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Tesco Clubcard TV opens its door to everyone
Wednesday 06 March 2013 13:31:53 by Andrew Ferguson

If you have a Tesco Clubcard there is now another option providing free access to films and TV series, Clubcard TV which has been running in trial mode for the last few weeks has opened its doors to all Clubcard holders now.

The service is not available on consoles and tablets, but they do suggest people might want to get a cable to hook their PC to their TV to watch in comfort. The service uses adverts which may annoy some but considering it is free most people will accept them, while the catalogue is not the latest releases this may change as the service increases in popularity. The video quality appears reasonable with it running at around 3.5 Mbps on our connection.


Posted by herdwick over 4 years ago
System Requirements:

You will need Microsoft Silverlight Video Player installed on your PC or Mac in order to view movies and TV episodes.
Posted by Apilar over 4 years ago

Posted by vicdupreez over 4 years ago
Useless to me... The only way this would be any good to me is if they allowed access from outside of the UK. I do know this is achievable, however why should this be an issue... I can prove I am a UK resident, so why should I not be able to access this content while I travel? (I am not expecting an answer... I know the answer is "because you must be trying to steal the content, right...")
Posted by drummerjohn over 4 years ago
Avoid - programmes are riddles with adverts.
Posted by restarts over 4 years ago
Riddled with adverts, It's just like normal tv nowadays then lol.
Posted by Discus over 4 years ago
But it's free, so why the moaning? I could understand if it was a monthly sub and there were ads, bit come one......
Posted by Somerset over 4 years ago
Sorry, we did something wrong.
Please try again in a few moments.
Posted by johnct over 4 years ago
Tesco again messed up again
horseing about again !
Posted by zyborg47 over 4 years ago
i don't think I will bother to get a clubcard just for this.
Posted by chrysalis over 4 years ago
why do these idiots use silverlight. Its a gpu eater.
Posted by Tanaka71 over 4 years ago
Silverlight has good DRM.

I'll only consider using it if it gets a Android app (for my Android HDMI Dongle) or PS3 app. And then the quality needs to be good, like Netflix.
Posted by Youngy over 4 years ago
"The reason we can offer great programming for free is because customers will see relevant advertising before and during the movie or TV show they are watching. We'll use Clubcard data to tell us what might be relevant for our customers and therefore help us deliver a more personalised service."

Posted by weegiegeek over 4 years ago
Silverlight, so no chance of an XBMC plugin, no Android or Linux stuff. I'll pass.
Posted by Bright over 4 years ago
"We'll use Clubcard data to tell us what might be relevant for our customers"
So does that mean they'll be recommending movies about carrots and pan scrubbers??
Posted by sbrads24 over 4 years ago
I can't get it to work in any browser, or rather it plays the advert and then it errors out presumably when it gets to the content.
Posted by nadger over 4 years ago
Shame it can't be used with android tablet. Have watched a couple of the TV programmes on 17" laptop which doesn't have hdmi output so can't easily be connected to TV. Obviously trying to tempt people to paid Blinkbox account. As have Roku I'd probably give money to Netflix if I wanted paid subscription.
Posted by michaels_perry over 4 years ago
Haven't had any information about this even though I have had a Tesco Clubcard for years!
What BB speed is needed? I'm rural so only get at best 3 Mbps, is that fast enough? What about capped traffic? I'm happy it's not on any mobile phone or games console.
Posted by bsg017 over 4 years ago
The answer may be obvious, but I have signed up and not found a statement as to how I access this from my TV - I already have TV and computer linked via ethernet to my router and access photos on my hdd from the TV. Do I assume that I will find ClubcardTV added to the list of digital options like LoveFilm etc. (Access from the computer keyboard is obvious but it is in a different room)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago
bsg07 - they don't have a client that runs on the TV, you have to use your computer and run a video lead from it to the TV currently.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 4 years ago

Suspect in time it will feature in the Clubcard letters, but for now its early adopter time.

In terms of speed, it is try it and see, and whether their system drops the bitrate nicely to cope with slower lines.
Posted by tim_ellam over 4 years ago
Works for me even though the content is not relevant but I'm sure there will be stuff I want to watch on occasion. A step foreward but are they collecting info about you. Big Brother?
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