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BSkyB now larger than Virgin Media
Friday 01 March 2013 08:36:19 by Andrew Ferguson

Sky has announced it is to acquire the UK fixed line broadband and and telephone services from Telefónica. This acquisition will make Sky the second largest broadband provider in the UK at around 4.76 million broadband customers.

There is to be an initial payment of £180 million to Telefónica for the consumer broadband, home phone and line rental customers with a further £20m payment upon successful completion to the Sky full LLU network.

"Sky has been the UK’s fastest-growing broadband and telephony provider since we entered the market six years ago. From a standing start in 2006, we have added more than 4.2 million broadband customers. The acquisition of Telefónica UK’s consumer broadband and fixed-line telephony business will help us accelerate this growth.

We believe that the O2 and BE consumer broadband and telephony business is a great fit, with customers used to high-quality products and strong levels of customer service. We look forward to welcoming these new customers to Sky and giving them access to our wide range of high-quality products, great value and industry-leading customer service."

Jeremy Darroch, Sky’s Chief Executive

Sky is making this acquisition from its cash reserves, which is something that O2 and Be have lacked, but with Sky not offering consumers options such as ADSL2+ Annex M and static IP addresses we would be expecting to see a lot of Be customers who had held loyal to the brand to start looking around for a provider with similar options. Interestingly the acquisition talks about the consumer arm, with no mention the O2 Wholesale arm, the wording around migrations suggests that Telefónica will retain their broadband network and thus can continue to operate its small wholesale network.

While it is clear in time that customers will be moved to the Sky full LLU network there is no immediate need to panic, we can expect there to be a hiatus now while the migrations are planned, which gives plenty of time for those people who have an aversion to fully unbundled services to look at the options other smaller providers offer or make the leap to a FTTC service.


Posted by GMAN99 over 2 years ago
VM are slipping, they need to start making improvements and expand, it is only going to get worse for them as more people go FTTC/P
Posted by Dixinormous over 2 years ago
Kudos to ISPR for the scoop, not so much TBB for sitting on the information and not giving any kind of credence to the well informed 'rumours' floating around but I guess that's the difference between the two sites as far as their 'proof' requirement for news goes.

One reports based on press releases, the other on inside information.
Posted by themanstan over 2 years ago

you mean kudos to The Register... they published first and ISPR cite their article.
Posted by tthom over 2 years ago
Goodbye BE... I for one will be looking for a new isp.. I don't like sky at all
Posted by asylum_seeker over 2 years ago
To all BE/O2 customers,
say goodbye to fastpath and static ip addresses :(
Posted by tthom over 2 years ago
I wonder if we will get the option to leave within contract without penalty
Posted by undecidedadrian over 2 years ago
They better my Parents pay for BT line rental saver and they phoned them up on Wednesday with a "retention" deal and my dad took it.

He is now looking at losing his BT line with 11 months line rental or a big fine from O2 with 12 months charges.

Although I did tell him not to resign up.
Posted by undecidedadrian over 2 years ago
Sorry meant to say O2 phoned them up on Wednesday with the retention deal.
Posted by herdwick over 2 years ago
VM is a regional provider, Sky is national. You can't expect to dominate a market in which you only hold a 50% presence.
Posted by GMAN99 over 2 years ago
herdwick, VM are national? National Broadband product :)
Posted by Going_Digital over 2 years ago
Thank goodness I got out before this, there is no way I would want to be a sky customer.
Posted by rachann over 2 years ago
Anyone know of a good ISP?
Posted by bezuk over 2 years ago
Goodbye to line bonding as well, one would assume - looking forward to my speed halving.
Posted by magicuk27 over 2 years ago
When I used sky adsl2 it was comparable to my old o2 legacy package so don't know why people are saying there leaving sky, this will make your broadband better and when on sky I was downloading quite abit and got 1.6mb all day. Now I'm on virgin media 100mb which the only reading went was more speed and a bundle offer. I reckon try it and ignore the sky take over and if anything your broadband will prob be better.
Posted by undecidedadrian over 2 years ago
How can people ignore the Sky take over when the may not want a Sky rental line.

As I said above my parents pay for line rental saver to BT, the need to move away otherwise they lose out.
Posted by O2-D2 over 2 years ago
Damn! I've been pretty content with O2 for several years.

One thing that kept me loyal was the broadband discount for being an O2 PAYG mobile customer. I assume that disappears with the takeover?

With my low phone usage, I have been able to top up £15 per quarter to get my discount. Where else am I going to get truly unlimited BB for £9.50 pm?
Posted by undecidedadrian over 2 years ago
Plusnet for £9.99?

O2 is a joke my parents have phoned O2, they "claim" that Sky will keep everybody on BT lines yet they cannot provide any evidence and when pushed they said the whole issue over moving lines to Sky is "up to Sky" and "you would have to take it up with Sky"
Posted by oysterman55 over 2 years ago
I have had a good service from BE ove rthe years and am loathe to change. I have nothing against Sky either. Is there a reason to worry? I guess the only issue is whether or not I can keep the bethere email address as that will definitely need action.

Anyone know?
Posted by undecidedadrian over 2 years ago
Given that there is already confusion who knows?

Sky say that they will be taking over all the O2 AND BT lines.

O2 don't know anything about the BT lines but ASSUME that they will be kept at BT.

Nobody at O2 was willing to put that in writing mind.
Posted by whatever2 over 2 years ago
What about 02 Wholesale?
Posted by jrawle over 2 years ago
I've been toying with switching to FTTC, but loath to do so when my BE service was so reliable. Now given my aversion to Sky and uncertainty over the future service, they've made my mind up for me, so many thanks!
Posted by O2-D2 over 2 years ago
@ undecidedadrian
"Plusnet for £9.99?"

Perhaps. Although their speed check for that service said I could achieve 61mb up/20mb down. Now that I would pay £9.99 for! LOL

One other thing I hate about takeovers is that the company being sold never puts an announcement on their consumer website. "Let's just hope our customers don't notice"!
Posted by snadge over 2 years ago
this is going to be BAD - sky dont prepare for uptake of new customers...they only deal with it when customers complain of slow speeds due to congestion, you can guarantee that these o2/BE customers will just be 'thrown' onto sky's MSAN and no upgrades until people start complaining... they already have issues with congestion in many exchanges due to offering 6 months free and having large uptake of new customers - this isnt going to help at all!
Posted by BrianKC over 2 years ago
Really annoyed by this as I have a home phone, broadband and mobile package from O2. Had really good service from O2 and have always disliked Sky. The number of options is getting reduced so will have to think long and hard as to where to move to. Dreading moving again as we had a lot of problems (caused by BT) when moving to O2.
Posted by colinbarrett over 2 years ago
That's it then. Just as Openreach upgrades our street to FTTP, I've been considering options. We've been very happy with O2 Broadband to date but this news is sufficient encouragement for me to switch away from O2/Be. There's no way whatever that I'm prepared to subsidise the Murdoch Mafia to the tune of a single penny.

What's really worrying about all this is that people are allowing BSkyB to get more and more powerful - and that really isn't good.
Posted by alaningus over 2 years ago
"One other thing I hate about takeovers is that the company being sold never puts an announcement on their consumer website. "Let's just hope our customers don't notice"! "

Email from O2 at 12.20pm with link to info page on website:

I think that's fairly clear and prompt...
Posted by doowles over 2 years ago
Sky broadband is actually pretty good
Posted by batfastad over 2 years ago
No static IP with Sky? Disaster.
Posted by AndrueC over 2 years ago
Someone was going to do it. Sky BB seems pretty good from what I hear. Never had a major problem with the company. I think those jumping on the 'we hate Sky they is ebil' bandwagon need to get a grip. It's just a company. It has no feelings and getting emotional is pointless. Either use their services or don't.
Posted by O2-D2 over 2 years ago
@ alaningus

Thanks for that. All well and good if you've received such an email. I, as yet, have not! Besides, the announcement should be on the O2 homepage, not "buried" in the broadband section which you may not visit unless prompted to by such an email. Yes, maybe we'll all get one eventually but it's still just leaking the info out a bit.
Posted by bridges009 over 2 years ago
Since BE generally catered to savvy users I imagine there'll be a negligible amount left by the time the migration happens. I'll be long gone, that's for sure.
Posted by audioslim over 2 years ago
I've switch back and forth between Sky and O2/Be for years. Just recently gone back to Sky for FTTC as it wasnt going to be offered with O2/Be for a long long time.

As for 'Fastpath' all SKY connections are on fastpath unless its unstable. That isnt a valid argument.
Static IP would be a problem of course, but I suspect that given the large number of business customers with Be that Sky may well start to offer them.
Anybody who needs a semi static IP shouldnt worry, it doesnt generally change.

Sky broadband in my mind are equal to O2/BE.
Posted by undecidedadrian over 2 years ago
Sky doesn't offer fasrpath. The best they offer is the "gaming" profile which is an 8ms delay as the default is 32ms.

I don't know about Be but O2 had a default noise margin of 6dB to Sky's 7dB so most lines will be around 10% slower when people migrate.

And being on Sky and O2 I can honestly say I would never return to Sky. I only left O2 to go to FTTC.
Posted by whatever2 over 2 years ago
annex M?
Posted by audioslim over 2 years ago
Although I'm on FTTC with Sky I certainly dont have a 32ms ping.
Last time I checked it was 14ms.
Posted by chrisdev over 2 years ago
For those worried about whether you'll still get fastpath or Annex M or 6DB or 7DB or a free monkey with your broadband..You really think that Sky will shift all BE/O2 lines across to their own exchange hardware and let the BE/O2 infrastructure rot? You might get a different bill, your Direct Debit might change, but the service and features will be the same for a while yet. Big acquisitions take years for the networks to become integrated, and Sky are doing this for the customer base, not the network hardware. They want to try and flog you extra Sky Stuff!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 2 years ago
I thought the Sky release was pretty clear, post migration Be and O2 customers will be on the Sky fully unbundled network.

It appears to be a purchase of customers, not a purchase of the LLU network hardware.
Posted by O2-D2 over 2 years ago
"They want to try and flog you extra Sky Stuff! "

They ought to already have got the message I'm not interested, from the fact that I never reply to the weekly junk mail I get from Sky (and Virgin) in the post!
Posted by O2-D2 over 2 years ago
As for O2 webmail for existing broadband customers:

"Can I still use my email address?

Yes. When your service moves to Sky you'll still to be able to use your email address with a reduced storage allowance of 20MB. You will be able to sign up to Sky's email service, they'll let you know more details about this when your service is transferred." 1GB, reduced to 20mb! I hope Sky don't think that will be acceptable. I like to keep my emails on the server as along as possible as an extra backup. 20mb won't go far...
Posted by undecidedadrian over 2 years ago

and how many O2/Be FFTC customers are there?

So your experiences are not the same as the LLU ADSL2+ settings which is what migrating customers want to know.
Posted by chrisdev over 2 years ago
"post migration Be and O2 customers will be on the Sky fully unbundled network" - Yes I'm willing to bet that 'migration' will take at least 18 months to even get going.
Posted by deadman1984 over 2 years ago
I am on skys unlimited DSL package 7.50 20 meg DL 1.1 meg up and its been fine since I jumped from BT. If be and o2 customers don't like the router restriction through sky you could go to the sky user forum for help on how to use your own router, yes it breaks the rules as sky claim and they say in there terms you could get kicked off but loads of sky customers are doing this and they have not had any issues. It maybe scare tactics. I myself may change the router as sky don't supply great routers at all.
Posted by tickopa over 2 years ago
I suspect Sky also want to get BE/O2's IPv4 address reserves. BE has a large number of v4s due to their network "upgrade".
Posted by tommy45 over 2 years ago
@audioslim: Sky FTTC is controlled by BT openreach DLM Sky has little or no control over that, So if you are getting low ping times then that's good i'm pleased for you,But this low latency cannot be garunteed across the customer base as each line is of diferent quality and rages in lenght from the FTTC cab, then there is enviromental factors,and of course sources of outside interference that could cause DLM to go into a interleaving frenzy that and reduce sync speeds dramatically too
Posted by tommy45 over 2 years ago
@audioslim: Sky's adsl products are sold as One size fits all Target SNR OF 7 or 8db No option of fastpath, no static IP and they also run their own flavour of DLM too
Posted by sealion over 2 years ago
Transfer is a bad one for customers:
a) O2 tech helplinr free phone, Sky Technical helplene premium rate (b) To be a Sky broadband customer you also have to switch your phone to them (which means paying sky your line rental instead of your current provider). No good for me so I'm planning on jumping ship from O2.
Posted by ukhardy071 over 2 years ago
Sky now use DLM. It is dynamic line management. This sets up every line up differently.
Everybody is refering to Skys target noise margin of 7db. Again this is getting mis-interpreted.
Instead of a target noise margin Sky have target sync.
On o2, BE and BT. Say the noise margin is set to 6db. Everytime you reboot the router you get a 6db noise margin, the sync varies each reboot of the router.
On Sky. They set a target sync speed NOT a target noise margin.
Posted by ukhardy071 over 2 years ago
For the 1st 10 days they test your line and find a stable speed.
Say Sky sets you a target sync speed of 5000kbps.
Everytime you reboot the router you sync at 5000kbps. The noise margin can vary at every resync. So unlike o2 etc, you do not sync at a 'target noise margin' but you sync at whatever speed sky sets.
Now noise margin does come into play.
On good lines, Sky sets a noise margin of 3db.
Your line may have a target sync of 5,000kbps and a noise margin of 3db.
Posted by ukhardy071 over 2 years ago
When you reboot the router, as long as the noise margin syncs in at above 3db you get 5000kbps.
So you may reboot the router. Get a noise margin of 5db and a sync of 5,000 kbps.
Later that day you may reboot and get a noise margin of 4db and sync at 5,000kbps.
The ONLY time noise margin comes into play is when..
Posted by ukhardy071 over 2 years ago
Sky set a sync speed of say 5,000kbps & a noise margin of 3db.
If you reboot the router and a sync of 5,000kbps would result in a NM below 3db, you will sync at whatever speed a 3db noise margin gives you.
If this happens a lot it generally triggers a DLM intervention and DLM finds a speed slightly slower.
So generally no matter when you reboot the router you get the same sync speed. The NM can vary at each sync.
Pings are line dependant too. Good lines get low pings. Unstable lines = higher pings. I've had pings of 5ms on Sky though.
Posted by ukhardy071 over 2 years ago
There is so much incorrect information floating around on here now.
Sky will ditch the o2 infrastructure and 'let it rot.' This is the best thing that they can do. The Sky network is far better and has had tonnes more investment. The o2 network was absolutely starved of investment and couldn't even support fibre.
There is no 'target noise margin' or default interleaving depth of 32ms. This is a very very old system that Sky used years ago when they first entered the market. Hope my above messages explain / help a little.
Posted by jroadley about 1 year ago
They probably bought it to use for their On Demand service...
I've been with SKY since October - they royally messed my order up so paying £4 a month line rental for 12 months. Broadband free for first 6 months then £7.50 a month. All unlimited, no traffic shaping. No issues, downloaded/streamed sooo much.

Pretty sure I've had same IP address since October as well.
Posted by Player about 1 year ago
"I thought the Sky release was pretty clear, post migration Be and O2 customers will be on the Sky fully unbundled network.

It appears to be a purchase of customers, not a purchase of the LLU network hardware"

What happens to people on o2/be llu on an exchange where sky llu isn't available?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
Have now had time to find the various posts from those selling O2 Wholesale services and it appears that Sky will be taking on the running of the O2 LLU network.

So where O2 is unbundled but Sky not, then you'd remain on the O2 hardware, but ran by Sky.

Though these things are often very fluid and subject to change.
Posted by colinbarrett about 1 year ago
People are asking me why I'm so adamant about moving from my O2 Broadband account (which I've been very happy with due to three instances of excellent costumer service from them) before the whole lot is transferred to BSkyB. My answer is simple; I don't care if the Sky deal might work out to be technically better - I just refuse to give a penny of my money to an organisation that's owned by the Murdoch Mafia. Simple!
Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
/I just refuse to give a penny of my money to an organisation that's owned by the Murdoch Mafia.Simple!/

Why? I think people like you need to calm down and take a step back. Ask yourself what (if anything) he has ever done that has affected you. I'm pretty sure that the answer will be nothing whatsoever. You're just being hysterical because of some crap you read or heard down the pub.
Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
So he's a media mogul and a bit egotistical. Big deal. Unless you happen to have been made redundant as a result of a take-over or closure it's unlikely he's ever had any impact on you or your family. Sky is just a business and the Murdoch family are just normal human beings.

There's no reason to get your panties in a twist about it, ffs.
Posted by Going_Digital about 1 year ago
His newspapers are responsible for taking peoples fears and sensationalising them to whip up a frenzy. If you read his newspapers you would think that every street in the UK has a pedophile and that immigrants are responsible for everything bad in the UK. All just to sell sub standard 'news' papers. As far as I am concerned anyone who is boycotting the Murdoch empire is doing us all a favour by making opportunities for real news services.
Posted by undecidedadrian about 1 year ago

So people aren't allowed to decide who to give their custom to or to be worried about who controls large companies in the UK?

This is why the country has got into the mess it is at the moment, if there was more foresight on the ego maniacs that buy these companies we might get on better in the world.
Posted by Michael_Chare about 1 year ago
@AndrueC. Murdoch makes money by doing a deal with the football clubs and then charging you for watching. He has done the same with F1. If he had not done the F1 deal, likely the BBC or ITV would have been able to pay less if Sky had not intervened. The only good bit is that the Times is subsidised.
Posted by diablo401972 about 1 year ago
its not VM fault its the councils VM have wanted to come to our town for years but our council wont let them come here saids it cost them to much money but if they would let them there would be more jobs for our town better broadband as sky is rubbish my friend is with sky and he said his speed was good when he joined but now it gets droping form having 80meg hes now down to 20meg I know what you lot will say thats still just as good but when you have been told you will get 80meg and it want drop and they promise it and it does drop its really bad
Posted by annashaun about 1 year ago
A sad day I have been with o2 for over 4 years now and have always been happy with the service,But with Sky no way,
Had a lot of trouble when I cancelled the TV so not happy with a move to sky broadband, Will look at BT infinity.
Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
> He has done the same with F1

In what sense? It's been free to watch and free of adverts so far (if you already had the HD pack). Looks like the same this year. As for Sky being the cause of the high prices I think you'll find that it's Bernie. Both the BBC and ITV have shown that they don't have enough backbone to stand up to him (does anyone?).

Anyway of course it's your decision. I just think some of you are too emotional and panicking for no good reason.
Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
As for his media influence - what does that have to do with broadband provision? He can't force you to visit his webpages. Same with the TV service - he only controls some of the channels and pretty minimal control at that. The most he can do is dictate what TV shows are shown and that's pretty pointless and highly unlikely.

Posted by AndrueC about 1 year ago
If you don't like the crap he publishes then don't read/watch/listen to it. I don't read /any/ newspapers nor watch TV news because I don't trust anyone's editorial policy. I'd rather pick and choose by visiting different web sites. I could do that just as easily and safely using Sky broadband as I can using IDNet broadband.
Posted by Mr_Fluffy about 1 year ago
Sigh! I've been wondering whether BE would make a deal to make use of BT's FTTC and now I find the Aussie Mafia has taken over the fading bright ray of light in the ISP world that demonstrated to the likes of PlusNet that the all-you-can-eat school of broadband supply is actually viable without strangling customer usage with management hardware. Looks like BT may well be getting my custom once they've finished messing with our cabinets -- like others I wouldn't touch Murdoch with a bargepole.
Posted by Mr_Fluffy about 1 year ago
(Except to push him into a filling lock!)
Posted by BREWERDAVE about 1 year ago
Our exchange was unbundled by Sky some months ago - as I have Sky TV I was phoned for the "hard sell".I'm currently with Plusnet for rental/calls and b/band, and paid LR up front.I explained this to Sky person,who promptly offered me a cash payment into my account equivalent to the "loss" of advance rental if I moved everything over-I declined! but suspect this is how they will approach those who are not with BE/O2 for phone services.
Posted by DaveCheltenham about 1 year ago
I'm afraid I am in the same mind as many others. I moved to O2 from Sky when they informed me I was to be upgraded. The upgrade doubled the cost, decreased my usage from 40GB/month to 10 and very slightly increased my upload speed. This was about 4 years ago and O2 has given me a good reliable service ever since.

You can keep Sky as in my case, they were not to be trusted.

Posted by audioslim about 1 year ago
Lol, at you all frothing over Murdoch!.

As said before I was with Be, went to Sky, went back to O2 and I'm now back with Sky (on FTTC).
Sure you get a lower sync speed, slightly, but the ONLY reasonably priced, non traffic shaping, genuinly unlimited ISP left (with a decent owned LLU network) is Sky.

BE/O2 have been running on empty for at least 12 months.
I dont miss O2/Be at all.
Posted by ncudmore about 1 year ago
Pretty sure I'll be jumping ship then. Currently with Be I get just over 10Mb down and over 1Mb up speeds. Not sure who said sky infrastructure is 'far better', but where I live a few folks near by with sky get around 2.6Mb down and <0.5Mb up. With no fixed IP address and contract stating I have to use their routers (so much for my VPN)even my previous ISP of BT (where I got 7 to 8Mb down and 1Mb up 3 years ago) may see me returning to them!
Posted by undecidedadrian about 1 year ago
What I have found interesting is that how the UK broadband market has almost exactly followed the same trends as the energy market.

Lots of competition at the start lots of providers, followed by round after round of mergers. buyouts etc to current finish with a few major providers and a cluster of smaller ones.

All in a very similar time frame, so the whole bringing competition into market places seem to have the same unfortunate ending each time.
Posted by audioslim about 1 year ago
Ncidmore. If you can get 10mb down and people near by with Sky get 2.6 up, 0.5 down then I'ld guess that those people are on the Sky Connect product (avoid like a barge poll), which is BT IPStream with very poor BT Centrals into Sky (or that is the impression I get).

Posted by gingernut21 about 1 year ago
Bye bye BE. I'm not going back to Sky. Last time was bad enough
Posted by gingernut21 about 1 year ago
We look forward to welcoming these new customers to Sky and giving them access to our wide range of high-quality products, great value and industry-leading customer service."

Which comedian wrote these lines for him?
Posted by audioslim about 1 year ago
To all those grumbling about Sky... Where are you all planning on going instead?

As far as I can see (apart from a few small players) if you want any sort of future FTTC then there arent many options. Plusnet perhaps?

Posted by otester about 1 year ago
Only reason people hate Sky is because of their Connect product or their own incompetence, their LLU product is excellent.


Pussnet sucks.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago

I have chased for some answers and that forum post contains the latest on the situation.
Posted by leexgx about 1 year ago
as more BT FTTC cabs go up its more likely users are going to move away from VM to BT or SKY

VM need to Fix there local networks instead of handing out more speed upgrades that screws the network up even more
Posted by otester about 1 year ago

I think that's what the new owners will do.
Posted by leexgx about 1 year ago
they better as all 3 connections i am monitoring on my street now are buggered (norm its just 2,3 that gets messed up)

BQM 1,2,3 (number 1 is mine)
Posted by otester about 1 year ago

Some real packet loss there.

Those graphs really need bandwidth usage/capacity as well because this can affect the latency.
Posted by O2-D2 about 1 year ago
It took 5 days, but O2 have finally officially informed me of the takeover, by letter not emails which I never did receive. And the letter, which claims to give an "update" really just states the same as the webpage the email linked to
Posted by adathelad about 1 year ago
Great timing - FTTC became available to me around the time of the announcements, so I've started the cancellation process from Be, and am switching to Plusnet. I for one don't want to be with them when the switchover to Sky begins.
Posted by chrysalis about 1 year ago
Does O2 telephony include O2 mobile services?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) about 1 year ago
The acquisition by BSkyB ONLY affects fixed line broadband (ADSL/ADSL2+) and fixed line telephony i.e. the O2 and BE WLR products.
Posted by otester about 1 year ago

Pussnet? And you thought Sky was bad...

Posted by adathelad about 1 year ago
@otester ha, something is telling me you're a sky customer who had a bad experience with plusnet in the past! Here's hoping I have one of the good experiences :D
Posted by otester about 1 year ago

I'm just going by the reviews.

I was with them many years ago when they did unlimited 0.5/1/2Mbps packages, left when they introduced caps, up until then the service was great (this was before the BT acquisition).

I suspect you dislike Sky due to their old Connect product?
Posted by GreenMaxi about 1 year ago
There is a lot of negativity about Sky here so I thought I would share my very recent experience of moving from O2 to Sky Unlimited Pro. Basically I've gone from 2MB download to 74MB. While I was not unhappy with O2 they don't do a fibre service and so as soon as my cabinet went live I jumped.
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