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Virgin Media now has over 58% of customers on 30 Mbps or faster
Wednesday 24 April 2013 10:01:31 by Andrew Ferguson

Virgin Media is continuing to grow and according to its latest financial results they are 85% through their speed doubling programme. The cable operator has grown its number of cable broadband customers from 4.27 million to 4.31 million as of 31st March 2013, though this is offset partly by the number of people on the Virgin National ADSL2+ service shrinking down to 180,900, to give a national total of 4,490,500 broadband customers.

While the financial results do not give a full break down of the speed tiers we chased Virgin Media and obtained the following graphic detailing the change over the last 12 months. With 58% of the cable broadband customer base are on a 30 Mbps or faster service, this is an increase of 337,900 compared to previous quarter and as the chart below shows a significant change in the range of speeds compared to 12 months ago.

Breakdown of Virgin Media Cable Broadband Customers
Change in proportion of customers on different product speeds for Virgin Media over the last 12 months

The proportion of customers on the 50/100/120 Mbps products has remained static at 5%, but the biggest change in the last 12 months has been the reduction of the number of 2 and 10 Mbps customers from 69% of the userbase to just 9%.

The business side of the Virgin Media features heavily in the quarters results, because a significant five year deal has been signed with Sky, and a ten year deal to provide backhaul at 1,500 locations for Telefonica UK. These deals now mean that Virgin Media now has material contracts for backhaul capacity with all the UK mobile networks, hopefully this will help illustrate that BT does not have a total stranglehold on fibre networks in the UK that some wish to portray.

Update 4pm: Added chart to show how split of customers on cable service has changed in the last 12 months.


Posted by broadband66 over 4 years ago
How many of the 58% regularly get close to the 30mbps all day?
Posted by adslmax over 4 years ago
When are virgin media going to bring in faster upload ? 12 Meg isn't good enough. Should be 25 Meg upload by now. I suggest Virgin Media to check BT FTTC! They had 20 Meg upload while FTTP get 30 Meg upload.
Posted by New_Londoner over 4 years ago
I doubt whether the number of new broadband customers for the quarter will compare well with Sky, BT or posibly even TalkTalk, showing further deterioration in market share for yet another quarter. For a business with high fixed costs, that is not too clever.

It seems as if its being run as a cash cow, with sufficient investemnt to maintain the base and not much else.

With YouView, unique sport content on BT Vision, FTTC, Fibre on Demand, and now possibly vectoring too, cable will come under increasing pressure. Has it missed the boat already, does it have a great future behind it?
Posted by WWWombat over 4 years ago
Why is there a 50 product lumped as 50/100/120, while the 60 product is listed standalone?
Posted by AndrueC over 4 years ago
Historically upload speed has been a bit poor on cable services. The complexities of everyone having to share the cable put a bit of a crimp in things. I think it just comes down to how many channels are reserved for upstream but the extra hassle of managing it means it's a less efficient use of capacity than downstream.
Posted by Ricksterm over 4 years ago
^ Virgin are a little behind because Comcast in the US are toying with 30Mbps down 65Mbps up on cable though expensive (I know somebody who is on the trial) - their 105Mbps package has 20Mbps upload, it's very possible for VM to do it but it needs investment for it to happen.
Posted by Ricksterm over 4 years ago
Sorry that's 305Mbps down 65Mbps up.
Posted by babis3g over 4 years ago
Lets wait for the next report now they have made a silly traffic policy
Posted by MD13 over 4 years ago
It's all well and good boasting about speed but if you're a gamer you can forget using Virgin. Pings are terrible any time between about 3pm and 3am. I can't even connect to servers in the UK any more due to my ping being so high.
Posted by nooneatall over 4 years ago
Am on VM 100meg no problem with pings what so ever! Even run home game / web server
Posted by adslmax over 4 years ago
@nooneatall, 100 Meg is very poor product with 12 Meg upload and still traffic managed and I think the top tier 120/12 should be exempt from any traffic managed!
Posted by jroadley over 4 years ago
Do we think they will ever expand their network. Am I right in saying, no new network is being laid - just upgrades to the existing network?
Posted by John_Gray over 4 years ago
Do the figures in the graph include BUSINESS broadband, where, if you need a fixed IP address (really a DHCP reservation) the fastest you can get is 10 Mbps/0.75 Mbps?

Has anyone heard anything about the 50 Mbps/5 Mbps business broadband service supposedly on the cards, but unannounced and unscheduled?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
I doubt the graph contains the business range, which are a different division.
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