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Surrey and BT announce first 14 exchanges for Superfast Surrey
Tuesday 26 February 2013 10:56:08 by Andrew Ferguson

Whether the broadband plans for Surrey are world leading is very much open to debate, those living in cities across Europe with access to a full fibre service would disagree, and those living in many rural areas in the Nordic countries might disagree too. What we do have with the Superfast Surrey project is the promise that superfast broadband will be available to nearly 100% of premises - the phrase 'within a whisker' has been used before.

The good news is that the project is moving on rapidly from just meetings, as the first fourteen exchange areas to see the Openreach FTTC service rolled out have been announced: Abinger, Betchworth, Bramley, Chobham, Dawes Green, Dunsfold, Elstead, Godstone, Newdigate, Nuffield Ridge, Oakwood Hill, Oxted, South Godstone, Wormley.

There are some additional areas where extra cabinets will be enabled to supplement the commercial roll-out that is already serving some 360,000 premises across Surrey, they are: Bagshot, Bookham, Cranleigh, Dorking, Godalming, Merstham and Redhill.

These 14 exchanges cover some 15,000 households, which represents around one fifth of the work needing to be completed to meet the 2015 deadline. The Superfast Surrey website has been launched but is very sparse on information, with just a postcode checker and a form to register for updates, an alternative postcode checker is also available as the postcode checker on the Superfast Surrey site can be a hit and miss affair.


Posted by bezuk over 4 years ago
No information provided on either checker for my Surrey postcode which is most assuredly not in the commercial rollout (exchange only line) - figures.
Posted by ValueforMoney over 4 years ago
85,000 passed premises / £21.3m public subsidy = £250 per premise past for largely FTTC based solution. This contrasts with £70 public subsidy per premise past in Northern Ireland. This disortion of costs, unless checked will impact NGA cost recovery and prices for the next 20 years.
Posted by bobdelamare over 4 years ago
If it's a question of subsidy, I suggest the taxes we pay in Surrey, average Council Tax here in Cranleigh £1,900 pa, for example, more than justify us getting a good deal. If you can call £250 a good deal for FTTC and barely 20Mbps.
Posted by fastman over 4 years ago
bob those already live in cranleigh or connected to a live cab alreaday have not been funded by the surrey Contract -- they were funded out of the BT Commercial Deployment witouth any public monies (i think there are around 3 -4 cabs whcich were excluded from BT commercial deployment which will be covered in surrey contract and will be delivered as part of superfast surrey
Posted by ValueforMoney over 4 years ago
@fastman Sorry in advance, given the BT investment in re-purposing colusues fibres and establishing handover points in Surry, will these 3/4 infills be paying Parish Council gap funding rate of £10-£12k Cab/path, the NI rate if £15k or the Whitehall special of £100k (£60-£70k) subsidy as announced on BBC R4 on Dec 13 and 16th?
Please, Redhill is not more rural than County Tyrone.
Posted by fastman over 4 years ago

As BDUK monies can only be spent where thee market is not going - you can assume that the costs of deploying to the more rural areas (exchnage and Cabs) increases and these far flung exchanges will be sustantially greater that those that are urban but excluded on commercial ground. it will also depend o how far the cab is related to the serving exchnage and the local geography -and what fibre technology is deployed in each exchange
Posted by fastman over 4 years ago
Value however the ask and the answer for each county will be different - not sure comparing NI and Surrey makes any sense as coverage and speed asks are specific to each individual county
Posted by ValueforMoney over 4 years ago
@fastman - components and units costs are standard inputs. IL statements in support of Q2 and Q3 reslts made a virtue of the standardisation, effciency of the supply chain, resulting in a quicker and cheaper rollout in urban. He expects to be comfortably under £2.5bn and payments to suppliers is a tiny fraction of the total which is evident from BT's accounts.
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