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BT recruit another 1,000 people into engineering roles
Thursday 07 March 2013 09:40:25 by Andrew Ferguson

Openreach and BT have been recruiting more engineering staff to the group as their commercial roll-out of full and partial fibre services accelerates and today sees another 1,000 new jobs being announced in response to the level of BDUK contract wins.

"BT’s investment, together with the government’s BDUK programme, will cement the UK’s position as one of the leading broadband nations in Europe. We remain highly confident that fibre can be provided to more than 90 per cent of UK homes and businesses, making the UK a global digital leader.

Faster broadband will help to fuel the UK economy and the jobs we are creating are part of that. Almost half of the jobs will be offered under our popular apprenticeship scheme giving young people the chance to earn a recognised qualification and pursue a career as a skilled telecoms engineer."

BT chief executive Ian Livingston

These additional 1,000 jobs will include 400 apprenticeships and 200 will be reserved for armed forces personnel. The apprenticeships will be take a training scheme that lasts around two and a half years giving them a BTEC Level 3 Diploma and Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles, their first year focusing on installing FTTC/P connections in customers' homes in the first year.

Update 1pm: The full BT press release with more detail on the extra 1,000 jobs is now online.


Posted by b4dger over 4 years ago
You would think BT would have taken on "...up to 1000..." ;¬)

I have a feeling I'll be in the *special* 10% missing out...

Stuck in the 20CN
Posted by rtho782 over 4 years ago
How do people apply?
Posted by Alchemyfire over 4 years ago
rtho782 - Join the army. By the time BT get round to it, you'll have done your first tour of duty at the least
Posted by GMAN99 over 4 years ago
Probably here:-
Posted by zhango over 4 years ago
"apprentices will also complete academic studies in Maths, English...."
Good to see BT helping out where schools have failed.
Posted by rtho782 over 4 years ago
Alchemyfire - Been in the army already so that box is ticked ;)

Managed to speak to someone in their recruitment team who has my CV now.
Posted by Alchemyfire over 4 years ago
rtho782 - in that case, I genuinely wish you luck :)
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