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Cambridgeshire and Peterborough sign contract with BT
Friday 08 March 2013 13:10:28 by Andrew Ferguson

Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council are the latest BDUK project to sign with BT, with the result that 98% of homes and businesses in the region should have access to FTTC or FTTP broadband by the end of 2015.

The project has some £45 million to meet its targets with some £16m of this coming from BT themselves. The payback to the local authorities is the potential for the improved broadband to generate an additional £500m for the local economy over a five year period once the work is completed.

"We have made it happen by joining forces with our partners and taking the initiative to bring vital connections that will boost the local economy and ensure that those living in isolated communities are not left out of the digital world. Better broadband will allow us to build upon the business and enterprise success of our region, helping to create local jobs and prosperity for the long term. It will help our communities to thrive and make public services more accessible for our residents, particularly elderly and vulnerable people, and more cost-effective for taxpayers."

Councillor Marco Cereste, Leader of Peterborough City Council

The project will start work on the planning immediately with the first areas that are part of the project expecting to be offering a fibre based service by the end of 2013.


Posted by finaldest over 4 years ago
instead of BDUK they should have called it BTUK.
Posted by zhango over 4 years ago
"...and ensure that those living in isolated communities are not left out of the digital world."
I don't understand that? Looking at the Broadband Map, Peterborough already has some respectable BB speeds both from Virgin cable and BT and is not exactly an isolated community. I guess the fast BB gets faster as the concentration of customers make that economically viable to do.
Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
Peterborough is a "unitary authority" and includes some villages with long lines - 73 dB attenuation on ADSL in one case. Also it's a joint project with Cambs so there are Fenland areas etc with more wind turbines than people.
Posted by paul_liverpoolfc over 4 years ago
I have high hopes for this, as I'm currently on 4.5MB 2 miles away from the Sawston exchange (EASST), which offers Virgin Cable. My village, Whittlesford, hasn't got Cable, at all, but Sawston and Shelford either side of Whittlesford both have some cabled-up streets. The Sawston exchange is about the 8th largest exchange in Cambridgeshire by number of premises served - serving approx 5,000 residential and non-residential premises.
Posted by Ultraman1966 over 4 years ago
My parents live in Coates which is served by the Turves exchange (though it is closer to Whittlesey) so this is our only hope of getting more than a few Mbs line. Sad thing is that just one mile down the road there's VM but they can't be bothered to extend to use (the village is a small cluster of houses so it isn't like we're all spread out).
Posted by paul_liverpoolfc over 4 years ago
Duxford also has some cabled-up streets and is also served by the Sawston exchange, whereas the Shelfords are served by the Trumpington exchange (EATRU).
Posted by evanstim over 4 years ago
I live in Barrington; our exchange is Harston, which was only upgraded to 21CN standard in 2012.

Only half our village - the eastern part, where there is a large number of council and former council homes - has Virgin cable. I tried and tried to get Virgin to cable the rest of the village about 2 years ago and entered into correspondence with various middle managers at Virgin. Ultimately, then, they declined to cable the other half of Barrington, one of their managers actually stated to me during a phone conversation that they prefer to cable less well-off areas of villages. (TBC...)
Posted by evanstim over 4 years ago
<continued> Rather than drawing a conclusion based on the socio-economic circumstances of their customers, I think the reason is that the council homes are more densely built - that is, have more homes per mile of cable laid - than the ancient homes spread around the centre and west of our village.

Interestingly though, since the BDUK announcement, guess what - Virgin have stated they will be surveying the rest of Barrington.
Posted by Mince1978 over 4 years ago
Sadly with most providers it comes down to 'how much there gonna make' instead of providing a usable service which is reasonably priced.....I live in Witchford, which is connected to ELY exchange, and approx 5.5km down the line, we used to get about 2meg down speed and 0.7 up...cont...
Posted by Mince1978 over 4 years ago
...cont... using standard ADSL lines, there has now been an upgrade and we can get BT Infinity in Witchford, since 31/1/13.. we pay for the Unlimited package with advertised speeds of upto 79meg down and 18meg up...BT's initial average speed for our home was 56meg down.. cont...
Posted by Mince1978 over 4 years ago
..cont.. which i thought wasnt bad, tho not good as we are now only a few hundred metres from the new cabinet, which if you listen to what the engineers tell you, is as good as moving the exchange to the cabinet.. "THERE WORDS NOT MINE"... This is where i get annoyed...cont...
Posted by Mince1978 over 4 years ago
...cont... They do have another package, 'OPTION 1' which is upto 40gig monthly allowance with 40 meg speeds.. SOOO... when the speed of my BB goes below 40meg I GET SAVAGE. And rightly so...IF i wanted 40 or there abouts i would have paid for option 1...but i didnt..and i pay for unlimited..THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE for it to drop below all. Not at £41 a month before any other charges.. The 60meg we get is bareable but if it fluctuates too much I'll be on the phone to them RANTING!!! lol
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
@mince1978 I suggest a look at the length versus speed table on

Several hundred metres will have a significant drop off from the maximum.

Unless you want Openreach to defy the laws of physics.
Posted by New_Londoner over 4 years ago
Why are you paying £41 a month? The "Unlimited BT Infinity 2" is £26/month ignoring offers, line rental is £10.75/month equivalent (with the annual saver). Why pay more?
Posted by themanstan over 4 years ago

I'm approximately 350m I get when it's settled ~57Mbps, so your speed seems spot on.

I pay £21 for option 2 with anytime phone package and £10 line rental with annual saver. How do i get it for £21, buy some BT shares. It's a shareholder offer, same as M&S gives vouchers and other companies give shareholders perks. When you're done with BT sell them...
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