with exchanges that does not use any cabinets. You would think thing would be easy...
Posted by ididnt over 4 years ago
been waiting for a similar answer in cornwall vicdupreez. 1 exchange (WWPAR) has recently had "exchange-only" lines put onto new cabinets that support VDSL, there is no definitive answer if this is the strategy bt will use in future though.
Posted by ferretuk over 4 years ago
Don't like that this pricing perpetuates the link between fibre and copper products. From a cost perspective fibre is no cheaper to deploy if you're renting a copper pair.

From a retail perspective I can see why (but disagree with) why this happens, but it's inappropriate for wholesale...
Posted by WWWombat over 4 years ago
@ferretuk - part of it comes down to the marketers, and their love of bundling products together at a discount. Also their love of only offering a few options to purchase (a confused buyer doesn't buy)

I also think it is useful for BTOR to incentivise people to keep the copper too - while you may be happy to go for a full fibre connection now, the next occupant of the property might want to revert to a simple copper connection.

Finally, I wonder if LLU operators are part of this. If the copper gets removed, they have nothing to hang their LLU hardware onto, even for future customers.
Posted by biohazard135 over 4 years ago
220 Mbit/s down but only 20 Mbit/s up?
Why make it so damn slow?
I'd happily halve the download speed to have a symmetrical line.
Posted by ferretuk over 4 years ago
@WWWombat - That's what I was getting at. Bundling exists at a retail level but shouldn't happen at a wholesale level as it hampers competition.

As for maintaining a copper connect in case a future occupant requires it - They can order a new line. Why should I pay for it just in case? Actually this give BTOR the opportunity to charge an install fee in the future to resurrect the copper service when they don't have to to any physical work!
Posted by Stalks over 4 years ago
-- " for those who have had availability checker messages"

Where is this FTTP checker?
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