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More roll-out information now on the Superfast Cymru website
Tuesday 02 April 2013 15:54:23 by Andrew Ferguson

The level of information on the Superfast Cymru website is improving, as details of the better broadband coverage for Wales via the project are added to the site.

There is now a simple map, showing the various exchange areas, and details of what is happening, e.g. Aberdovey should start to see the super-fast broadband deployment start in September 2013, where as Aberystwyth is still in the planning stages. For the other exchanges that are outside the commercial footprint and not shown we presume that as planning starts their information will update. A postcode and telephone number checker is also available.

For those who live in Mid and North Wales based on our the analysis of results from our speed tester these areas appear to hold two of the slowest postcode areas (LL & SY) in the UK, thus improvements to bring the average up from 5 to 5.5Mbps to something like the 15 Mbps and faster that the best UK postcodes enjoy should be a welcome boost to both consumers and businesses.


Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 4 years ago
Having being brought up in Aberdyfi, I was surprised to see the village on the list already, compared to Aberystwth. One a small seaside holiday village the other a major University Town! Though its good for South Meirionydd Tywyn and Aberdyfi etc, being one of the Economically poorest areas in the UK and Europe.
Posted by indigobananajam over 4 years ago
Some information on the Cumbria rollout would be nice...
Posted by csimon over 4 years ago
Wayhey, my exchange is listed as September this year! Now all that remains to be seen is whether my village will get its own cabinet rather than our existing one 3 miles away in the next village. (BTW my phone line is faulty again, broadband is just about working, but have been given a 2-week estimate from Openreach. It's a "battery contact" problem apparently.)
Posted by pcoventry76 over 4 years ago
Our exchange is due this year the one along is due next year and 2 are UE for this trial

So when BT told me that my cab had no plans for upgrading I was very disappointed.

So this makes no difference to me as if super fast Cymru had a plan to do it BT would know about it. But I have e-mailed them to ask if they will try
Posted by AndrueC over 4 years ago
I've never understood why the A55 corridor lags behind on broadband. There's a few decent sized towns there. Laying fibre alongside the Express Way should be easy enough. There's been private fibre laid for a couple of years now.
Posted by Koppo over 4 years ago
AndrueC: It's because Conwy County Council are a useless pack of stone-age windbags, with no interest in anything more complicated than an abacus and pulse-dial telephones.
Posted by Dixinormous over 4 years ago
Proof read before posting much?
Posted by donkey_hellfire over 4 years ago
You have missed the 2nd y out of Aberystwyth. I studied computer science there 92-96. It took a good 2 weeks of my 1st year before I could spell Aberystwyth off by heart. :-)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
The stray Y has re-appeared after finding it on the floor.
Posted by BREWERDAVE over 4 years ago
Well I'll be blowed - my small local exchange -which previously appeared to be earmarked to stay in the Stone Age - has now got a start date of March 2014....I had previously been told that it wasn't going to happen until they built a new exchange! Happy days if its true !!
Posted by lmschuffer over 4 years ago
The post code checker does not appear to do anything for those of us on a already enabled exchange but waiting for our cabinet to be do !

SO, still no news !
Posted by lmschuffer over 4 years ago
Ooops, should have read " done ", must get some new fingers
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