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Storm in a valley over Superfast Cymru parody website
Monday 11 March 2013 13:51:14 by Andrew Ferguson

When setting up a parody website how much content is reasonable to re-use? It seems the site has gone too far according to the Intellectual Property Department of the BT Group, which Richard Brown who put up the site that parodies the Superfast Wales website. Mr Brown has until 15th March to remove the infringing material or face further legal action.

Copy of letter from BT to Richard Brown who is behind Superfarce parody website
Click image for larger version

The two websites are very similar, but it is the message that Mr Brown is conveying that is very different, and that is the power of parody, highlighting perhaps what others will not say.

The message contained within the SuperFarce website is an important one. The Government in Wales has a habit of grandiose statements of what 'good' will come from the 'investment' that they are making in broadband. The reality always falls short.

  • RIBS (Regional Innovative Broadband Support) was intended to eliminate not spots in Wales. It actually resulted in the capability of delivering to a few thousand in the South of Wales. BT operated entirely within their contract terms.
  • Fibrespeed was slated to stimulate £29m per annum increases to the economy in Wales in return for it's £30m spend. Not only has that not happened, but the Welsh Government seem so disinterested in that relationship that hundreds of kilometres of fibre are in the ground unlit, and BT are going to overlay the Fibrespeed network using NGBW (Next Generation Broadband Wales) money. A move that will see the Fibrespeed network rendered virtually useless.

The superfast-cymru website is what the Welsh Government point to in order to try and answer our questions, it only seems appropriate that there is an alternative that points out that this may not be the only view of things.

Mr Richard Brown talking about the Superfarce website
The parody website (left) alongside the official Superfast Wales website (right)
Click image for larger version

It seems Mr Brown is not targeting BT but is trying to reflect what may actually be common feeling amongst those in Wales worried about the broadband roll-outs with the re-interpretations of the various text elements of the site. Far too often politicians only turn up when there are votes to be won rather than when members of the public want more information on how the roll-out is progressing.


Posted by Somerset over 4 years ago
Why has Fibrespeed not been succesful? Or how were they going to measure the success?
Posted by wispaLimited over 4 years ago
In the article above (my response) it clearly says:
"Fibrespeed was slated to stimulate £29m per annum increases to the economy in Wales in return for it's £30m spend"
Which is based on the Welsh Gov statement:
By their measure it is therefore unsuccesful
Posted by fibrebunny over 4 years ago
Seems he can clone a website but parody and humour are somewhat beyond him. Hardly original and a very poor effort at best. BT might be doing him a favour in saving him the embarrassment of keeping it up.
Posted by stanman24 over 4 years ago

this joke could get very expensive
Posted by drteeth over 4 years ago
The legal point is a very serious one. If a company does not strive to protect their copyrights, it can be much harder to defend them further down the line so they HAVE to behave like children in cases like this. The have no choice.
Posted by wispaLimited over 4 years ago
fibrebunny/fibrefred.... seems you do have a tiny bit of a problem don't you?
Ah well - can't help your social skills
Posted by Seaview85 over 4 years ago
Well the official website isn't much better if I'm honest,
7 days ago I sent them am email asking what their plan was to deal with People on Exchange Only Lines was, as where I am in north Wales there is a very high percentage of people on exchange only lines in both old houses and lots of new build houses as well.
But as expected I still haven't had a reply, even though I had an automated response saying I would get a reply saying I would hear off them in 5 days.
Very poor service for a tax payer funded service but should we expect anything more really.
Posted by stanman24 over 4 years ago
inefficiency and bureaucracy only survives in the public sector, if this were to happen in the private sector then we would have very little left of a crippled economy
Posted by warweezil over 4 years ago
Maybe BT are embarrassed that the truth has been seen about the farce. The roll out seems to be tainted by political patronage, the areas being prioritized for phase 1 being those that voted the "right" way at the last elections.

The claim to be prioritizing BEZs etc can be seen to be an empty one given the lack of any mention of Haven Waterway zone in the first phase - waiting till 2014/15 (maybe even till infinity or beyond) cant be called prioritizing. Areas that already have ADSL2 seem to be at the front of the queue as usual.
Posted by warweezil over 4 years ago
BT have a woeful record away from the M4 corridor, our exchange wasn't economically viable until Talktalk unbundled it then suddenly it was. Then there is the lack of investment in proper repair of sub standard lines around here, Im sick of being told that a line that under-performs according to various checkers and often drops for no reason is ok... especially when they tried to hit me with an SFI charge after they agreed it was below par and made some changes at the exchange (which didn't cure the dropping issue.
Posted by warweezil over 4 years ago
The only thing that is a bigger farce than the fibre roll out is the general performance of BT Itself.

The parody site is well named.
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
Is Wispa Limited ? A company not even registered in Wales.
Next Accounts Due: 17/02/2013 OVERDUE

BT won't be getting much money out of any legal action.
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
herdwick I don't think the website is registered in Wispa's name, I think Mr Brown registered it himself personally
Posted by Somerset over 4 years ago
So Fibrestream has not generated...

Tangible benefits are expected to come from increased foreign direct investment, new firm creation, increased productivity, the facilitation of new ways of working and collaboration (including private and public sector collaboration) and encouraging innovation through research, development and commercialisation of new products and services.
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
I see the shoe has been on the other foot :)
Posted by Koppo over 4 years ago
BT deserve all the flak they get and it's funny seeing them get their nose bent out of shape about the superfarce website. The rollout stinks, the Welsh Assembly stinks, our AM's are useless. Fibrespeed is indeed a perfect example of the bull that passes for doing something, especially around North Wales. Loads of money invested, practically zero utilisation. They should have kept politics out of it with Superfast, then people wouldn't need an excuse to rip the mick out of them.
Posted by rogerwedlake over 4 years ago
Should I be worried about my superslow cornwall facebook page?
Posted by fox-uk over 4 years ago
The Welsh government has lost the plot again?

Job Descriptions here state that the ability to speak Welsh is essential and qualifications are only desired

The country is run by Linguists who wouldn't know a profit if it grew teeth and bit them in the bum!

Cardiff Council announced that it was going to deliver 'fast broadband' at speeds already beaten by Virgin on a bad day. Costing just a few Millions.

At least we can play Rugby!

Satire is protected in LAW in England AND Wales.
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